Images via, official source of the Human Design System. Text by Laveena Archers, writer for Jovian Archive.
Humanity mechanically is divided into four Types:

  • Manifestors – the Innovator Career Types
  • Generators (Including Manifesting Generators) The Builder Career Types
  • Projectors – The Advisor Career Types
  • Reflectors – The Evaluator Career Types


Human Design Generator Aura Types are the dominant type of humans alive on the earth, comprised of nearly 70% of the population. These Builders of our world are the driving life force of the planet, without whom we would die out as a specie. The Generator’s decision-making strategy is to wait for a gut response, and if emotional, to wait out those waves of emotion to find a clear path forward. It is through response they can find the essence of their Spirit: satisfaction. By waiting for a response to live, they avoid trying to “push the river” of life, resulting in less  and less frustration, sensations of limitation or feeling stuck in life. Human Design Generators have an energetic quality of an open and enveloping aura. They not only lean best through observing themselves, they have a deep need to learn about themselves in their process of awakening.


Projector Aura Types are around 20% of the population on our planet. These are “non-energy” types – meaning no consistent access to the generation or manifestation energy. As advisors to the other Types, their decision-making strategy is to wait for the recognition of their seeing and the Invitation to guide. In this way, Human Design Projectors can find the sweetness of success, their essence of Spirit shining through. This is how they can avoid the signpost of resistance in their life, experienced as a deep bitterness at not being appreciated for the  gifts they bring to others. They have a focused and absorbing aura, which penetrates to the core of who the other person is, working best one person at a time. Projectors awaken through the observation of others, learning about and understanding how to guide the other successfully.


Human Design Manifestors are around ten percent of the population, and have consistent access of energy to make things happen. We call the the Innovator Career Type, because they have such power to “get the ball rolling” in life. Their decision-making strategy is to inform in order to impact. When they do this before they act, they can find the expression of their spirit, to initiate in peace. In this way, the anger that is a signpost of resistance in their lives can be reduced.. They have a closed and repelling auric frequency, which can lead them to feel isolated and misunderstood when they do not understand the power of their unique purpose. They are here to learn about and understand their impact on others.


Human Design Reflector Aura Types are without definition (no colored in centers ie consistent functions in their birth chart) and are just over one percent of the population. These “cosmic judges” or Evaluators have a unique decision-making strategy, due to the one thing in their life that is consistent – their Lunar Cycle. Reflectors are advised to experiment with waiting a full cycle of the moon before making decisions. When they wait for life to initiate them, instead of jumping at every opportunity they imagine, they can find clarity. This clarity of purpose through patient observation of the changes life brings them, leads to a life of more surprise and less disappointment in people. They have a resistant and sampling aura, considered to be akin to Teflon. These can be our most wise and mystical people, as they learn to reflect and allow, rather than mis-identify and cling to the inconsistencies of life’s experiences.

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