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The Living Your Design course introduces many topics along with the Human Design System as a whole.

On the other hand, Rave ABC focuses exclusively on three topics:

A – Conscious and unconscious activations (Personality & Design) – covered in the 1st Lesson & Class
B – Hexagram Structure: lines 1-6, their values and frequency, harmonies and resonances
C – Circuitry: three Circuit Groups and their keynotes

Centers all defined
Centers all defined

This course brings a personal understanding of one’s design. You will learn to see the bodygraph as a map of awareness and trace how energy flows through streams (circuits). You will also expand your vocabulary to communicate basic yet empowering keynotes to others about their own design. Keynoting is a delicate art of weaving together and unlocking the key aspects of a design. This is the beginning of the chart analysis process, which takes place on a deeper level in the subsequent Professional training.

With an emphasis on working with your own chart and sharing personal experiences, classes are conducted in a safe and warm atmosphere to facilitate breakthroughs in your personal processes. With examples and exercises being demonstrated on the charts of participants, you will then be able to apply and integrate your learnings into your every-day life.

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Every individual activation (gate) has a potential to empower. When you function in alignment with your strategy and authority, individual activations bring change that results in you being more in your power. For example, a person with an activated gate 43 (Insight / Breakthrough, Ajna center) can empower oneself and others by their breakthrough insights that change the way of thinking about something.

Individuality is primarily oriented towards empowering itself and only secondarily towards empowering others.



Every Collective activation (gate) has a potential to share. For example, a person with an activated gate 18 (Correction / Work on that which has been spoilt, Splenic center) can share the awareness of what needs to be corrected, eg. provide constructive criticism on where there is a flaw in the pattern.

Collective energy is primarily oriented towards others and assumes that other will want to listen to what it has to say.


Every Tribal activation (gate) has a potential to support. For example, a person with an activated gate 19 (Wanting / Approach, Root center) can support others in getting what then need and in turn, be supported by them in getting their own needs met.

Tribal support is a two-way street and there can be a lot of “bad blood” if one supports but doesn’t get supported back.


For example, if you are predominantly Collective and want to share, but your partner is predominantly Individual and doesn’t want to listen to your sharing, as much as they are willing to empower you (or support you in case of Tribal predominance), knowing this dynamic can bring more acceptance and deepen your connection.

Knowing your predominant circuitry is very helpful in relating to others.


Study of lines and their values will open you up to a whole new dimension in understanding the Human Design. Each gate is an I-Ching hexagram and as such consists of 6 lines. The position of planets doesn’t activate the gate as a whole, but rather the gate in a particular line. This means that each line represents a specific expression of a gate. You can think about gate as a musical octave and line as individual tones.

On the right, you can see the main keynote for each line. For example, 1st line is all about Investigation. Any gate activated on its 1st line is actively investigating and studying its theme in order to find a secure foundation and become an authority on the subject.

Using gate 19 as an example (Wanting / Approach, Root center), person with 19.1 “Can investigate how best to get the support necessary to get what they need”.

We will cover two lines in a class (1+2, 3+4, 5+6) and you will have an opportunity to speak about your activations in them, keynoting your chart and getting real-time feedback from the teacher as you go on.

This is how you first begin reading a chart, which is personal, engaging, exciting and also a lot of fun.

Illustrations from the course


1) Recorded Study Group: Circuitry Quiz + Q & A
2) Recorded Study Group: Deaf Channels

Once you are an ABC student of mine, you are invited to participate in future live study groups to deepen your awareness and connect with our human design community

Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation Foundation Reading with an IHDS certified Analyst

Required Materials:
Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition or paid version of

RAVE ABC's Curriculum

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What are students saying..

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If you are a professional/human wanting to expand your success and recognition, and you are looking for a super knowledgable, down to earth, intuitive human design teacher... you are in the right place. I'm a 5/2 Emotional Projector (Advisor) in my 7th year of Human Design and Laveena is my favorite teacher. Very clear and concise, always willing to restate things in a new way for various types. Her loving nature and fun personality make learning fun. Her business knowledge is extensive.. I have learned so much to help me to live my best life and feel joyful in being my authentic self. I also love the people she attracts into her courses, all types, from all over the world. I have made some really great lifetime friends in her classes. I highly recommend Laveena as a teacher and consultant.
As I began to investigate Human Design, it became clear to me that having a mentor who has personally achieved success through this experiential knowledge was absolutely essential for my own progress in life. I scoured the internet in search of the leading expert. After careful consideration, and a coincidental, free-consultation with Laveena through the BG5 Institute, it became clear to me that she was the mentor I needed. In November 2018, I enrolled in her Living Your Design course for Projectors and haven't stopped progressing since. Nine months later, I can happily say that investing my time and energy with Laveena has proven to be the most beneficial decision I've ever made in my life.

Laveena is beautifully gifted in her ability to guide energy, which helps her to reframe old thinking patterns that may be holding you back and inspire a renewed sense of inner truth. Ultimately, her guidance improves the lives her students and connects them to a wealth of resources that ensures steady progress. As my understanding of Human Design grows, I see just how much depth is required to be able to teach such a complex subject in layman's terms.

I would recommend Laveena as the first person to contact when beginning your experiment with Human Design. If she is unable to accommodate your needs, rest assured that someone in her network of certified professionals can.
Lia trompke
Laveena is one of the most amazing HD Experts out there. My session with her was deeply inspiring, enlightening, helpful. She is not only super knowledgeable and precise. Laser pointer like she moved from topic to topic that are meaningful in my life. Also it is natural for her to connect in a loving, fun, energizing way. I can recommend her so much for HD/BG5 Coaching sessions. Wherever you are on your path, Laveena can give you guidance and support to gain a broader, more healthy, more successful, more joyful perspective for your life. I'm based in Europe and can highly recommend her for very intimate personal as well as business topics.
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Great place to hang - lots of generous input from the community and high quality paid offerings
59876055 10218497195519526 780413523531399168 n
Laveena is great! She communicates so well, and her reading was like the most amazing confirmation of who I am. Human Design has made me realize that I don't have to fit in to the "norm", and that the way I do things is different and that's okay. It's the way I'm designed. I felt like I was doing what felt right, but somehow in the back of my mind there were things that said "you really should be doing what Sally is doing" in my business, but I've since realized that that is completely untrue. Trying to live up to someone else's design was just exhausting, and totally unnecessary. Laveena helped me to confirm all of the things I was feeling. A reading with Andrea is well worth the time and money. It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

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