5 Practical Reasons To Join Exciting Human Design Classes Now


How many times have you bought a book and not finished it?

Sure, sometimes the book just plain sucks and you got sucked in by the cover.

Here’s some startling numbers I want to share with you.

I’ve read that less than 10% of people who start reading a book ever finish it. I’ve also seen stats that less than 15% of people who sign up for an online course ever complete those self-paced classes.

What’s your experience of these recorded classes on places like Lynda, Udemy, and Coursera?

For some people, especially busy ones, when a course is self-paced, it typically ends up unfinished and forgotten. I know over my lifetime I’ve easily personally spent thousands of dollars on courses that expired or I just didn’t finish for one reason or another.

Let’s blame it on Shiny Object Syndrome.

Open Head Center, anyone?

If you’re not familiar with Human Design you might not get that joke.

Hey, I know you are busy.

Life gets in the way of our best intentions, and learning is rarely a priority in your to-do list unless you schedule it in and are supported in your commitment to your education.

At Human Design Life, we use a better format for learning than those giant impersonal sites – live online courses. 

When you commit to classes that take place on a certain day and time, and there’s community, live interaction and Q&A about your real-world issues, you are far more likely to show up.

Not to mention, I personally reach out to you on Facebook Messenger before every class.

The group participation and feeling of camaraderie means you will not only schedule the time for learning, you will participate when it’s right for you, and get a whole lot more out of the experience.

If you really do want learn something new and have it make the biggest impact in your life, live courses are the way to go.

I’ve been teaching the first official step in the Human Design System educational curriculum, “Living Your Design”, for four years now with 125+ participants. These live online courses have had near 90% completion rates. Between 50-60% attended every single live class; the rest watched recordings (due to time zone differences, travel and work schedules, school holidays, etc).

I’m one of those open online teachers who offers live webcam option during my classes.

Like the Human Design System, Living Your Design is different and requires personalized experiences provided by live interaction, I feel.

I’m committed to offering Living Your Design as YOUR design – specific to those who are in the class, live in person or online.

If you’re ever in Mount Shasta and want a reading or private class, feel free to send me your design and invite me to meet up with you.

Online, I give you the option of both live webcam or just audio in addition to chat – because the two LYD classes I did in the past without video, although great, did not feel as engaged or profound as all the other classes I did with video as an option.

I now use Zoom and all classes are automatically recorded in case you want to review them again later. Don’t want to be on camera or audio? No worries, there’s a chat option as well. Plus you get pdf downloads of the slides we use in class.

If finances are an issue, you can’t beat live classroom interaction with real-time Q&A. Payment plans available via Patreon!

I do live screen sharing of charts on the fly. This helps us all learn, and it’s great fun too!

Here are the practical reasons you’ll want to take Live Human Design Courses:

  1. You’re statistically about 75% more likely to finish your course

  2. You’re going to have the support of meeting other people in Human Design

  3. You’re going to be able to participate live and get your questions answered as they come up, learning better from the interactive experience

  4. You’re going to pay a lot less than what you would if you were the only person meeting with me than in a live class, and the live interaction enriches the group experience

  5. Live classes like Living Your Design and Rave ABC’s count towards higher level certifications if you feel like answering the call to become a Human Design Professional

Here are the upcoming official IHDS courses I’m conducting by request:

Living Your Human Design: A Cellular Transformation

Description: The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational awakening opportunity that can change your life if you decide to enter the Human Design experiment. Open to anyone without pre-requisites, this workshop teaches the most important foundations of Human Design. 

The Human Design System empowers you to know yourself.

Take this opportunity to discover and live according to your authentic self.

  • Do you know how to make choices you trust?

  • Where you get thrown off-track?

  • Do you know how to recognize what is correct for you?

The information and exercises in this program delivered weekly over two months are designed to shatter the suffering of who you think you are and helps you get aligned to your core essence. 

The Living Your Design Awakening Program can be of tremendous benefit to deepen your understanding of your Strategy and Authority and the pain of the conditioning you have experienced. It can assist you with your own personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to Live Your Design. This Living Your Design Course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Although a reading is not required, it is encouraged before or during this program. 

Sign-Up Now!

Human Design System “Rave ABC’s” 

Although it may be enough for you to go through the experience of the Living Your Design Awakening program, for some people it is just the beginning. Many students who are passionate about learning more about themselves find the Human Design System provides accurate answers. Whether you want to become a certified professional or simply be more educated on yourself using this system, the Rave ABC’s course is the next step. 

Rave ABC’s is the first level of the IHDS professional and general educational tracks. It is designed to satisfy your curiosity about the basics revealed in a bodygraph. It also provides the required educational foundation for your development of skilled analyst, Living Your Design Guide and beyond.

In the Rave ABC’s we will discuss more of the origins of Human Design. We’ll also delve deeper into the basic components that make up the profound synthesis known as the Human Design System. Rave ABC’s is designed to show how all these pieces fit together to form the bodygraph and help you begin the process of learning how to analyze a chart.

1. Black – Red, Personality and Design
2. Circuits and Circuitry
3. Hexagram Structure

Human Design Foundation Reading
Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation
Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual; recommended MMI Software Student Edition


Human Design System “Rave Cartography” 

Rave Cartography is the second level of general IHDS education and serves as a prerequisite for all advanced education. Adding depth to the foundation built in Rave ABC’s, together Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography provide enough tools to have a solid Human Design foundation. It offers a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. In addition to the weekly classes, this class also includes study group meetings and homework. Total course recommended study time is 48 hours.

Course Content:
1. Nine Centers
2. The not-self and its nine strategies
3. Definition (Channels by Circuitry)
4. The Types & Authorities
5. Angles and the 12 Profiles
Classes include both interactive lectures, and study oriented workshops. Guided Study groups are included. There are also 10 or more hours of recorded self-study lectures in addition to reading student manuals and completing various homework assignments designed to creatively help you integrate and practice the material.


Living Your Design Certification Class

The Living Your Design Guide (LYDG) training is designed to educate, prepare, and certify Living Your Design Guides to support newcomers in the experiment of living their design.

The Living Your Design Guide Training is designed to effectively teach many of the basics of Human Design as it relates to type, strategy, authority and conditioning. This course offers 3 distinct components which provides students/Guides in training with the information and techniques necessary to assist newcomers in starting their 7-year deconditioning process.

In this course, Guides will learn how to assist others in understanding their own personal conditioning by using examples, experiential techniques, discussions and personal experiences. Certified LYD Guides also qualify for Professional listings on the International Human Design School and Jovian Archive websites, and where appropriate, on the Human Design National Organization website of the country where they reside.

How do I become a Human Design Professional?

Becoming a Human Design Guide is the fastest path to becoming a Human Design Professional so that you can begin helping others doing what you love! There’s nothing like being able to meet with people to guide them so accurately and effectively using this system. As I enter my 7th year in this process, I am in awe of where I was when I began, and where I am now – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically I feel very different than the person I used to be. You know, I look and sound VERY different too!

Most of all, I love myself and my life, even through (and especially because of) the radically differentiating ride of what it is to be me. <3

I LOVE teaching how HD works, and especially I’m discovering that I adore advising on how to implement the knowledge with clients, from the experiences I’m having with students I know this new class it going to be so rewarding and FUN! That leads me to joyously invite you to discover more information about my newest class offering, and Certification as a Living Your Design Guide, which is our industry’s equivalent of a Life Coach. Do you want to be a Human Design Life Coach? SIGN UP NOW!


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