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Classes available now

LYD Guide training with Laveena Archers begins Thursday, August 22nd 9am Arizona Time

Next all-Type 8 week Class is with Peter Berv, 3/5 Pure Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority, Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix begins LYD Tuesday, Sept 11, at 10 am MT

Practicum delivery study groups with Julie Hamilton, dates/times TBD in November.

More than a Certification, this 3-part course teaches you how to be a successful Human Design Professional Guide in all respects. The next live instructional class interest list is forming now and the start date is scheduled for January. Once you sign up, you will have access to enough recordings to keep you happily studying until we begin the live classes! Practicum and required LYD audit dates to be determined depending on your schedule and mentor availability.

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The Living Your Design Guide (LYDG) training is designed to educate, prepare, and certify Living Your Design Guides to support newcomers in the experiment of living their design.

The Living Your Design Guide Training is designed to effectively teach many of the basics of Human Design as it relates to type, strategy, authority, and conditioning. This course offers 3 distinct components that provide students/Guides in training with the information and techniques necessary to assist newcomers in starting their 7-year deconditioning process. In this course, Guides will learn how to assist others in understanding their own personal conditioning by using examples, experiential techniques, discussions, and personal experiences. Certified LYD Guides also qualify for Professional listings on the International Human Design School and Jovian Archive websites, and where appropriate, on the Human Design National Organization website of the country where they reside.

LYD Workshop

Duration: This course is offered as an interactive workshop (online participation available) combined with an online program. Live, in-class participation scheduled over 1 semester. Completion of certification requirements dependent on student delivery and LYDG teacher approval. The total course time is estimated at 50 hours. Includes your lifetime LYDG certification fee paid to IHDS provided you complete the live course requirements.

A bonus of Laveena’s Intro to HD Webinar Presentation is included for all graduating students who have completed their certification requirements. Beautifully illustrated professional slides to be used for the delivery of this course are available for purchase from the International Human Design School.

Four Components for Success

Living Your Design Guide




Theory and Methodology

Building Your Knowledgebase!

In this focus, the methodology and content of a LYD workshop is covered and reviewed, including the following: