How Hillary Clinton Can Avoid Anger & Frustration

Hillary Clinton's Human Design Foundation Reading. Photo of Hillary by Gauge Skidmore

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Foundation Reading. Photo of Hillary by Gauge Skidmore

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Reading

If I was invited to advise Hillary Clinton on how to make decisions she trusts to avoid frustration and anger, this is what I would tell her… (provided this is her correct birth time 8:02am according to This was my submission for my Professional Human Design Analyst Certification Exam in 2015, which we were required to submit in audio form at 30-45minutes maximum. You may listen to the audio recording on my Soundcloud channel, and add Hillary Clinton’s Human Design chart to your Mybodygraph library. 

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Foundation Analysis Introduction

Hi Hillary, here is your Human Design Chart. See the outline of the person? This BodyGraph is a visual representation of the energies that are unique to you. How about we start with a little tour to show you around and introduce you to some basic terms, then we’ll dive into the details, okay?

Hillary Clinton's Human Design

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design

First, do you see how there are geometric shapes in the bodygraph that are colored in, while others aren’t? These nine shapes are called Centers. The Centers are energy and information hubs. Each have a unique, consistent functioning when colored in, or an inconsistent, flexible functioning when they are not. The four colored Centers are where you are energetically broadcasting who you are; this shows us your authentic, true nature. These Centers operate in a highly specific manner within you. Here are your reliable functions: 

  • the way you Respond to how life asks you to Act and Communicate

  • the way you Conceptualize and express your knowing

  • your Identity or the way you show up to others, particularly as a leader

Now see the lines connecting the shapes together? These are called Channels, they define your strengths and functions; what you transmit to the other. And on either end of the Channels, see the numbers in the Centers? Those numbers label the Gates; they give us the characteristics of your functions. When activated on either end of the Channel by a planet, the Gates get colored in and are what energize the Channel to create a consistent Life Force in you. Channels show us your strengths in life, the thematics of what you can depend on to be authentic to you.

We call the colored in Channels, Centers, and Gates connected to them your Definition. These colored in areas define your true nature – who you are for yourself, and how you are here to be self-empowered. Your Definition shows how you can rely on yourself to make the right choices at the right time, to lead you to satisfy your personal destiny fulfillment.

I’d like to show you where we get those calculations that create your Definition in your BodyGraph, ok? See planetary symbols and their numerical Gate activations here on either side? These show us how you have been imprinted to create your Human Design Bodygraph. From these calculations, your energetic “circuit board” creates this map of your genetic imprinting. We’re deciphering the map to show how you’re here to decide for and be yourself. I’ll integrate these details in context later.

Now, do you see the calculations to the right in black? These black activations represent thematics about you that you think you are. Here is your Conscious Personality, or what you think of as the determination of who you are. These calculations are based on the position of the planets at the exact moment of your birth. You are going to identify with these aspects of you in our investigation of your Human Design. My description of these themes that are defined will confirm what you always knew to be true about yourself.

Now, see the left side of your graph here? The red calculations were an unconscious imprint of your body in utero approximately three months before you were born. These calculations show the consistent energy of your Unconscious Design, your genetic inheritance. Red like blood, imagine they are like tunnels under the surface of your mental awareness. The red represents energetic qualities that are consistent and reliable in your body. Others tend to notice it about you while you don’t-unless it’s pointed out to you.

Sometimes the same Gates or Channels can be both conscious and unconscious like they are here. You can see that both Gates 12 (Caution) and 34 (Power) show up in your chart as red and black. That means these activated characteristics have both a conscious and an unconscious component to them.

Each Planet imprints the Gates for expression in one of six possible line values, and one or two sides of the same line. These lines have different qualities depending on the planet which activates it combined with the rest of the imprinting in your design. Lines show nuances about you that I’ll weave into your chart reading.

Your Type, Strategy, Authority and Definition

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Analysis

See that red square at the bottom of the chart, your Sacral Center? Notice how it’s connected directly to the brown square of the Throat Center? This Channel of Charisma (34-20) is what creates your Life Force energy, your Aura Type of a Manifesting Generator. Your dynamic presence is open and enveloping, always responding to life. Have you ever noticed how quickly your body reacts with a movement towards or away from things when offered to you, without you having even to think about it? Your response could also show up as an at the moment, articulated response to what you have energy for that just springs to your lips in the form of a yes, no or I don’t know. When this gut response arises without thought, that’s your truth.

Availability is how your Sacral Center is designed to be responsive to and generate life. When asked, your official answer comes from your body’s availability to engage with the people, situations, and experiences that are drawn to you. Whether it’s a seemingly involuntary movement, a noncommittal articulation, or immediate positive or negative reaction… when you’re asked, your body’s response brooks no argument. Your existential response is your truth; it how you are designed to make the right choice at the right time. Your strategy of waiting to see how your body responds to what life asks of you brings you excellent opportunities to act on. Your “gut” – this powerful energy resource – gets you to the bottom of what brings you discoveries of who you are for yourself.

Not only does this Sacral Center define you as a Manifesting Generator Type, but it also sets your decision-making strategy of Waiting to Respond. Making decisions according to your body’s response brings satisfaction of a job well-done. By waiting to respond (instead of initiating from what your brilliant mind thinks you “should” do) you avoid frustration, feeling stuck and quitting. When in alignment with your true nature, you can build a sound foundation around doing what you love with your energy. It’s essential that you love what you do in life. Through using your powerful energy resource to experiment with responding to life, you can discover how you are here to experience being an influential, insightful democratic leader who can get things done efficiently.

Your Sacral Center is your personal Authority, telling you what you have the available energy to start and follow through to completion. This definition points to the fact that you have the power to both generate and manifest correctly in response, which can lead you to embrace satisfying purposeful life experiences. Your Authority responds to being asked. This Sacral Authority is a powerful motor; a mechanism which can be trusted to guide your actions. You can experience personal alignment with a life of purpose if you honor your responses and follow them. Resistance in the form of anger, feeling stuck or quitting out of sheer frustration is the signpost of wrong decisions. These show you something is “off.”

Photo by Guage Skidmore

Photo by Guage Skidmore

Remember to go with your gut response to what life asks of you, not what your mind says you should do. It is healthy for you to maintain daily patterns, life rituals that you enjoy, and you tend to vacillate between being able to stick to them or not. Don’t let others pull you out of your habits unless you are following your gut’s say-so. You can experiment with observing what happens when you try to push against the flow of your energetics, which are powerfully defined to attract and respond in the now. You are deigned to be selfish in your expression of nurturing—this may show up as feeling envious of others. You may have tried to build bonds and manifest based on what your conditioned mind thinks you should do—frustration and anger are red flags that you’re off-track and that you need to wait to be asked and trust your gut response. It can be helpful for you to have an honest, trusted advisor know how to help you investigate the tough life decisions you face. A laser focused question asked of you in a yes/no format is more efficient than open-ended or choice-based questions.

Let’s go back to the Channel of Charisma, which gives us your energetic Type and Authority. When you respond to what life asks of you, you generate a potentially manifesting force that self-empowers you. This empowerment to be yourself can align you with your often unexpected purpose which builds a meaningful life for you. You love getting down to the details, getting things done without delay and can be quite unstoppable. You are highly efficient and charismatic when you’re busy doing what you love! Do you recognize that being able to “just get things done,” even skipping steps to do so, is a strength? With this channel as your nodal environment, your body has experienced a solid foundation of the risks of what it takes to be this quick to put your power into action. In the first 39 years of your life, you may have been sensitive to seeing a lot of bullying happening. In moments of sheer anger and frustration, you may even resort to indiscriminate displays of power.  What have you learned about power in relation to the greater good?  

Photo by  Lorie Shaul

Photo by Lorie Shaul

“”If you see bigotry oppose it. If you see violence condemn it. If you see a bully, stand up to him.” Hillary Clinton, AIPAC on March 20, 2016

Would you like to see how you are designed to be a successful leader others can recognize by electing to follow?

This, here, is the Channel of the Alpha (7-31) which defines your Identity and how you are here to communicate and act. Your Alpha strength connected to your other two channels gives you the potential for a forward-thinking style of powerful, efficient leadership. This Jeffersonian style of direction is based on determined experimentation to establish and validate which plans are for the greater good. You’re able to explain to us how to get to a more secure future when you respond to the invitation to do so.

In these situations you’ve responded yourself into, you have the ability to wield influence and be a resilient administrator. In small groups, this determined logical recognition of where your leadership needs to take the team for everyone’s benefit is your strength. Your adaptable and efficient capacity to lead through selective association with the right people can have a widespread, revolutionary effect on society. Your energy dynamics here lean towards authoritarianism; psychologically, you are a natural Democratic planner. You are someone who has the unconscious, expansive quality of attracting society with your creative self-expression. You have a need to work alone but often abandon aloneness to lead based on the recognition of trends and the needs of the people. Your body carries a need for creativity and your voice a quality of influence, but you must remember to wait to respond so your energy is available to earn trust and be recognized and elected by the majority. This decision-making process attuned to your response empowers you enter into situations where you can learn through the school of hard knocks what it takes to be identified as a successful leader. 

Wikipedia: Official State Senator Photo

Wikipedia: Official State Senator Photo

Your Channel of Structuring (43-23) brings the awareness of recognizing Insights and the ability to Communicate the concepts you Know when invited. This energy operates in a pulse, where the knowing is not always there but then suddenly, there’s a breakthrough, and you just know. When people invite you to speak, and you do through your sacral response, your way of communicating unique concepts and explaining yourself can sometimes express as keen insight. If you try to define your acumens when you haven’t been asked, others may dismiss your knowing and their condemnation can cause you question your insight. Wrong timing can have your ideas ignored and leave you feeling misunderstood, though when you respond with your certainty, you can withstand the condemnation of others dismissing your answer as odd or strange. You may get moody and think “why should I bother explaining?’ as people may not get your brilliance. But when you’re recognized and invited to share your insight, and you respond to being asked, you communicate to establish a new order with expediency as a role model genius.

You’re drawn to recognize people who are role models of knowing insights, with this channel defined as your nodal environment. Your purpose can be fulfilled in this setting. You are attuned to see the potential in spontaneous breakthroughs which, with correct timing and through response, can be expressed as unique answers to make things more efficient. Your strength is to explore what is unknown, then suddenly recognize and conceptualize real knowing for others. At times, insights you are attuned to can empower others, appearing to be light years ahead of the game. You can evolve over time to develop a proficiency for how to explain things clearly to be an effective communicator and achieve success. Relax and let go of any mental pressure or anxiety to know, allowing your mind to take it’s time think about all the details and reach certainty in answers you and others can trust.

Determined influence is the core essence of your body’s power. Your influence manifests when you respond to produce an environment of synthesis and teamwork. When the opportunity arises to share lessons of the past, you may find you use calculated caution and superficial slogans comprised of values you share with your network have an impact on those gathered. When necessary, retreat with dignity or you may have an inability to “let go” and achieve restoration and renewal in those inevitable times of withdrawal. Your powerful influence has a transformational effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. Rather, it has a natural impact when others invite your voice of knowing and ability to recognize and project logical plans that are of mutual interest to successfully shift other’s mindsets. When asked and you respond with a clear explanation of why a course of action is essential for the other’s success and your own, you establish yourself as a thought leader. You gain influence through selectivity and being thoroughly prepared through knowing what details are crucial to establish your solid foundation in clarity of purpose. You energetically transmit to the other that you are a leader who knows how to be adaptable and resilient in your administrative capacity.


The Potential for Wisdom & Shadows that Condition You

Hillary Clinton’s Openness

Now let’s shift gears to focus on the shadows that can throw you off balance, okay? Do you see all these areas that are white in your bodygraph? All these uncolored Gates, Channels, and Centers are Undefined.  What this means is that in those white areas you have a more flexible nature. There’s not a fixed, consistent energy present. Think of these open areas as receptive – the Open Centers are amplifiers of energy. Here is where you are open to experience the energies around you and where you are receiving what other people are broadcasting.

As you can see here, you’re here to develop wisdom about five different key areas of life – Mental & Physical Pressure, Survival and Emotional Intelligence, and Willpower. When you are with someone who has something defined where you are open, you can take in and amplify their defined energy. The undefined areas are places where you, the student, goes to school in life to learn. The openness is where you are here to develop wisdom in this lifetime.

Let’s begin with your Root Center. You can see that this openness provides you with opportunities to take in the physical pressure of adrenalized drive and stamina. When it’s defined by the current positions of the planets or the person next to you, you develop the wisdom of how to manage the amplification of this vital energy. When you’re amplifying external energy here you may feel overly pressured to hurry up, find it hard to finish things or focus on one thing at a time, or one desire. Likely you find yourself talking about starting new things in an effort to avoid conflict but unconsciously provoking it (53.3). Can you remember that happening or relate to that? It’s what you are unconsciously, genetically predisposed to communicate about so you may not recognize it. This other characteristic of your Root Center is also unconscious, but it’s a part of how you’re here to learn. How you balance your unconscious core essence of influence and ground it for physical expression can show up as either the fuel for personal, material ambition, or the recognition of sharing resources collectively. You may experience a rich fantasy life filled with dreams of sharing new experiences that involve a wide range of desires including but not limited to sexual ones. Remembering to wait to respond to life will protect you from incorrectly initiating new experiences and guide you to the right dreams for you to learn from.

Your undefined Solar Plexus Center is where your emotional intelligence is programmed to be consciously driven by getting to the bottom of what it means to share the experience of Crisis. This is the Crisis of inexperience, of insecurity in the face of change and can sometimes express as a resistance to change. You are very sensitive to the state of other people’s emotions and may at times feel touchy and nervous or even avoid confrontation and truth to not rock the boat and disturb the peace. You may have noticed that your emotions come and go in a rather inconsistent way. Can you relate to these descriptions of your moods and feelings? You are here to gain wisdom about what it takes to penetrate down to the core of a new experience and handle the collective insecurity of the shared crisis—and when this possibility arises you can share the emotional power to handle it, or not, which may lead to anger and frustration. Following your gut response leads you to engage in the right crisis at the right time, to be self-empowered to discover and experience the satisfaction of expressing your unique knowing and your logical leadership.

Your open Heart Center does not know what or who is worthy of engaging with in life, but it may tell you that you need to endlessly prove yourself and improve upon yourself. Have you learned to overcompensate by promising too much? It’s a slippery slope here with an open Heart because you can fall into the trap of letting your conditioning of over-promising and not being able to live up to those promises damaging your ego or developing physical heart or possibly stomach issues like ulcers in the process. You are attracted to others that have the capacity to take control or be in control, but your mind may tell you it’s best for you to be in control. Your past conditioning may lead you to think this is important to keep others from interfering. When you respond with your authentic life-force energy you find the right people who can maintain control of important situations. You personally have nothing to prove in this lifetime, though your mind thinks it’s imperative to endlessly improve/prove yourself. It’s impossible to measure your worth because an infinite cannot be measured. You’re worthy because you are alive, and because of your uniqueness. You’re here to gain the wisdom of recognizing who can correctly make and keep their promises. Following your Sacral Authority empowers you to feel the satisfaction of knowing your infinite worth.

Your undefined Splenic Center is the source of your survival intelligence, and you are very attuned to the state of your health and well-being. You may find yourself rigid and inflexible when it comes to preparations that you know must be made, solutions you confidently recognize as the logical one to share, and challenging authority to uphold fundamental human rights. This dynamic can cause you to cling to things that aren’t in your best interests. Can I share with you how to avoid these pitfalls? Learn to loosen up and let go of anything and anyone that is no longer serving you, that you are not responding to. Do not attempt to quell your survival-based fears of inadequacy, authority or not fulfilling your purpose with action initiated from your mind. Instead, when you wait to respond to life, you get to see the magic of your personal power arise to recognize which problems are yours to find satisfaction through solving with the other.

You open Head Center is here to develop the wisdom of recognizing and thinking about what is truly inspiring. You may find yourself often amplifying the mental pressure from others and thinking about things that do not matter to you, or wonder if something that comes across your field of awareness is supposed to be interesting. Never make a mental decision based on this pressure of confusion about the past, doubts about the future or search for inner truth right now. Only your Sacral Authority’s voice of empowered presence can guide you moment by moment through its response to taking life as it comes.

In summary, the dilemma for you is that when deeply conditioned, your mind is driven to get to the bottom of finding your life purpose through starting new cycles of experiences which lead to crisis more often than not. Your mind’s reasonings are based on a dream that if only you could prove yourself, you could get rid of the pressure to constantly figure your life out with what you think and do, thereby ensuring security and survival for you and yours. Decisions made from these places can hold you back from true fulfillment.

Resolving the Dilemmas of the Openness

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Analysis

Photo by Mike Motzart

Photo by Mike Motzart

Remember that you cannot make decisions based on these factors I’ve mentioned in the openness. You have an available, reliable, responsive GPS that can guide you towards personal fulfillment unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of before. It takes a determination to experiment with operating from your in-the-moment gut response. Be wary of burning the candle at both ends to try and overcompensate and let yourself trust your body’s response to do what it loves doing. Let go of anything that doesn’t allow you to do what you love. Let go of the things you think internally about what you should do as a method of navigating through life. Ready to give this way of deciding a trial?

It may seem scary at first to let go of your mind’s scheming to get what you think you need from life to survive. There may be a lot of resistance and fear to taking this step of trusting something that you may not have felt you could trust to get you to where you need to be. You can trust your powerful, empowered gut knowing to guide you if you wait to allow yourself the chance to respond to life as it comes to you, rather than trying to push so hard for what you think you need from it. Timing is everything, and in correct timing, you can discover the right choices empower you to discover who you are and how to be empowered as yourself.


Your Profile Alignment with Purpose

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Foundation 

Now let’s give you some signposts of who you’re here to be, the costume of your purpose in this life. See how the Sun and Earth gate calculations have the same line number here on the right side, line 1? This shows us your conscious personality is that of an Investigator. It gives you an ability to know your place in the world, as an authority on what it means to live a life of unexpected purpose.

Consciously, you might have noticed that you have a tendency to study behavior, watching how other people act you learn what works and what doesn’t work so that you develop a knowing of your place and how to act in any situation. You are good at letting others see what you think they need to see from you. It’s part of what makes you such a strong authority, and it’s what gives you the ability to blend in when feeling weak or insecure. Your core essence speaks of a deep insecurity, maybe even a fear of not being able to fulfill your purpose in life before your time is up. That fear is there to help develop the wisdom of intuitive awareness and give your gut data on what is important for you to investigate. When you respond, you can get down to brass tacks with everything you care about, being deeply empathic and able to study and research to build a solid knowledge base. Once you’ve established a firm foundation around the meaning life holds for you beyond just survival, you can feel that fear of what death could take away from you loosen its hold on you and the insecurity eases.

Can you relate to what I’ve just shared about the role you play in life? We call this the conscious aspect of your Profile; it makes your mind fundamentally introspective. The costume that you wear in this life is that of an Investigative Martyr (1/3). You saw how the first number comes from the right-hand side of the chart. The second number, the three, comes from the left-hand side of the chart and is your unconscious role, that of a Martyr, someone who’s here to experientially discover what doesn’t work and is willing to stand up and take the heat in telling others to watch out. Remember you may not associate this part of you as you, but it is something that others recognize in you just as much as you recognized the conscious role you play.

Wikipedia: Official Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Photo

Wikipedia: Official Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Photo

Unconsciously, there is a tendency for you to bump into people, situations, and things—literally and figuratively—to discover through the school of hard knocks what doesn’t work. You enjoy meeting new people and making new bonds with others, breaking them just as quickly as you make them. Remember to discern at the invitation of life to make and break the bonds with people you encounter according to your gut to ensure you are suitably selective with who is right for you. You’re here to establish a transformative kind of leadership, as someone who can recognize a potential mutation in the patterns very quickly and revolutionize through breaking things down and rebuilding them better than before. As a key catalyst of change, when you respond to life’s invitation of your leadership and dreams for a better future, you can stand up to challenge what isn’t working and bring your tenacity to sustain us through the discovery process. Although you can sometimes come off as socially inept or pessimistic, that pessimism is there to protect you as you’re not here to take life at face value. You’re here to dig into the material plane and experiment with it. You have an innate resilience and adaptability which allows you to discover through the trial and error process the crucial life lessons you need to bring dreams into reality. Remember if you wait to respond from your gut you’ll enter into the right things to go wrong until the time is right for success, which brings you fulfillment and satisfaction of a job well-done.

As a 1/3 Profile you’re here to be an expert or specialist in your chosen field which involves a collective leadership role filled with authoritative purpose. Your life role gives you strength to prepare for the possibility of an unexpected situation where you are elected to be an adaptable and resilient leader. You are designed to be a “selfish” self-provider first, and this gives you a solid foundation from which to build your authority upon. You swing between allegiance and rejection to make and break bonds to find security through coming together with the other in partnership or dependency. When the connection isn’t working, or there’s a “miss-take,” learning from those mistakes and breaking the bond gives you a greater foundation in what does and doesn’t work. These experiences develop relationships that you need to ensure yours and humanity’s future. When you respond, you can stand up and be self-empowered so that when you are elected to a position of influence you can lead with authority. 

Final Words of Advice

Hillary Clinton’s Human Design Analysis

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

We’ve covered a lot of foundational information about who you are and how you’re here to trust yourself to make decisions that align you with your highest purpose. Remember you are here to not only be self-empowered in building the bonds that can sustain your moving forward but that you have a role to play as a democratic administrator who can explain unique insights with efficiency when others recognize you for that trusted, logical leadership role. You are a strong individual with a tendency towards melancholy; honor the mood and respond with activity you are passionate about keeping busy with. Your purpose is best achieved through interacting with others according to how you respond to being asked, rather than trying to make anything happen without an external trigger to give your gut something to respond to. Your inner authority gives you the guidance you can depend on through all of life’s unexpected twists and turns. Waiting for that outward signal that gives your gut the pull towards or push away from any thing, person or situation activates your inner knowing. And without the waiting, you are wasting your power on situations that can bring deep frustration and a lack or loss of achieving your true, authentic purpose. Does this make sense?

Hillary, I hope you’ve enjoyed this reading of your Human Design Chart. Remember you are built perfectly for the life you were born for, and no one can live it but you.

I hope you have experienced the satisfaction of a life well-lived, and now you know how to avoid anger and frustration by making decisions you trust.

Andréa Abay-Abay,
Human Design System Analyst

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