Journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph – The Throat Center

Let’s begin with the most remarkable center in the Human Design BodyGraph. Your Throat is the world of form, as the center of Expression, Action, and Metamorphosis. Communication is crucial to expressing who you are and what you have to contribute to the world. What you think, feel and know, as well as what you’ve seen or heard is all communicated through your Throat Center.


Your Throat Center is the portal responsible for the energy in your bodygraph manifesting – as communication or action. Energies of eleven different channels from the six centers that directly connect to the Throat each have a unique voice. The pressures that come from the Head and the Root flow through these six centers to the Throat to share, empower and support humanity.


Whether your Throat is defined or undefined in your Human Design Chart effective communication and action is built upon correct timing. The condition of your relationships depends upon knowing what and when it is appropriate to say and do. Making your situation, and unique perspective known to others through your individual Strategy and Authority protects you from resistance and ensures your fulfillment in life.


Incorrect speech and behavior can affect you by compromising the health and well-being of the biology associated with your Throat Center – your thyroid system and metabolism function.


Your Human Designed Voice


Each of the gates of your Throat Center has a particular voice. By knowing your Throat Center activations, you can recognize when you are speaking with your reliable energy and when you are speaking from conditioning.

Conditioning received through the openness in your Design can influence you to speak or behave in ways that are not in alignment with who you are. Are you ready to become aware of the forces at work in your Design, and the pressures that society and the not-self put upon you?


Your ability to differentiate into who you were designed to be is dependent upon you living out the definition of your Human Design.


If you have a defined Throat Center, you’ll have a consistent and reliable way of communicating and acting, or doing things. However, you can speak and act too readily or inappropriately, talk too much and consequently lack impact.


Notice what channels define your Throat. You are designed to speak from the center connected to it – this is where your authentic voice can be depended upon to communicate reliably. The key for you is to use your definition when speaking. Knowing the authentic voice(s) of your Throat center helps you recognize when you are speaking or manifesting from your truth.

The Heart or Ego Center can will things, and speaks with a voice that says, “I have” through Gate 45, The Gate of the Gatherer.

The Identity or G Center says, “I lead” through Gate 31, The Gate of Leading. As well as, “I can make a contribution” through Gate 8, The Gate of Self-Expression. Or “I remember” through Gate 33, The Gate of Privacy.

The Splenic Center says, “I am” and “I am now” through Gate 20, The Gate of the Now. Or “I experiment (identify)” through Gate 16, The Gate of Skills.

The Sacral Center can also say “I am” through Gate 20, The Gate of the Now. Or can speak through inarticulate, audible sounds heard like “uh-huh” for yes, “uhn-uhn” for no and ”hmmm” for I don’t know.

The Ajna Center says, “I think,“ through Gate 62, The Gate of Detail. As well as, “I know” through Gate 23, The Gate of Assimilation. Or “I believe” through Gate 56, The Gate of Stimulation.

The Solar Plexus Center says, “I experience (feel)” through Gate 35 The Gate of Change; or “I know I can try (act)” through Gate 12, The Gate of Caution.

For all of the voices above, there is always the possibility of it’s opposite expressing as well. When your Throat Center is defined, you can seem overwhelming to others because of your fixed way of expression, especially if your mind is dictating your life. Follow your Strategy and Authority to move forward with life without resistance and learn to speak when appropriate.


Question for Inquiry:
Do you recognize the voices that are authentically yours?


The Undefined or Open Throat Center


If your Throat Center is undefined, you may feel pressured to talk, act or manifest to get noticed. Trying to attract attention is the Not-Self theme or way of dealing with the amplification of energy that happens with an undefined Throat Center.

As the energy hub that communicates messages coming from these centers, your Throat Center transmutes and directs how that energy manifests in your life. This energy can be misused if directed by the mind, as opposed to your true authority.


Strategy and Authority protect you whether you have a defined or undefined Throat center. Engaging in conversation correctly leads to effective communication and management of energy. Engaging in conversation incorrectly can lead to miscommunication, discomfort, embarrassment, waste of energy, and puts pressure on your thyroid system.


When you are not in alignment with your true nature, your mind may try to figure out not only how you can attract attention, but can also be preoccupied with what you are going to become.


If your Throat Center is not just undefined but completely open (without any gate activations) you may also not have any idea what to say or what to do. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can be challenging and you may find your words ignored.


Questions for Inquiry:
What examples of the thoughts that may come up on behalf of your deeply conditioned mind – what we call “Not-Self” talk – do you recognize in you?


Photo by ismagilov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ismagilov/iStock / Getty Images

“Where can I get the attention I want?
Does anyone notice me? I’ll say this so I can be noticed.
If I start/interrupt this conversation, then I will get attention.
Silence makes me uncomfortable, I need to say something, anything.
What should I say/do?
I want to/should manifest this (thing/job/situation).
What or who will I become in life?”


If you have an undefined or open Throat Center, you have the flexibility of speaking with many different voices depending on the configuration of your dormant gates and the energies of the people you are with or the current Transits.


The key is to only speak when others initiate conversation with you. Practice getting comfortable with silence in the meantime. Waiting to be asked or invited into the conversation and following your Authority encourages proper timing and flow of energy.


When you have an undefined or open Throat Center, your potential gift is to develop the wisdom of recognizing who is speaking and acting authentically, and who is not.


Whether your Throat Center is defined or undefined, honoring your Strategy to find correct timing, and using your Authority to manifest words and deeds, is key to avoiding resistance. Experimenting with your Human Design Strategy and Authority can lead you to that which truly fulfills you and helps you differentiate into your unique potential.


Would you like to share any of your Throat Center epiphanies or feedback with me? You’re invited to ask questions as well.

By Laveena Lovick

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