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BG5 Foundation Course Essentials Package


Laveena Archers

Do you Want to Learn Human Design for Business Success?

Understanding Yourself

Learn how to apply this profound information in a practical way to empower your own life both personally and professionally. Understand your unique individual gifts and talents as well as how to move beyond the shadows that may be holding you back.

Understanding Others

Improve your relationships with others through a deep understanding the unique dynamics that make us different. When we know how we designed to interact with others we can remove resistance to create successful interactions and meaningful connections with others.

Interpreting the BG5 Career Design Chart

Learn the nuances of how to interpret the different aspects of the BG5 Career Design Chart and the language of BG5 to assist you in understanding yourself and sharing this information with others.

Preparing You for Professional Studies

The BG5 Foundation Course is the required prerequisite to enter our Professional BG5 Consultant Certification Course and BG5 Profit Potential Workshops. This course will give you the foundation knowledge necessary to be successful if you choose to eventually utilize this information professionally working with clients. (BG5™ Foundation Course is the equivalent to the IHDS Foundation Courses).

The BG5 Foundation Course Essentials Package has everything you need PLUS extra bonuses to support you in creating a solid foundation in understanding your BG5 Career Design.

Transform your WORK with The TESLA of TYPOLOGY SYSTEMS



Laveena Archers

COURSE BEGINS January 27th, 2023

What is included in the Package





BG5 Foundation Course Semester 1 – Personal Operating Style (Regularly $875)
$825 when you Pay-In-Full | $875 on the Payment Plan
Live Lectures begin TBD

Each of us has a specific way that we operate, as individuals and when interacting with others personally and professionally, that is reflected in our Personal Operating Style. During Semester 1 we’ll begin to uncover the components that make up this style including your BG5 Career Type; How you best interact with others; How you best make decisions and more!

Semester Duration: 10 online classes



BG5 Foundation Course Semester 2 – Creative Operating Style (Regularly $875)
$825 when you Pay-In-Full | $875 on the Payment Plan

Fulfillment in our life, career and business is the result of utilizing our natural creative gifts and talents to make a unique contribution to the world. In this course we will explore your consistent strengths, the 64 Traits of Human Potential and the 12 Public Roles that are part of your Life Purpose and role in life.

Semester Duration: 10 online classes



BG5 Success Code Complete Report for $5 (Regularly $89)
Digital Product

A User Manual for Your Life. This Report covers all 16 Success Codes, and provides you with the tools to understand your unique Career Design, and fully utilize the specific gifts, talents and attributes you are here to share with the world. Learn where and how you are best designed to be successful. You will receive a special Coupon Code to order your personal BG5 Success Code Complete Report for $5.



BG5 Approach to Emotional Intelligence – Self-Study FREE (Regularly $175)
FREE when you Pay-In-Full | $50 on the Payment Plan
Self Study Course

This information packed workshop will give you a profound insight into how your Emotional Intelligence operates. This workshop contains over 5 hours of material and detailed handouts to support your learning.



Personal One-on-One BG5 Career Design Overview (Regularly $497)
$249 when you Pay-In-Full | $295 on the Payment Plan
Personal Service with Laveena or highly trained team-member.

Receive a personal one-on-one (One 90 Minute Session) BG5 Career Design Overview to support you in deepening the knowledge of your own BG5 Career Design and gain insights into anything you may be struggling with personally or professionally.

Want to learn
How to Succeed with BG5?

Benefit #1


Comprehend Your Personal Career Design
and the Design of others in terms of Career and Business to help you and others succeed.

Benefit #2

Master Your Career

Want to Master Your Career?

Get a comprehensive grasp of the BG5 and Human Design System

  • specifically in terms of job and career
  • empowering language you can use with your clients

Benefit #3

Professional Development

BG5 Consultants, Human Design Analysts, Living Your Design Guides:

Professional development in learning the language of BG5 and deepening your knowledge base will help in your communication and work with clients.

Benefit #4

Solid Foundation

Get a solid, knowledgeable Foundation for being a Certified BG5 Consultant

BG5 Foundation Course

SEMESTER 1 - Personal Operating Style

  • Conscious & Unconscious Aspects
  • Nine Functions
  • Career Types
  • Personal Interaction
  • Decision-Making Strategy
  • Key Indicators
  • Assimilation Process
  • Shadows & Distraction – in depth 3 classes

BG5 Foundation Course

SEMESTER 2 - Creative
Operating Style

  • 3 General Thematics
  • 36 Strengths
  • 64 Traits
  • 6 Qualities
  • 12 Public Roles
  • And more…
Human Design Business

Online Student Classroom

BG5 Foundation Essentials Package

Total Value $2,111

SPECIAL Pricing for the Package



Payment Plans Available

Human Design students who have attended Living Your Design, Rave ABCs and Rave Cartography get a special discount and a secret gift from us! Email with the name of your teacher(s) to get the Audit signup link. More Questions? Check out this video:

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