The #2 Human Design Projector Success Secret

The #2 Projector Success Secret is WHY you are in other’s Lives.

LAVEENA: Let’s go to the next piece then and we have Why? If you’ve ever heard of Simon Sinek, he’s a big why person, what’s your big why?

So our big why is how we are here to help. We are here to help. This is our primary operative. You are here to help advise other people. How we do that? What do you think that sends for right there in human design terms, its Incarnation Cross. What is the incarnation? Cross stand for?

JULIE: Life purpose?

LAVEENA: Bingo! It’s our life purpose, so how are you here to help? Each one of you has a unique cross and a unique public role. Your ability to be who you are is deeply tied to how your profile shows up in the world which BG5 five language we call public role, so your public role is going to show you how you are here to help. As an example, and we’re not going to go through every all of the incarnation crosses or all of the Life Purposes or even all of the profiles right now, but I’ll give you my example.

LAVEENA: I am a determined discover (3) and a practical marketer (5). That’s how I Contagiate other people with my mind’s process fulfillment purpose fulfilled through mine, quarter of initiation in the wheel where it is about me being able to Congtagiate other people with the way that my mind functions, the ones who recognize and invite me and the ones who want my level of how my life purpose shows up, so “It’s innocent instruments of fate who can step in and change the fate of others through learning experiences and discovery.” Being able to commit to an experience or an experiment like human design takes a lot of perseverance and that’s where my 29 is in line three in the Earth. How I ground my core essence in being able to experience what it’s like! Two of my Incarnation Cross gates are in generator areas there about the energy of the sacral.

So it’s a big part of why I’m here to help is my life purpose. So for you guys, what I want to invite you to do at this moment is you. If you’re particularly if you’re strategic and you need kind of a focus or maybe when you listened back to this after as a receptive person that you kind of feel this out or brainstorm and go, okay, so “My incarnation crosses this, I know my public role is that…” when you go through Rave Cartography with me, you’ll find out your public role and we haven’t gotten there yet in this class, but you’ll find that now you understand what your big why is from your incarnation cross.

Anyone want to add kind of any inspirations or recognitions about now you know what your incarnation crosses? That’s your life purpose and that’s your big why. Do you have any thing that you want to add or share to that? And you don’t have to do it now. It could be later on when we look at your charts, we could talk more about it, but if there’s something that’s on your mind that you would like to share, please feel free.

KEVIN: Yeah. Going back to what you were saying about recognition and invitation. That’s so important because it’s really, it’s about timing. It creates the correct timing for you to serve, and then the life purpose. I could just, I also have the Cross of Contagion, I’ve been with a specific focus honing in on that in my business and it, and I see the effect it has on the network. I see the effect it has on people and in that awareness of the life purpose has, has grounded me, and anchored me to be able to continuously be inspired to, to share that my message and to teach people human design. So that why is, is, is crucial, but that the life purpose gives a definitive description on that life purpose.

Yeah, absolutely. Great insights. Kevin

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