Lc51  OC16 Sem1
Institute:BG5 Business Institute
OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification - Semester 1

Online Class
Starting Jan 19, 2021 with Karen Sherwood
Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 18:00 GMT


OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification - Semester 1
Large Group Dynamics - WA Theoretic

OC16 is the most profound and eye-opening courses on the nature of group dynamics and how the world operates.

In Semester 1 of this three-semester course, we will explore the trans-auric phenomenon known as the WA.  Bees swarm, birds flock, fish school and we as humans Penta and WA.

Learn the underlying mechanism that brings us together as humans to form smaller groupings of 3-5 people (a Penta/Unified Group) and how those smaller groups then bond together to create larger groupings known as the WA or OC16.  This applies to ANY group larger than 9 individuals, so you can use this knowledge to understand small groups, businesses and teams, as well as large organization, corporations and businesses.

In WA Theoretics we will explore the nature of the six different departments, themes or languages that are essential to the running any organization, team, large group, or business.

    • Management
    • Competitiveness
    • Direction
    • Innovation
    • Logical Enforcement
    • Interaction

This first semester will give you the foundational theoretical knowledge needed to continue forward into Semesters 2 and 3 where we will explore the practical application of working with large team dynamics.

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