Journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph – The Solar Plexus Center

Let’s continue our Journey through the Centers of the Human Design Bodygraph with your mutating Solar Plexus Center. If colored in (defined), the Solar Plexus is automatically your Authority for decision-making. Neither a simple nor easy Authority, definition of this emotional center calls for discipline and patience. Waiting out deep uncertainties and emotional inconsistencies until you are as clear as possible (when there is no emotional charge around a decision) before moving forward is correct for you.


Your emotional system is home to the delights of feelings, sensitivity, desires, passion, romance, the drive for sex, food and spirit consciousness. This potent center produces a biochemical fluctuation of emotion over time, which can affect the functioning of its associated biology; your nervous system, lungs, kidneys, pancreas and prostate gland.


Your Solar Plexus is a truly powerful motor (your Root, Sacral, and Ego Centers are also motors) often causing a constant rising and falling of emotions. Operating in a wave frequency determined by the channels linking to nearby centers, you see and feel from the perspective of where you are on the emotional “wave”. Ranging from the highest of hopes (where everything looks rosy) to the deepest pain imaginable (where nothing looks good) means experiencing, accepting and transcending emotions takes time.


Your Solar Plexus is the only center in your bodygraph operating as both a motor and a so-called awareness center (the Ajna and Splenic being your other awareness centers). It is an emerging awareness, dominated by its motor function; undergoing a several thousand-year transformation culminating in 2027. Our Solar Plexus Center is developing the awareness of experiencing ourselves as a single entity or “oneness”. 


Whether your Solar Plexus Center has consistent energy present (defined) or not (undefined), its activated gates can bring emotional uncertainty or nervousness – fears regarding personal interactions. Following your Strategy and Authority while learning the mechanics of your Solar Plexus and honoring your body’s constantly changing chemistry can bring about an invaluable understanding. This understanding allows you to come to accept the feelings, needs and desires of both yourself and others with compassion.


And this compassion is crucial. With half of humanity deciding rashly in very high or low moments while the rest amplify emotional energy and over-react or develop adaptive strategies in the attempt to avoid pain, emotions color our world.


Spontaneous emotional decisions bear a heavy price. The complex interaction between a defined and undefined Solar Plexus can cause a powerfully distorted emotional wave, often medicated and misunderstood, with the risk of developing manipulative or passive-aggressive behaviors.


Your Strategy and Authority aligns you to develop a healthy relationship with emotions, presenting opportunities to experience the full range of feelings life has to offer. Society continues the myth that we need to be happy all the time and when we are not, something is wrong, or wrong with us.


Whether you have a defined Solar Plexus or not, the depth of emotions you feel are beautiful when allowed, experienced, and released. The key is not to identify with these emotions, nor judge them as good or bad, right or wrong. These waves are an expression of bodygraph mechanics, a potential expression of awareness, and they are nothing to be ashamed of.


As you read about the gates below, have your Human Design Chart handy to take special note of the ones you have defined.


The Source of the Solar Plexus’ Waves of Emotions

Three distinctly different emotional wave patterns (Tribal, Individual, and Collective) are established by Gate 6 via the Solar Plexus center’s Tribal (support) relationship with the Sacral Center through the Channel of Mating. Depending on the definition at play in relationship to the experiences that you are processing, you may feel one or any combination of these emotional streams from the gates below.

The Gate of Friction

The enormous power of the motor that generates six different wave frequencies of the Solar Plexus lies in Gate 6, “Conflict.” If defined, this gate dominates your aura and others because the power of this motor stimulates growth or decay, depending on the resonance of those it comes into contact with. Gate 6 contains our biological law that life needs friction or there’s no reproduction. Governing our emotional PH, Gate 6 fuses sensitivity to needs, passion and moods, desire and feelings, generating a wave causing you to be discriminating emotionally and sexually.


With Gate 6 defined, your emotional wave feels very stable, and you are here to learn about the flood of emotions the Solar Plexus brings. This energy is described as the hope to pain wave defining the fear of intimacy, experienced as nervousness about being open to others and awareness of whether to bond or not.


Streams of Potential Awareness rooted in Gate 6

Remaining gates of the Solar Plexus resonate to the nature of its wave rooted in the 6th gate and described in the potential awareness streams below. All waves have two ends of the spectrum. The deeply painful side experienced felt as an oft-called negative emotion, and the elated or positive end of the spectrum felt as emotions considered to be pleasurable. Utilize the wave over time to recognize it’s true potential; which happens when you use the full spectrum of the wave as an indicator for clarity in decision-making. Decisions made from a place of clarity puts a very different vibration out into the world than when you are in a state of pain or chaos.


Tribal Awareness

Tribal needs drive the stream of awareness moving through the Solar Plexus center from gate 19 in the Root to gate 40 in the Heart Center, a wave that causes us to bind and stick together. Definition in this Tribal stream creates a “ratchet” wave: a slow buildup of tension. There is a back and forth escalating progression or cranking up of the emotions over time until the point where tension releases – where there is either clarity or explosion.



The Gate of Principals

A ratchet wave that accepts or rejects principals based on the needs of the Tribe defines via Gate 49, “Revolution.” This gate establishes who gets what and who to obey in regards to resources. Nervousness about rejection, unpredictability and consequences along with fear of nature characterize this gate. The awareness of what, when and how to get and make food available and what is needed or not to support the tribe can potentially be found in people with Gate 49 activated.


The Gate of Friendship

A ratchet wave based on the bargain regarding resources and principals of the Tribe defines via Gate 37, “The Family.” This deeply social gate of friendship and family; of affection, touching and hugging, has a price – whatever the bargain is in regards to resources. Nervousness about possibly having to take on traditional roles in life or even fear of tradition is found here. The awareness of who will and who won’t provide what the Tribe needs can potentially be found in people with Gate 37 activated.



Individual Awareness

Individual passion drives the deeply mutative stream of awareness moving through the Solar Plexus Center from gate 39 in the Root to the Throat Center’s gate 12, a wave that causes you to be moody or not. Healthy emotional definition in this stream is on a consistently even plane most of the time, with “spikes” of emotion shooting up or down, affecting the level of the even plane of emotions.


Melancholy beats in people with this wave; between the pulses of emotion is when mutation happens. Knowing when to be alone with your creative inspiration, and that with this wave, you just don’t know until you know, can help to ease the melancholic spikes.



The Gate of Spirit

Of enormous importance to humanity as a whole and the individual who carries it, the strongly mutative Gate 55, “Abundance” is the most volatile of all emotional gates. Showing the highest and deepest levels of emotion or the intense lack of emotion is possible because of this gate’s intense frequency pulse. When activated, it can cause deep and personal moodiness, causing a nervousness arising from not knowing what or who to be passionate about, and a fear of emptiness.


The awareness potential of provocation (am I being provoked or not, and do I like it?) and the mood to eat lies within this gate. With this gate activated is important not to make love, work or especially eat unless you are in the mood in order to protect your health and avoid suffering in your spike wave.


The Gate of Openness

The 22nd Gate, “Grace” pulses with a special empowerment- the power to pay attention, and gets others to pay attention to you. If you have this deeply mutative gate activated, there’s the possibility you can provoke openness to being social.


Uncertainty that anyone will listen or that there is something worthwhile to listen to, and the fear of silence lies within this gate. The awareness possibility is the openness to eating; when you’re in the mood, speaking to people while you are eating is very good for individuals.



Collective Awareness

Desire drives the pressurized stream of awareness moving through the Solar Plexus Center from gate 41 in the Root to the Throat Center’s gate 35; a stream also known as the human experiential way. This way is not about the expected results that so many make it out it be – it is about the experiences themselves.


Chemistry in this stream creates an emotional wave that turns on, rising to high peaks, then off; often crashing with unmet expectations. This Abstract or Crash wave is simply a fact of life as we know it because things never turn out how or become what you think they are going to be.


When you are operating correctly, the crash wave is acceptable because it’s the journey that is the story, not the goal, because the goal doesn’t exist – the goal is an illusion of your mind’s expectations. It is especially important if you have this wave frequency to be correct so that your experiences can be learned from and shared. Note that sexuality is a fundamental drive for this stream.

Human Design System Solar Plexus Collective Awareness

Human Design System Solar Plexus Collective Awareness


The Gate of the Feelings

Also known as the Gate of the Fates, Gate 30, “The Clinging Fire” creates a powerful crash wave fueled by emotional desires to feel things deeply. Longing for an experience fueled by fantasies of what the experience may bring define in this gate. Its potential is the awareness to recognize a feeling or not, and the capacity to recognize the feeling to eat or drink.


Fear of the Fates and anxiety about what may or may not happen lies within this gate. With this gate activated, to remember to enter into things with clarity and only for the experience, releasing expectations, and surrendering to your fate. When you operate correctly, you “no longer suffer at the hands of the fates – they become your allies.”


The Gate of Crisis

Creating an emotional crash wave like nothing else, the most powerful emotional energy releaser we have is Gate 36, “The Darkening of the Light.” Driven to turn inexperience into experience, a readiness for sharing and growing through profound emotional challenges along with the emotional power to penetrate the surface of new experiences characterizes those with this gate. When this gate is activated you must have the new experience; and with inexperience comes a crisis, large or small, as mistakes just happen when you’ve never tried something before.


Nervousness nervousness about one’s sexual or emotional adequacy and fears of inadequacy lie in this gate. The awareness possibility is the “hunger wave of hope and pain”. The key to remember about having this gate is that this desire for new experiences is strictly impersonal, and you are here to share experiences with the right people correctly.



Defined Solar Plexus – Emotional Authority

If your Solar Plexus is defined, the emotional frequencies of your defined gates above are hardwired into how you consistently experience your life.

Remember to wait out your waves of emotions for decision-making as you have your unique time-frequency. It is not about explaining or controlling your emotions. Release your emotions when and how it feels correct for you; otherwise chaos ensues.

When you repress or stuff your emotions (as many of us are trained to do when raised by unemotional parents) they can cause all kinds of physical problems. Remember to BREATHE and allow the emotion to be felt. In this simple act, you honor who you are as an emotional being, and allow your connection to spirit to be open.

There is “no truth in the now” for you as an emotional being – you are designed to explore and feel things more than others, taking in experiences deeply over time. You simply cannot be in a hurry to make decisions, as you are here to come to profound decisions.

A good rule is to always at least “sleep on it.” Be hard to get when it comes to committing your energy to experiences. Correct decisions come from a sense of emotional (not mental) clarity over time.

What matters is your awareness and cultivation of what it feels like to operate correctly. Learning the lessons and experiencing what patience brings allows you to revel in the rewards of being emotional.

What are the rewards? A depth of perception over time which gives a richness and a complexity to life that brings pleasure to us as physical creatures and makes us wonderfully HUMAN.

Questions for Inquiry:

How do your emotions affect your decision-making process?

Do you recognize the emotional wave(s) in your life that are yours?

Do you know the importance of being alone when low in your wave, especially when living with those who have an undefined Solar Plexus?


The Undefined or Open Solar Plexus Center

If your Solar Plexus is undefined, your gates above describe ways you are designed to experience emotions when encountering transits or other people.


If you are completely open (no dormant gates) emotionally, you have a flexibility in experiencing emotional energy, which may cause confusion about how to interpret what you are feeling. You may not know what or who to desire, when sensitivity or passion is appropriate, or how to recognize and deal with other’s moods or needs. You can experience emotions in their purity.


Undefined or Open, keep in mind that you can magnify emotions and that you absolutely need to spend alone time every day to release the emotional conditioning you receive from others. In any case, it is paramount to remember: never make emotional decisions. You are not designed to carry the burden of blame or shame that emotional decisions can bring.


Because of the amplification of emotion you can experience, emotional confrontation can be dreadful! Use your Strategy and Authority to guide you in confrontations which are correct for you.


Your potential gift is developing wisdom about the full range of emotions possible, knowing how to enjoy feelings and how to let them flow through you without attachment.


Questions for Inquiry: Have you noticed you can be vulnerable to amplifying emotions of others and the conditioning response (avoiding confrontation or truth) that brings you? What examples of the thoughts below, which may come up on behalf of your deeply conditioned mind, do you recognize in you?


I don’t want to go there (or say that) because I don’t want to deal with the confrontation.
I can’t say that because it might upset that person or hurt someone’s feelings.
I’ll say it like this to soften the blow.
I’m going to be really nice and smile a lot, so they like me.
There is no point in going there because I might be rejected and disappointed.
I’m afraid it won’t work out so why bother; it’s not worth it.


Solar Plexus defined or not, you are not the waves of emotions you experience. You are “the passenger in the vehicle” riding those waves, observing them and the full range of changing perspectives emotions bring. Learning how to surf your emotional highs and lows without trying to change them allows you to get to know what is “normal” for you as you experiment with your Strategy and Authority. With time, you can watch as your awareness shifts to include deep inner tranquility no matter the emotional weather patterns expressed on the surface of your or anyone else’s illusion of reality.


Human Design can guide you through the illusions created by the conditioned mind. Would you like to share any of your Solar Plexus Center epiphanies or feedback with me? You’re invited to ask questions as well. 


By Laveena Lovick

A version of this article was originally written for Reposted with permission. 

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