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Institute:BG5 Business Institute
BG5 Foundation Course - Semester 2 With Laveena Brianne Archers

Online Course
Starting May 3, 2020 
Sundays at 23:00 GMT | 4pm US Pacific


Semester 2 - Your Creative Operating Style

Fulfillment in our life, career and business is the result of utilizing our natural creative gifts and talents to make a unique contribution to the world.

During Semester 2 we’ll discover the nuances of how to empower and validate these gifts in satisfying and successful ways to more fully express your professional role in life through your Life Purpose.

The areas that we’ll explore, as well as practice synthesizing, are:

  • 3 Important Themes - In working with others.
  • 36 Strengths and Contributions – The gifts we bring to the world.
  • 64 Traits of Human Potential – The unique expression of your gifts.
  • 6 Qualities of a Trait Imprint – The deeper nuances of your talents.
  • 12 Public Roles - The expressions of Life Purpose and your role in life.

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