Which Human Design Gates cause Thyroid Issues?

The Biology of the Throat Center, our communication and action function, is the Thyroid which controls out metabolism functions. Read this article on the Throat Center first if you are new to Human Design.

I am designed to share with you my findings to help change your Fate as this is my life’s work (3/5 Cross of Contagion 1). I find it highly interesting that Ra claims any throat gate used improperly can cause Thyroid damage; 20 million Americans have Thyroid issues. So, a quote from Ra:

“When throat gates do not operate according to the person’s definition and type and authority, they’re always going to result in problems in the thyroid system and the thyroid system, it affects all our metamorphic processes in the body.

So, it’s very important to see this knowledge of where your voice is, where it is you, where it is not, is the first lesson in human design about the throat.

Like me, if I keep on saying, I believe, every time I try to use that aspect of my throat, that does not belong to me. I do damage to my physical throat.

I do damage to my thyroid system and I do damage to the way in which metamorphosis takes place in me because I’m trying to do something that has nothing to do with me and I’m trying to use something that is not designed to work for me.

The 33 is under pressure to express itself but to express itself under the right conditions, and that goes back to you living your design and entering into things properly, How often I repeat this.” Ra Uru Hu

So, which gates can cause Thyroid issues? According to Ra, any Throat gates used incorrectly. However, the energy connected to the Throat is more likely to cause dysfunction when used incorrectly.

I have the 33 in Saturn, my Judge, and Discipline. It is where I get punished when not obeying my Jupitarian law 23.5 of “Assimilation: the practical acceptance of the values of another path.” Both are throat gates… I would like to share my values, learning, and discovery with you if you’d like to hear what I know about this experiential Human Design path? First, a video on loving the shit out of your not-self:

My Uranus Opposition brings in the 45.5 Mercury, giving me an ego learning program about the Channel of Money, a design of Materialism. A 21.3 does not do well with a boss, under the control of someone else with decisions made over their head. Do you know that feeling of helplessness (“there is nothing I can do about this”, “my hands are tied”) or of not being in control of your work situation? I do. 

Here is a private video where I share my experiences as a Gate 21 in the 3rd line thanks to my conscious Venus (values and relating) right before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. 

Thankfully, I was grateful to discover these symptoms I’m experiencing are considered to be the healing phase, according to German New Medicine.

In German New Medicine, Hashimotos is considered a “hanging healing” and in a right-handed female like me, due to repeated trauma of a powerlessness conflict. So I asked on my FB wall to see if anyone else with the 21 or 45 could relate. Can you post there if you do, too? 

I also have the 8th gate twice in an unconsciously defined channel, thanks to Earth and Jupiter. As you can see from my Uranus Opposition (our typical “mid-life crisis” or as I like to call it, Maturing Cycle of your 40’s) I also have SIX additional throat gate activations I am learning from in this current life experience.

myBodyGraph - Laveena B. Archers - Uranus Opposition.png

This body can feel a lot of energy is moving while time seems to alternately stand still when I’m in so much physical pain… and speed up randomly as the year swiftly passes…. Surrendering to witnessing the madness of the conditioned mind both within and without, I sink further into self-care and care of my students as best I can in this chaotic world.

Replies to this post:

Thank you for writing and speaking about the connection between HD and the thyroid. I have Hashimoto’s, and my P. Sun is at gate 21.3. I’m a female 3/6 Emotional Generator, Rax of Tension 1.  I have a completely open Throat and Head, plus undefined Ajna, G, Ego, and Spleen. My thyroid is too destroyed to heal because I’ve had Hashimoto’s since 2002.

I always thought there was something wrong with me for resenting the control of supervisors at work, but I recently read Ra’s description of the 21.3 and finally understood. The powerless feeling and anger started in childhood from not being allowed to explore and make my own decisions, just as Ra described. 

“I’ve got 62, 56, 35, 31, 8, 33, and 45, with 45 doubled by Uranus. 21 doesn’t connect it. But it’s interesting to me that my maternal grandfather died of throat cancer and my Mom’s thyroid got radiated when she was in her late 30’s early 40’s (due, I suspect, to her amazing single-definition/manifesting generator/undefined emotional center power to blow us all out of the water with her emotions). I feel she fried her thyroid after going through many years of bi-polarity.

I come to an appreciation of the throat as the fifth chakra, will or willingess, via metaphysical and spiritual studies, and can easily recognize its effects on my metabolism through my emotions. I’m a 5/2 Projector, Left Angle Cross of the Clarion, and the only channel that’s going on in my throat center is the 8/1 – with conscious Saturn 31.6 and unconscious Mercury 7.3.”

My mom has a thyroid issue and her gate 45 is activated.

“I have 21-45 & I had thyroid surgery 23 years ago. My diagnosis was hyperactive thyroid glands.” 

My sister and I both have Hashimotos diagnosis for many years. I looked at both our charts just now.

  • My Throat is undefined. Her Throat is defined.

  • My Ego is defined. Her Ego is undefined.

  • I’m a Projector. She’s a Generator.

  • We both have defined Gate 21. Undefined Gate 45.

  • In those 2 centers, the only other common defined Gate is 40.

  • Both right handed (since you mentioned it)

  • Early childhood powerlessness conditioning “children should be seen and not heard” mentality from father – that programming is still pretty reactive when I am stressed. I can only guess that she also has issues with this due to conversations I had with her many years ago.

More Thyroid replies on my Facebook wall here.

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