YXTP  SS Profiles Line 2
Profile: Line 2 - The Hermit

The second line is about Projection. The Hermit projects out natural talents anf gifts to the other.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


The second line is about Projection. It is the first floor window of the house. The identity behavior of the Passenger is The Hermit. It is projecting something outwards and is not even aware of it.   Being a hermit is its protection as well as the correct behavior until it is called out. This is the 2/4 and 2/5.  The nature of the vehicle itself is also the hermit. Here it is not the passenger that wants to be left alone but the vehicle itself!  It is vehicle that is going to suffer physically from not having the natural talent to do whatever the mind thought it could do. This is the 5/2 and the 6/2.

Please note:  You do not need to have a role gate defined in your chart. The information of each role gate applies to everyone.

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