Current Global Cycles – the Human Design System

Human Design System: Global Cycles

Human Design System: Global Cycles

Human Design System: Global Cycles


“You can’t trust the authorities around you anymore.

So stop.” Ra Uru Hu

Through the Human Design System, Ra brought us knowledge of how to understand not only the mechanisms of our individual being but also the global programming cycles affecting all of us.


What Are Global Human Design Cycles?

Global Cycles show us the background frequency affecting us during the movement of our solar system within the spiral disk of our galaxy. Now we can see what changes our social dynamics on a global scale, as every cycle brings its unique considerations and consequences. These cycles are a fascinating revelation of the larger mechanical pattern affecting our evolutionary process over eons of time.

(The 6 Epochs of the Global Cycles - Click image to enlarge)

(The 6 Epochs of the Global Cycles – Click image to enlarge)


The Human Design Cross of Planning

Currently, we are in a Global Cycle called the Cross of Planning (1615-2027) which is slowly coming to an end. The Cross of Planning Cycle influenced humanity to work together in a way it had never done before.

One arm of this Cross brings the Channel of Community 37-40. This is where the tribal bargain is struck, bringing loyalty to support the community. The Channel of Community merges the willpower to provide for the family or tribe with the emotional need to give affection in return for resources; to work together to fulfill the demands of our communities. This Channel is a global conditioning force that brings definition between Solar Plexus and the Ego Centers. If you ponder it, our situation is very different from those of prior epochs. And we had no choice; it was simply time for a revolution that changed the ancient ways of rulership (Cross of Rulership: 721-1202). Our modern democracy of helping and respecting each other was born in this current, crumbling age.

“It is the Channel of Community that establishes our fundamental codes with the way our civilizations have developed. It is the bond of Community to protect itself, to have its religions, to be able to have its resources to defend itself. All of these things became the bedrock of our modern civilization, establishing the way we operate with each other. The fact is the 40/37 brought the contractures of the agreement between those that govern and those that are governed. It is the 40/37 in its inherent bargain that created the ability for human beings to live in the vastly overpopulated environment and still manage to do so in some, well, peacefulness.”


Ra Uru Hu


Everything we take for granted—from governmental structures to the support mechanisms of our communities—is going to continue disintegrating over the next hundred years. Without the bargains being upheld and renewed, cities will not be able to sustain themselves the way they have in the past.

When the last of those born before 2027 are gone, the world will be a very different place. We are at the flowering stage of our 9-Centered Human Being Life Cycle (Ra called us Homo-Sapiens in Transitus). This is the critical time for our species—when we can find our individual truth—the 61st gate is the Key to our age.


We are in the Human Design Cross of Planning. We change to the Sleeping Phoenix in 2027

We are in the Human Design Cross of Planning. We change to the Sleeping Phoenix in 2027

Time for the Age of Self-Empowerment

The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (Gates 55-59-34-20) that we’re moving to is an undeniable antithesis of our age. Remember, the Cross of Planning is fundamentally tribal and collective, responsible for the support and success of developing a global community based on bargains, details, and skills, while the 34-20 arm of the Sleeping Phoenix is about Integration; all about self-empowerment, preservation and the core individuation process where we distinguish ourselves from everyone else.

Gate 55 – 6th Line: Selfishness

Exaltation: Acquisition obsession that though alienating, is still indirectly beneficial materially to others. The possibility of finding the spirit through materialism.

Detriment: Where the material abundance exists, but no one gets to share its light. The ‘no Moon’ phase. The possibility that materialism becomes obsessive with a ‘mean’ spirit that will not share.

Ra Uru Hu
The Rave I’Ching

We are entering into an age of self-empowerment. The next age is not about looking after your neighbor, but rather looking after yourself. We are moving into a global theme of–potentially enlightened–selfishness.

Human Design Global Cycle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 2027

Human Design Global Cycle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 2027

Our key is to use Strategy and Authority to unveil our unique human process, our own Inner Truth, which is not dependent on anything outside of oneself. We are not here to be afraid of the changes coming or to struggle through them. We’re here to have the courage to rise to the occasion in alignment with our true nature. We cannot expect anyone, or the world at large, to take care of us. It is time to be empowered in our authority, and to teach our children to be their own authority from a very early age.

We are here to watch the unraveling of our social fabric and discover our inner truth as we move to become more self-empowered. There’s nothing to do but be aware and witness it unfolding.

“The knowledge is here in order to be able to protect humanity as it moves forward into this next cycle. The Sleeping Phoenix cycle is one in which both death and resurrection are a possibility. It is very individuated as opposed to being deeply tribal and it is going to take away the dependency on the authorities that the Cross of Planning cycle has imposed on the homogenized world.

The homogenized world survives through the acceptance of and the reliance on and the dependence on all of these authorities. That the food is going to be in supermarkets, that the trains are going to run on time and again and again, all of these various things that make it possible for us to survive on this plane.

The fact is that the authorities we have submitted to during the Cross of Planning are no longer going to be supported by the background frequency. They’re simply not. It means that the only way one is really going to flourish, and flourish is really the word, as we move into this new age is that they’re going to be able to do so only by their own authority. It is the fundamental foundation of Human Design Strategy and Authority to be able to find within oneself the differentiated decision making truth that is going to provide you with a reliable way to navigate on this plane regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the conditioning, regardless of the background frequency.

So, the responsibility is not so much to the adults; adults today are going to be quite aged as we move forward into the next cycle. The reality is that it’s for children. It’s for the children who are coming into the world now. It is for the children who are going to be born once we go beyond 2027. It is the most important education they are going to receive, an education that is going to give them the foundation to be able to survive with integrity in a world that is no longer going to provide them with infrastructures that are going to protect them.

It’s my great concern and always has been for my own children that they are equipped, that they know how to navigate on this plane, that they know how to navigate as themselves, that they have their own true inner authority, because if we are educating our children as they are being educated in the homogenized world that they can find authority elsewhere, that they can find authority in others, that in fact all of that is crumbling and they’re going to be lost. They’re truly going to be lost when they enter into what is this coming age.

And it’s not just about what’s around the corner, 2027, it’s what’s going to take place over the next 400 years or so. This cycle that we’re going to enter into in 2027 is a cycle that is going to last over 400 years. It is about the children who are going to enter into the world and incarnate on this plane and who are going to have the right to be able to navigate on this plane successfully and to be able to do so in a way that is healthy, in a way in which they themselves are healthy. All we can do is provide the outlet for that. Everyone has their own fractal connections in this life. And everyone who’s professionally trained in Human Design, there are all these beings who are waiting on that fractal line for the potential of being educated in a way that they can find their own authority and they can provide for the well-being of their young.” Ra Uru Hu

Written for under the birthname of Andrea Abay-Abay in 2016. Republished with permission.

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