Emotional Authority – Defined Solar Plexus – Why to Wait for Clarity

Human Design Emotional Authority people have a Defined Solar Plexus


So we’re gonna start with the most

Common “waiting for clarity” these people

Need to feel their feelings and all of

You who are emotional as a definition

That is the key. Feel your feelings don’t

Be afraid to feel your feelings. But what

Happens when you have an adult in your

Life who is not emotional they don’t

Feel comfortable with your feelings they

Suppress you if they drug you they make

You bad and wrong for being up and down

This is a real-life experience that I’ve

Seen countless times for emotional

People who have up and downs and then

Until it gets you can’t it’s like a

Pressure cooker you can’t pressurize

Yourself for so long it explodes at some

Point yeah you get angry you explode

Something happens that it doesn’t feel

Good and then you’re really embarrassed

And then you try to put the lid on even

Tighter next time okay so if you feel an

Exaggerated urgency or pressure to act

When you are emotional and you’re

Nervous and you’re not sure and you just

Gotta get rid of this pressure let me do it

That’s not your authority when you’re

Really really happy or really really sad

That’s not the time to make a choice

It’s usually coming from the mind not

From clarity when you feel anxious and

Nervous and uncomfortable and your mind

Is going into all these hypotheses and

Telling you don’t wait you can’t afford

To wait because the operative term here

Is patience is its own reward patience

Gives you clarity you never ever ever

Make a choice when you’re dysregulated

Crying upset never you you cancel that

Engagement whatever it is get get okay

With you if you have an important

Meeting and you’re all over the map

That’s a sign your body does not want to

Go into that meeting and then people go

Well I have to I promised I must I

Should know cuz you might have an

Important meeting and you just had

People die or whatever it happens to be

And you need some time time is what is

Really healing and time is what is

Needed for people when their

Dysregulated to off-gas the emotions

However or to express to feel whatever

Those emotions need to do that’s not the

Time for important decision-making hi is

Worse than low because when you’re high

Happy happy everything’s great

You’re gonna make a yes choice that

You’re going to regret later

Because you didn’t see all the downs the

Downs give us important information

About the big picture wait for pressure

To subside wait to be able to feel when

The timings right

This means no nervousness you are

Jittery you are anxious you are nervous

You can’t swallow coz a lump in your

Throat wait wait make excuses healthy

Excuses you know let me get back to you

Let me sleep on it can I have some time

To process this this is a lot to take in

Right now I need some time yeah can I

Get back to you when do I need to get

Back to you when do you need to know bye

Push it off the further you push off a

Decision the healthier it is for you if

You are nervous so once you’ve been

Recognized and invited as an advisor

Never make the choice point on happy

Happy happy or low make it somewhere in the middle

Where you’ve already been up and down on

That particular experience sleep on it

At least sleep on it because you wake up

In a totally different mood than you

Were when you were down when you are

Going to sleep so give yourself the time

Don’t get tossed around by the waves of

Emotion because it’s like the difference

Between you and having rose-colored

Glasses on when you’re happy and really

Foggy thick glasses of not being able to

See blinders it’s like having blinders

On when you’re sad cuz you’re only

Attuned to what is going on in front of

You that resonates to how you feel

Remember we’re all resonant creatures

We’re vibrating on a frequency when

You’re happy you can’t remember the last

Time you were so devastated felt like

Life was falling apart

Not really you don’t have access to that

Energy so wait for calm confidence

Clarity not excitement you know that

Common what is it law of attraction

Thing follow your highest excitement

That’s not true for emotional people not

Spontaneously okay I hope I make that

Clear so we cannot make choices up here

Or down here I have left relationships

Down here and regretted it for the rest

Of my life don’t make my mistake wait

Out your wave make decisions from calm

And clarity because what happens is we

Have emotions that go up and down there

Is a choice point somebody asks and then

You have to wait for time because time

Gives you perspective okay time gives

You perspective on whether or not to

Support your tribe with this bargain or

That whether or not to empower or to be

Social to be with that other person

Because or do that thing because you’re

Passionate about it because you love it

Like nothing else in this universe when

Time gives you the availability to know

Whether you should share your emotions

With others or

Actually engage in that experience with

Them time is the only truth with

Emotionally intelligent people. Time is

Your friend

Your mind is not.”

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