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I offer Precise Advice for Leadership Success

You know how it’s hard to make the right choices, especially when it comes to what to do with your life?

Designed to step in and unexpectedly change your FateFate through experience, discovery, and learning, I feel honored to introduce you to and mentor you with this revolutionary system that pinpoints your highest personal and professional potential.

Quit saying yes in doing things just for the money and instead be of service to your passion for the exaltation of yourself in your life’s work.

I determinedly learn, test, and universalize the Human Design System, to contagiously explain this esoteric knowledge, as a creative role model of inspiration and imagination to guide growth and facilitate tranquility through uncertain times.

Touching others through my perspective of this experiential Human Design journey through its endings and changes is part of my path. As an example of someone experimenting with HD since 2012, I share my experiences in facing my fears to discover inner truth. I teach how to commit to the fullest fulfillment of your life’s experience, as a Guide of others’ Success. When it comes to my personal and professional development, contributing practical solutions to empower your vision for yourself and your business are some of the ways I can bring real value. 

Are you ready to surrender to a life lived in alignment with your uniqueness?

DARE TO INDIVIDUATE and Change Your Fate!

I desire to empower those I serve by leading by example and explaining how to embrace your unique path in life through engaging in an experiential self-discovery of changing your Fate (my life’s work)… 

Enhance your genetic potential to live an inspired life with growth, change, self-acceptance, and unconditional love of self while riding life’s waves of uncertainty.

Whom I serve: Is this you?

Of clients I’ve had in my practice of one-on-one or group Human Design System training/coaching over the past eight years, approximately 60% are female:

  • Value the power of supportive and nurturing group transformation in the realm of personal development, understanding the mysteries of life, and how to discover and commit to the fulfillment of their purpose.
  • The most common concerns I hear for self-awareness, improvement, and commitment are:
    -Need reassurance about the direction and feelings their lives are bringing them, 
    -Curious to learn who they are here to serve best (while valuing their self-worth) and 
    -Uncertainty about how to achieve the fulfillment of life’s purpose
  • Fear is of failure (sensing growth is the answer but not sure how to go about it) and fear of dying before achievement of Life Purpose
  • Hopes to be able to contribute their greatest gifts to the world and not only evolve with it, but lead others through it
  • Curious to learn how:

This Human Design System (including BG5 and OC16, the business application) holds clues and keys to help us recognize how we fit in, like puzzle pieces, to form a picture of the vast tapestry of the life of which we are all woven. 

Already have their Human Design chart (which integrates all the systems above) and is looking for the most highly qualified expert/specialist to guide their journey.

Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

  • Are you feeling called to be a part of the leadership that we need right now? 
  • To transition us from a world that used to value fitting in for the sake of the tribe’s survival but is changing? 
  • To help ourselves be empowered and valued for their individuality and ability to be themselves? 
  • To live a satisfying, successful life?

My greatest joy is to guide people using the mechanics of their lives and the people in it. I have the energy for leading group transformational experiences online, through a Living Your Design awakening experience for fellow Advisors, which I call Projector Awakening Success Secrets. My signature Shadows to Success Transformational Alignment follows this to create the most unique and wildly popular program in our industry. I am certified to teach BG5 Foundations, Certifications, Rave ABC, Cartography, and Living Your Design Guide Professional Human Design Training programs.

Ready to Change Your Fate?

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On Facebook? Join my Facebook tribe for educational content supportive of your journey. Just search for “Human Design System”. Collaborating with fellow Human Design Professionals increases our capacity to reach and serve a broader range of people curious about and experimenting with Human Design. 

Trainer Qualifications

Living Your Design Guide

Basic Training Qualifications

Living Your Design Guide

Analyst Qualifications

Partnership Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Individual Rave Analysis, Incarnation Cross Analysis

Teacher Qualifications

Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, BG5 Foundation Course, PTLI: Basic Analysis

Additional Qualifications

BG5 Small Business Analyst & Engineer

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