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Decoding Our Chemistry in the Faces of Duality - Lecture 3: The Face of Harmonia

Come and meet Harmonia and discover how she has helped to run the 7-Centered world forever.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


The wheel of the year is turning from the fullness of summer to the harvest of this year?s labors…the place in the Rave wheel, where we meet the nature of our bonds, our need for intimacy and someone to bond with, and how we keep human life moving forward and establish the bedrock of humanity - society.

Come and meet Thoth, Harmonia, Christ Consciousness, and Minerva and discover how they have run the 7-Centered world forever, shaping the Maia we live in. In this lecture series we will explore these archetypes and how they exert their personal influence upon each of us.

Lecture 1: The Quarter of Duality Lecture 2: The Face of Thoth Lecture 3: The Face of Harmonia Lecture 4: The Face of Christ Consciousness Lecture 5: The Face of Minerva

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