yQV8  SS What is Godhead
What is the Godhead?

This lecture is an introduction to the Godhead and how it conditions us away from our own lives.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


I guess there are many ways to describe it. More than another conditioning element, the Godhead is what distracts us away from recognizing how deeply conditioned we are in the perception of our own lives, thus, not only legitimizing conditionings but actually covering it up with a moral patina of rational ‘holiness’.

More than the Not-Self mind, yours or mine, it is the very essence of ‘Not-self-ness’ (read ignorance) that imbues every human mind with an infinite and vane readiness to generalize in the way that it thinks and talks.

It controls the forces that legitimize - with their second hand purpose - the trans-auric mechanics of Pentha and WA and the resulting homogenization of human consciousness. It is, moreover, what gives politicians and priests moral authority to lie to people in their face. And to those who need to continue believing in what they are told, the moral weakness to indulge in their excuses and justifications.

In its despair to maintain control, the Not-Self mind is capable of anything in its search for ‘reasons’, unable to surrender and accept what simply is. Human Design is end knowledge, only this time the end is not about replacing things with something better, but rather learning to accept people and see things for what they are, recognizing the intrinsic beauty of their limitations, the same way we do that with plants, dogs or ants. The Godhead struggles for the betterment of the world, unable to recognize and enjoy its mundane perfection.

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