Human Design System Angles – Personal Destiny, Fixed Fate, Trans-personal Karma

Discover The Theme of Your Role on the Grand Theater of Life

A young girl is rummaging through old trunks with her mother, pulling out uniforms and dresses, scarves and hats, shoes and jewelry. Giggling and trying on different clothes, they pose and pretend, joyfully playing dress up and delighting at the instant transformation that donning different garments can bring. Gazing at their reflections in the mirror brings instant recognition and energy of the characters they are pretending to be.

Clothes can make a tremendous difference when it comes to playing a role. We all have mythological costumes that we were born to wear, and we grow into our roles over time. The longer we operate according to our authentic nature, the more easily and gracefully we wear our costumes.

Understanding your Human Design Profile and the Angle it belongs to allows you to look in the mirror and “see” what costume you are wearing so you can get clearer on the role you’re here to play.


The Truth About Behavior

Do some of your behaviors (or others’ behaviors) confuse you or make you uncomfortable?

Would you like to see how understanding the role you’re here to play can not only help you alleviate anxiety, worry, and depression but also live a truly fulfilled life?

Struggling with aspects of your behavior that you don’t like (or that other people don’t like) doesn’t have to cause suffering.

Can you imagine no longer suffering feelings of emptiness or pointlessness when going through the motions of daily living? Do you recognize that there must be more to life?

Only the not-self suffers in its existence, carrying around the burden of constantly trying to control life and others, and change or fix itself.

Human Design brings an enormous wealth of information, much of which can help you understand the mechanics behind the madness of “normal” life. A big part of waking up is coming to terms with the roles we’re here to play. 

Studying your Human Design can increase your self-awareness, and help you yield to the inherent intelligence of your form so you can discover what it means to live life awake.

(Prefer to watch Human Design videos instead of reading to learn? Scroll down to the three videos I created for Jovian Archive’s You Tube channel!)

Where To Find Your Profile In A Human Design Chart

Your Profile is something that you are going to resonate with on the Personality side (calculations in black on the right side of your bodygraph). The first of the two numbers comes from the line values of the Personality Sun and Earth Gates (that are at opposite positions in the wheel and always the same line). This number represents themes of your conscious attributes, the behaviors, and way of viewing the world that you personally identify with and are here to live out in this life. Using our costume analogy, these are your everyday clothes that you are completely comfortable in and think of as part of you.

However, an equally important and more mysterious part of you is waiting to be discovered. Your Design Sun & Earth Gates are in red on the left side of your bodygraph, and the line values there are where we get the second number in your Profile. This represents your unconscious behaviors, hidden to your conscious awareness. Think of this number as garments other people see you wearing that you’re usually completely oblivious to (until they tell you what they see, or until you discover your Human Design). This is one reason you may be confused and feel uncomfortable about how your body behaves, or why others see you so very differently from the way you perceive yourself.


Both of the numbers in your Profile combined represent key aspects of you. For you to wake up to your true nature, understanding, accepting, and honoring both is an important part of your process. You have a very specific frequency that can be mapped out in your Human Design Chart. The calculations of your Personality and Design Sun/Earth represent seventy percent of the imprinted and consistent energy of your being. Again, this is where we find your Profile. Everything else in the chart describes the nuances and subtleties of you. While Centers and Channels may be defined temporarily by Transits or other beings, your Profile energy is consistent throughout your life.

You don’t have to learn how to improve anything about yourself to live out your purpose. All it takes to find fulfillment is being your true self. Sometimes, through discovering what you’re not, you can find out what is you. For many of us, who we’re not is everything we’ve been thinking we need to be or trying desperately to become all our lives.

This article aims to help you learn important aspects about the Angles that are not yours as well as about the Angle that is. Knowing your Angle is key in seeing and accepting yourself and your path in life. Understanding how we interact with others and the importance they have in our lives helps us see how we’re each essential parts of the whole.

Human Design System Angles

There are three angles that make up the 12 Human Design Profiles. Each Angle carries a particular geometry or theme of movement in this lifetime.

Every one of us has a Profile. We incarnates on one of three Angles: the Right Angle, the Left Angle, and the Juxtaposition. Your Profile belongs to one of these Angles, which shows you how you play your unique purpose in your life.

Your Profile describes your role—your “costume”—the costume you were born to wear and grow into over time. The more you decondition and are moved correctly to action, the more you embody the mythology of the unique role you’re here to play.

As with everything in Human Design, this is not about any person or any Angle being better than the other. They are simply very different. Right and Left angles are complete polarities of each other while the Juxtaposition is the bridge connecting the two together.

Destiny, Fate, and Karma are words that many people use interchangeably in everyday conversation. In the Human Design System, words are used as very specific symbols of frequency representations – we call these words Keynotes. When combined into formulas, we can decipher your bodygraph to help you understand particular thematics in your life – why you are the way you are (and you’re beautiful and perfect just as you are! 

Let’s discover whether you’re on a path of Personal Destiny, Fixed Fate, or Transpersonal Karma!

The Right Angle Profile – Personal Destiny
Research, Innocence, and Truth
1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6


As you can see, seven of the twelve Profiles come into the world on a Right Angle with a Personal Destiny to fulfill. Your geometry limits the importance of your interaction with others.

The Right Angles are the research and development department of the Hexagrams; an essential aspect of the whole of humanity. This is where the beauty of what life can be is lived out in all its possibilities.

If you are a right angle, you’re gifted with the ability to explore new areas of life without prejudice; you’re here to discover and live out your uniquely personal destiny. Fresh and new, you were born an innocent, open vessel built to be fully absorbed in your process. Right angles often have to deal with difficult situations when it comes to their family life. Your life provides the experimental material the totality needs to experience for all of us to learn and grow.

Your personal destiny fulfilled can transform the whole nature of being. You are here to awaken to and live out your truth; the truth of your uniqueness, the truth of these times you are living. Living as yourself, you experience the beautiful potential of what it is to be you—the actuality of your life substantiating the essence of your truth.


Juxtaposition – Fixed Fate
Communication, The Bridge



Only one Human Design Profile is born with a Fixed Fate in life to fulfill. This means the quality of your movement in space is not designed to be altered; it is uniquely your own.

Your process is one of bridging two very different kinds of geometry, the Personal Destiny and the Transpersonal Karma. You weave the Right Angle and the Left Angle together, following a very specific path through life that you’re perfectly designed to walk.

As a 4th Line Personality, you have a strong theme of Brotherhood/Sisterhood in your life. Your success, and humanity’s success in evolving, depend on two things: You’re here to investigate a foundation of information, so make sure you’re standing on the solid ground of a secure knowledge base. Then use your innate ability to externalize that knowledge to influence your close network of people.

Investing your time and energy in opportunities via relationships with the correct others is key for you, as they’ll reward you in return. You’re here to figure out how to reach out to those others and influence people with the knowledge you’ve gained through your investigations. In this way, you fulfill your Fixed Fate.


The Left Angle Profile – Transpersonal Karma
Marketing and Role Models of the Hexagram
5/1, 5/2, 6/1, 6/2


Four of the twelve profiles come into this world on a Left Angle, with a Transpersonal Karma to fulfill.

Left Angles have the potential to alter other people’s movement through life as well as have their own movement altered through interactions with others.

As a Left Angle, every person you meet has not only a karmic connection but also value for you. Your interaction has a familiarity, and you as a Left Angle are here to play a role in that person’s life. Whether it be simply giving directions, a casual conversation, a just-in-time rescue or a life-altering transformation of others’ lives, as a Left Angle you have karma to play out that requires interaction with others to fulfill your purpose.

Your life’s possibilities and potentials arise from connections with others from the moment you’re born. As a Left Angle, correct decision-making is imperative when it comes to who belongs in your life, and paying attention to the right beings brings special rewards to your process. The great mystery of what it means to be a Left Angle person is that seemingly inconsequential encounters can make an enormous difference to your whole life.

Left Angles are each here to transmit the truth that the Right Angle has discovered in their unique ways.The 5th line Personalities universalize what is practical (standing on its soapbox dispensing its heresy) while the 6th Line verifies and exemplifies it as a Role Model bringing it to the next hexagram in the chain as the line of Transition. As a Left Angle, you bear the responsibility of transforming the discoveries of the Right Angle into knowledge that can be of value to others.


Live your Uniqueness

The real value in Human Design lies in its ability to illuminate practical decision-making strategies and empower you as your own Authority, enabling you to surrender to your form as you embrace your unique journey.

The fulfillment of your purpose comes through your particular geometry—the Angle of your Profile, in alignment with your Cross within the Quarter of the Wheel you were born in and down through the specifics of your individual hexagrams and the colors, tones, and bases beneath. You’ve been given a very specific “job description,” and Human Design helps you understand, love, and accept the part that only you can play on the grand stage of Life.


Growing into the role you’re here to play takes making decisions from a place of authenticity. Living your purpose requires a process of trusting your decisions and moving through life in a way that surrenders to your form principle—the only thing you can depend on to navigate correctly.

In Human Design, we invite you to enter into the experiment of following your Strategy and Authority, which bypasses the conditioning of mind and allows you to witness yourself starring in your life movie. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to join our Human Design System Facebook Tribe.

Becoming familiar with your Angle and Profile can help you feel more at home in your skin, accept your nature, and stop struggling against the current as you move through life.

Did you learn something new about yourself in this article or videos (below)? Feel free to share your discoveries or ask questions!

Welcome to this 3-part video presentation on Profiles & Angles. Newcomers to Human Design will want to start with this video. If you are already familiar with this system, how it can benefit you, as well as how hexagrams are numbered and how to find your Profile in your Human Design Chart, you may want to skip ahead to the next video.

Truth About Behaviors – #2

The second part in our Human Design Profiles and Angles Introductory Video series explains our house metaphor for understanding the Lines, giving a basic overview of the themes associated with each, briefly touching on the resonant and harmonic relationships between lines.

(A version of this article was published on Jovian Archive in 2015)

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