Human Design System Four Transformations: Determination – Environment – Perspective – Motivation

Human Design System Four Radical Transformations Photo via

Human Design System Four Radical Transformations Photo via

What are the Four Transformations
of Human Design?

In a previous blog post, I introduced you to Variable, an advanced area of the Human Design System. Like Variable, the Four Transformations are what we recommend people look into once they are consistently following their Strategy and Authority. This four-part process of deep deconditioning is for those who are ready to embark on a journey that can bring along profound change.

Two years ago, I began the Differentiation Degree Program, which is 2 more years of study beyond the 3.5 required to become a Human Design Analyst. For more on this program, and to find certified Analysts that can help guide you personally through these transformations, see the end of this article. 

I advise that you look into this aspect of the Human Design System if you have been experimenting with living your design and are whole-heartedly committed to your process with this knowledge. Experiencing the highest levels of differentiation is possible with the dedication of surrendering to living out the beauty and uniqueness of your design – and as always, it begins with the catalyst of following your Strategy and Authority.

Ra’s recommendation was that you experiment with your S&A for at least a year before you enter into the Four Transformations, unless you have aright brain/mind, because this information is critical to helping your align correctly. Luckily, when I got my first reading I had already been invited to eat correctly and live in my correct environment (Mountains). And, if you’re like me (learning through trial and error) you may discover that if you begin this process earlier than the recommended time frame, that it can intensify the deconditioning experience, so remember to always trust your personal authority process.

Humans all eat, live places, see things and are motivated to take action. As the Science of Differentiation, the Human Design System offers a unique blueprint of how you are designed to do these things in a way that is authentic to the being you are.

Right below the surface of your bodygraph, these Four Transformations are your road-map to achieving difference. Would you like to experience what it’s like to live a truly fulfilled life, to see and operate in your own particular, unique way?

The magic of Human Design is that it offers us a user manual that points the way to knowing and loving ourselves. Even better, Human Design helps us learn how to treat our body, the vehicle we ride in through this life, in the correct way. Treating the body the way it was designed to be handled leads to the correct operation of our personality. Then the passenger (who you think you are) watching the movie is able to enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy it is – because the vehicle was designed to handle the terrain it then encounters.

Different types of cars require different types of fuel, care, and maintenance to operate at their top performance level. Just as our bodies need specific methods of taking in nourishment, both from food and the environment, to operate optimally. And just as specific vehicles provide their passengers different views, with special performance capacities, so too our bodies can have particular ways of seeing and being motivated to action.

Where do the Four Transformations come from?

The Four Transformations by Ra Uru Hu Photo by

The Four Transformations by Ra Uru Hu Photo by

Beneath the hexagram lines of your Personality and Design Sun and Earth, there are three values named Color, Tone, and Base. Color is the exit frequency of the neutrino’s movement through your Personality and Design crystals, and it is what determines your Primary Health System (PHS).


Human Design System Transformation One:
“Primary Health System – Dietary Regimen”

PHS Dietary Calculations Photo by

PHS Dietary Calculations Photo by

In Human Design, your Color in your design Sun and Earth is where you can discover your unique way of taking in food optimally for your body, known as your “Determination.”

Radical differentiation begins with supporting your brain system. Want to learn how you are designed to nourish your body with food to maximize the functioning of your brain, and maintain your optimal health and achieve longevity? The first transformation provides the way your bioform is designed to be nourished from the inside out through how you take food into your body to support your unique metabolism and develop your cerebral capacity to its fullest potential.

This is not primarily about what you take into your body. Rather, it is about the conditions and circumstances that support your body being able to extract from the food exactly what nourishment it needs to support its differentiated potential.

Some people could see the benefits in a few days, with others experiencing them within a few weeks or months. As you continue your program of following your PHS over a period of 7 years, the cellular renewal that naturally takes place results in a body (vehicle) that is more relaxed. What also happens is that you, the passenger (your mind) becomes more at ease and comfortable in your own skin. If you consistently follow your PHS, you may discover startling improvements in your well-being and shifts in your perspective.

Possible benefits of following your Primary Health System may include easier or better Digestion of food, improved brain function and strengthened sensory abilities. You may experience physical and emotional detoxification symptoms as you decondition from what isn’t you, over time becoming your differentiated self.

The results of PHS supports your consciousness in being grounded in what is really going on around you rather than being caught up in what your Not-Self mind is measuring according to it’s conditioned adaptive strategies.


Human Design System Transformation Two:
“Primary Health System – Environment”

Primary Health System - Environment Image by

Primary Health System – Environment Image by

Once you are well on the path of following your Strategy & Authority and PHS in terms of how to nourish your physical body, your change in perception can guide you to discovering the environment you are designed to function in optimally. If you have not yet reached your Saturn Return (28-30 years old) then this information is not necessary. However, when you need to support the healing of your body, being in the correct environment is extremely helpful no matter what age you are. Of course, there is no way to predict what will happen in your unique chemistry, and we encourage you to focus on this as a way to support your differentiation, not as a medical solution.

Often people learn about their Environment and are ready to pack their bags and move! But Environment, like Food, is also about the conditions of how and where to take in nourishment – this nourishment derives from the stimulation you receive from the outside world. Your body is also designed to be nourished from the outside in, which means that certain people do better in high places while others need valleys, shores or more cave-like environments, for example.

As an object moving in space, you encounter resistance – however in your correct environment, you encounter the least possible resistance. Therefore, your longevity, relationships and quality of life are affected in a beneficial way when you are in the right place. You are stimulated by the environment in a healthy way and the social dynamics that are healthiest for you can be found here.

When you have deconditioned enough through following your Strategy, Authority, and PHS, your body can then naturally be attracted to it’s correct environment without Mind getting in the way. Your correct environment provides not only nourishment but also protection from incorrect conditioning, which provides a healthier life for your form as you meet people that can help to fulfill your purpose. In your correct environment, you also encounter less resistance in your process.

Going through Radical Transformations doesn’t mean that it’s a mental trip where you discover you are “Natural Shores” and decide to uproot your whole life and move to Hawaii, for example. Your environment needs to be a place you discover through Strategy and Authority, and a PHS Practitioner or Analyst can give you a comprehensive description of what that could look like for you.

Entering into this depth of Human Design allows you to discover nuances and subtleties about yourself in a way that allows you to develop true discernment about where, what and who is correct for you.


Human Design System – Rave Psychology

Transformation Three:
“Rave Psychology – Perspective (View) and Distraction”

Rave Psychology Perspective in Human Design System image by

Rave Psychology Perspective in Human Design System image by

Once you are in your correct environment, your Perspective points you to the way you are uniquely designed to view the world. It also gives you a counterpoint to your Perspective, called Distraction (false resonance) in Human Design. Knowing how your Perspective and Distraction can show up for you gives you two wonderful signposts that make for fascinating observation of our form and allow us the magic of being the witness of the mechanics of our being at work.

For example, if you have a Color 6, you are designed to see things in a very Personal, almost narcissistic way – but that is what is correct for you. The homogenized world can stigmatize the average person with this kind of view, pressuring you to feel like there is something wrong with you and how you don’t see life in the same way others do. It is correct for you not to be conditioned or defined by those you see.

However, Personal View people can be easily distracted to see life the way others do, comparing themselves to others, and developing an interest in Power games. When Distracted by what is not correct for you, it can pull you out of your trip to see in a different way. A certain amount of distraction is healthy when it doesn’t take over your life. The key here is to not get caught up with identifying with the Distraction or follow when it leads you away from fulfilling your unique purpose.

This Perspective/Distraction dynamic gives you the ability to ground your decisions from a view of the world that is correct for you. It’s an amazing gift – especially helpful to feed your personality consciousness. Seeing from your unique Perspective cultivates a precious and life-changing awareness. Your awareness of when you see clearly as yourself, and when you don’t, helps to disempower the Not-Self mind’s justifications, rationalizations, and therefore decisions that it wants to make in your life.

Human Design System Transformation Four:
“Rave Psychology – Motivation and Transference”

Rave Psychology Human Design System Motivation image by

Rave Psychology Human Design System Motivation image by

Once you have discovered the unique way in which you are designed to see the world and know the signposts of when you are distracted, you are ready for the next Transformation. Motivation describes how you are designed to provide your uniqueness to the other when it’s correct for you to do so.

What pulls you away from living your uniqueness is called Transference. Like Distraction, Transference is not bad. You have a binary nature, and you need these counterbalances to step into a higher level of consciousness which allows you to separate from the mechanics of your Personality to be the witness. When you are the observer of your life movie, you get to experience the magic of what it means to be you.

Understanding your correct Motivation and its Transference (false resonance) can provide valuable signposts to help you know if you are on track to fulfill your purpose. Like the dynamic between Perspective and Distraction, Transference just happens, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But it is important to know when your motivation is transferred, and that when that is the case, your perspective is distracted – and vice versa. The key here is to cultivate an attunement to the comfort of your vehicle and an awareness of the dynamics in your psychology. When you do this, you can learn to recognize your correct motivation and stop wasting energy when you are in Transference.

For example, when you have a Color 2 motivation, you are someone who is designed to be motivated by Hope. Hope knows when to act or not, when to take responsibility or not, and being able to provide your Hope to others if it’s correct for you to do so. However, when you are in Transference, you are forever trying to fix things that are not your responsibility or job to make better. But because you are seeing from the Distracted viewpoint, you don’t know what to fix, and your energy is wasted. Depending on your not-self theme, you are then left with a feeling of anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment.


Human Design System Outer Authority

We as nine-centered human beings are designed to commune with others and share our unique perspective on reality. We are here for each other. We can be of the highest possible service to others when motivated correctly to communicate our Outer Authority if asked, invited, initiated or informing when it’s in alignment with our truth.

What we call Outer Authority in Human Design is the ability to provide your authentic perspective derived from the imprinting of your particular design, as an expression of your uniqueness – without the mind’s attachment to protecting it’s vulnerabilities.

Your creative expression of the perspective of your design is precious and unique beyond compare. When you can give your true Outer Authority to others who resonate to you, you become a resource for them, and it fulfills you in a way that is unique to your design.

It can sound quite complex with all these terms used in unique ways, but fundamentally it’s very simple. You treat your vehicle (body) in the way it is designed to be treated, and you get to see how it is uniquely designed to operate optimally and experience being in the world. Depending on what your unique Superpower is (what we call Cognition in Human Design) you may experience changes and enhancements here quickly and over time. The result is more and more of you feeling fulfilled in your life, experiencing the Signature (peace, satisfaction, success or surprise) unique to your Type.

Want to see unprecedented improvements in your life? We encourage you to go Radical if you’re ready, and when your Strategy and Authority lead you to a yes, check out the Radical Transformation info below. Ra gives descriptions of all the Determinations, Environments, as well as Perspective and Motivation binaries and what they mean in the Radical Transformations home study course.

Had a Foundation Reading already? Ready to dive deeper into your Human Design Experiment beyond the surface level of the chart? Consider investigating the IHDS website for a certified Primary Health System and Rave Psychologist for an in depth analysis of your Human Design Chart and the Four Transformations. If you want a holistic analysis of your individual chart, choose a Certified Human Design Professional for advanced readings. That website is:

Make sure you search in the qualification list for:

Holistic Analyst

Primary Health System Analyst

Primary Health System Practitioner

Variable Transformation Teacher


Rave Psychology Color Transfer Analyst

Rave Psychology Practitioner

The Human Design Differentiation Degree Practitioners I have personally used and can highly recommend for Advanced Readings: Becky Markley Darshana Deborah Mathews Kumud Kabir

by Laveena Archers, PHS Analyst Student
A version of this article was published on in July of 2015, republished with permission

Human Design System Radical Transformations

Human Design System Radical Transformations

Home Study: Radical Transformations (Ra’s Audio Lecture program with transcriptions and illustrations). You may want to get your Advanced Human Design chart for your studies. 

Science of Differentiation College

Science of Differentiation College

To become a certified analyst, here is more about the Differentiation Degree program from the International Human Design School Website:

“The Science of Differentiation College was founded by Ra Uru Hu in 2005. The College began with its focus on Primary Health System and Rave Psychology. These fields represent the most profound areas of study in Human Design and encompass the layers of mechanical information to be found in the sub-structure of Lines. Color, Tone and Base are at the heart of these studies. 

Ra personally introduced these programs and taught 2 three-year certification programs in each discipline. This was an extraordinary experience for teacher and students. Since then, Ra specialized in post-graduate studies with a focus on Holistic Analysis which combines PHS and Rave Psychology mechanics for the purpose of analysis.  This final semester leads to a certification in Holistic Analysis.

Ra Uru Hu Differentiation Degree.png

The International Human Design School offers the Differentiation Degree Program, leading to potential certification as both a PHS Practitioner and Rave Psychologist after all prerequisites, testing and Diploma Thesis have been met and formally certified by the teacher. 

The DD Program combines the knowledge of the Structures underneath the Lines of the Design and Personality – PHS (Primary Health System – the enhancement of the Form) and Rave Psychology (the enrichment of the Mind). It will be taught in one Program to get an insight of the holistic perspective of the fine tuned differentiation of each individual.

It is a 2 year Program that includes 6 Semesters and 120 hours of teaching. The Certification Process includes one written and one oral exam and a Diploma Thesis. One additional semester for Holistic Analysis certification will also be provided.”

Looking to get your Advanced Human Design chart for free? When installing the Free Edition of the official Human Design System Software by Jovian Archive (Maia Mechanics Imaging or “MMI” for the first time, users are granted an evaluation license which will allow them to use and experience all of the features contained in the Professional Edition of MMI for seven days. WARNING: be sure to use your EXACT time and if the info doesn’t resonate with you, check with an Analyst so they can help you determine what’s going on.

What have you learned about yourself thanks to the Four Transformations?

Laveena Brianne Archers

Laveena Brianne Archers

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