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Rose Osman

Rose Osman






Hey you!

I’m Rose Osman, a 2/4 Splenic Projector with Right Angle Cross of Service (4).

I’m a natural influencer who inspires people to make sense of their past experiences and emotions. I’m an uncanny fixer who share Hope and Joy, and a woman who empowers others to fight for their purpose and thrive through their struggles, pain and potentials.

I enjoy a simple mundane life even though I’m designed to serve through conflict and crisis <3
You can find me here too:

Or email me at: humandesignmalaysia@gmail.com

  • Living Your Design Guide
  • BG5 Business and Career Consultant (in training-final semester)
  • Professional Analyst in training (PTL1)
  • LYD Awakening for Projector, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography and Deeper program for Rave Cartography with Laveena Archers
Rose Osman

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