9pHa  SS Profiles Line 4
Profile: Line 4 - The Opportunist

The fourth line is about Externalization. It is fixed and focused.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


The fourth line is about Externalization.  It is fixed and focused.  It is the floor of the second story of the house hexagram structure. The fourth line is interaction with the other and how it influences the other.  The identity behavior of the Passenger is to be an opportunist – this is the 4/1 and the 4/6.  For the Nature of the Vehicle itself – the fourth line vehicle has to really be correct in its life because the body itself can suffer – real fatigue can be the result. This is the 1/4 and the 2/4.

Please note:  You do not need to have a role gate defined in your chart. The information of each role gate applies to everyone.

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