The Channel of Judgement Gate 58 and Gate 18

Affectionately called the Channel of Correct Bitching. Correct bitching is allowed!

The Channel of Judgement, A Design of Insatiability

The Human Design Channel of Judgement, A Design of Insatiability VIDEO (click picture!) transcript below.

The Human Design Channel of Judgement, A Design of Insatiability VIDEO (click picture!) transcript below.

Think about the gods of Olympus, on Mount Olympus. Up there, bickering amongst themselves, judging the humans down here. This is the realm of correct bitching. This is the channel of correct bitching. The bitching has to be correct. So the channel of judgment which is part of the understanding, right? The logic which has an overarching keynote because all collective circuitry has this keynote of Sharing, is about being insatiable to correct and perfect things, to “work on what has been spoilt.” Right? So the 18 is about working on what has been spoiled correction, and the 58 is the joyous it has the drive the pressure the vitality to correct and perfect it is a love gate it is “I love you, together let’s make a more beautiful realm. Let’s make this world more perfect. Let’s make it more wonderful. Let’s make it more joyous, let’s make it more ALIVE. That’s my unconscious – I think it’s Venus, so I know this gate. But what happens in incorrect bitching? When there’s incorrect bitching, instead of being collective and about sharing things that are good for all of humanity, we get nitpicky, and we get accused of being nitpicky and – “Why are you so bitchy? Why are you so judgmental? Why are you always, fault-finding?” That was my second husband’s complaint about me that I was always trying to correct him and make him different yeah, change things about him, so in the not-self the 58 says I love you, let me fix that in you. Let me correct that for you. Without being recognized and invited, that’s incorrect bitching okay, so this is that channel of judgment. And now, let’s look briefly get my pen here out at the gate activations the 18 is in the quarter of duality, which is about relationships. So the 18 is like the first people that we start to, you know, be critical of our mother and father. At some point, we see that they maybe are human that they might lie, cheat or steal, do drugs, or that they might misspeak or get things wrong; you know it doesn’t have to be a big whole huge thing, but we tend to have this fear about our parents that’s the 18. standing up and defending basic and fundamental human rights for ultimately better relationships the 58 up here is deeply transformative it goes through the quarter of mutation in an effort to drive things to be more perfect on the material plane stream of taste so you what you’re looking at are people who are designed to try and correct what is wrong with the world that’s correct bitching so my husband and i have this together we tend to bitch and moan – well I usually do the bitching, but he definitely has his awareness too about uh what can be fixed when it comes to the world out there so when we’re watching a movie i’m always picking apart the editing and the storyline as an example we have Russell Brand so you can see that he is a cross of consciousness and he has that channel unconscious since it’s a tunnel with a partial overpass gate 58 the joyous sending this love of life up to the spleen for cleansing this is the fuel in the stream of taste it’s the gate of vitality the pressure for the evolution of life in the name of the love of life the root of the art of mastery it feeds that 1648 channel of talent with its logical quality of creativity up here so 58 and 52 are the only adrenaline gates that are related to the logical process they are oppositions in the wheel we know that because it’s part of the cross of service and crosses are always opposite each other the arms of the cross the sun earth and the 58 is the energy to correct and to challenge so that drive to stand up against the authority now the 18 is about the capacity to challenge authority the potential awareness the recognition of what has been spoiled what needs to be corrected so recognizing when correction is necessary is the job description of this channel that’s the whole process of 58-18s to bring judgment that’s your nature your judgment will only come when there’s something to be dissatisfied with so in the video you might have heard me talking about how Darshana my one of my mentors has this channel and she said if if things weren’t broken if things didn’t need to be fixed she wouldn’t have a job so this is impersonal the logic collective logic is about making sure the pattern works and if it doesn’t challenge it challenge those mothers fathers teachers the government even the whole planet it’s collective it’s not about personal correction it’s about collective corrections we have another example I found Osho has this channel actually there’s quite a lot of famous people who have this channel I had a hard time selecting only a couple I wanted to put in more but here are people whoever has this who can provide and share okay providing the fuel because that’s the definition sharing that fuel with others and this fuels the art of mastery 48-16’s the next channel that we’re going to hear from are about talent so the 18-58 pressurizes the stream of of taste which brings us our talent to surpass mastery and become an art form the 48-16 is an expression of creativity in the logic circuitry it’s the channel that brings the strength of expression of creativity in logic so improvement of the patterns the job description of 58-18s is that that’s their job to insatiably drive themselves the world to correct challenge perfect the collective patterns it all depends on the design so you can see this is a energy projector not connected up to the throat so his recognitions had to be pulled out of him by others he’s at 2/4. Once he found his mission he educated his tribe as a cross of rulership here’s John Voit’s design you can see he’s a cross of service. Do you see how the 58 and the 18 are both of the sons in his design that means that this person’s cross and it’s there’s not a lot of crosses that do this that makes definition in a chart a cross of service will always have that channel so they’re always designed to be dissatisfied with authorities or feel a need to challenge something or someone they have an innate need to express their logic it’s pressured so all of you with this channel you’re pressured to recognize what needs to be corrected what can be perfected potentially it’s the potential awareness of what’s wrong what’s broken with the world with the global humanity the collective so when your logical evaluation or judgment is uninvited or if it’s made very personal the result is people think you’re critical so maybe hypercritical if you’ve got only one side or the other and you’re amplifying – hi that’s me – right? So if nobody wants to hear it you open your mouth and it comes out as criticism, bitching that is incorrect and leads to bitterness so for you with this design joy is being invited to share your judgment what can be improved what can be corrected what can be challenged to make the world a more wonderful place.

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