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Institute:BG5 Business Institute
BG5 Profit Potential Workshop Series with Karen Sherwood - Semester 8

Online Class
Starting May 20, 2020


Profit By Being You Through Your Emotional Intelligence - BG5 Profit Potential Workshop Series

Moving from Chaos to Clarity.  Emotions are one of the biggest conditioning forces on the planet.  Think back to a time where your emotions swept you away.  You said something you wish you could take back or did something that caused massive misunderstandings and heart ache from a deeply felt immediate emotional reaction.

Today’s world can be an emotional roller-coaster with highs and lows, ups and downs, and dreams fulfilled and dreams broken.  Making money is simple – but emotional chaos can lead to bad decisions, lost fortunes, panic, stress and misfortune.

Learning to navigate the waves and mechanics of Emotional Intelligence can be the difference between earning a fortune by calmly making the correct decisions from a place of clarity or missed opportunities and losing it all in an emotional panic.

It can be the difference between avoiding confrontation and missing important communications – to being able to walk with strength and power into a storm of emotions unaffected, to make money through the sharing of your Emotional Wisdom.

In this workshop we will explore how your Emotional Intelligence is distinctly designed to operate so you can navigate the waves of emotional chaos to bring forth clarity allowing you to thrive in all aspects of your life – personally, professionally and financially.

Be aware that if you cannot take in resources according to the signature of your Unique Career Design it will not mean anything and money will always be a struggle.

Profit By Being You is simply a byproduct of being able to navigate correctly in the physical world according to your Unique Career Design.

In this workshop we will…

  • Explore how your Emotional Intelligence can lead to clarity or chaos.
  • Have in-depth exercises in and between classes to practice.
  • Learn to become the objective observer of your emotions and the emotions of those around you.
  • Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others.
  • Ask questions and get answers.

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