Pro Analyst In Training Keynoting 1/3 Triple-Split Sphinx Emotional Manifestor

1/3 Triple Split Emotional Manifestor Cross of Sphinx
1/3 Triple Split Emotional Manifestor Cross of Sphinx

Analyst Training Level 1 Keynoting for a 1/3 Triple Split Emotional Manifestor

The following article is another example from my PTL1 keynoting practice under Laveena’s guidance. It may be of interest to you if you’d like to do this kind of HD Analyst work yourself, whether you’re self-studying or you’re considering signing up for professional training (it may be fun to try and locate which activations in the chart the keynotes are coming from). It could also be enriching for you if there are any particular similarities between you or people you know and this particular design.

I can honestly say that Laveena’s learning environment has been priceless for my personal growth and deepened understanding of the system, of people, groups and correct interaction. I was self-studying in very advantageous settings for a long time before, but the classroom interactions and one on one relationships that have developed out of these courses here simply took things to a humbling new level.

If you enjoy the quality of what you read here and you’d like to receive an analysis like this about your Career Design – or gift it to someone you care about – I’m offering a festivities discount on my BG5 Career Overviews here:

Dear Katya,


What is Truth? Is there such a thing as an absolute truth for you? 

Even if it takes a lifetime to discover, would Your Truth be worth dying for?


Katya, you were born to impact the world with your creative individuality, with the sharing of your mental activity that is mixed with confusion, and by supporting your tribe with your instinctive honesty and aloofness, with your conscious refusal to engage in hypocritical interactions, and your unconscious indifference towards others that ensures your own well-being. Though this may sound surprising, you were born with the willpower to transmit what is best for your tribe’s continuity. And you have the unconscious ego to manipulate memory in order to sell others what would be beneficial for their wellbeing, even though in your self-absorbed nature your ego may fail to respect the experiential lessons of history.

Waiting for emotional clarity, when you are in the right mood for social interaction, you can cautiously confess to others and inform them about the passion and values that move you, and touch them deeply with the quality of your voice. When you speak your individual truth, you make a profoundly mutative impact, empowering others to experience the full range of emotional depth through your creative self-expression.

As an individual you are here to be consciously inspiring for others, grounding your receptive intuition and aesthetics in the patience to ride your emotional wave to clarity – following the special timing of your creativity. Katya, taking the necessary time with your creative process is what provides you with the secure foundation that bolsters your confidence as an authority on what your creative light shines out into the world. You will likely experience deep melancholy, a mood of sadness about all that is no longer, and all that is not yet, a mood that beckons the artist in you to reconnect with the creative muse and channel this emotionality through poetry, music, art and beauty.

Being true to the quality of your own mood like this gives you an ability to provide direction for others in a way that leads them to their own truth through inspiration. This strength is unconsciously anchored in your ability to lead in an anarchistic fashion. 

Katya, when you are in the mood, you have an openness to listen to others in order to learn about what is meaningful to us collectively as human beings. You listen with a maturing optimism and the hope that openness will lead to better relationships, while unconsciously you filter what others share with you through a healthy dose of pessimism. This can engender the need for others to present concrete evidence, and it can also evoke a sense of humour about your experimental process of experiencing life as a series of events where things go wrong, where bonds are made and broken – in your determination to discover what actually works.

You are driven to be mentally active in order to find clarity, allowing your abstract mind to move through confusion in its own timing, protected by conscious participation in the mental process so that you can clearly identify opportunities for transformation. Overconfidence is part of your body’s nature while it processes mental pressure, and this means you may experience yourself unexpectedly alone in sudden moments of transition while you are moving through the crisis of your inexperience in life. In this way you can come to see the futility in your environment, where people are genuinely in a restrictive and difficult position without realization, without the ability to make sense of it all. This is a perspective that you are here to have in a physical environment of conflict, friction and retreat.

You can see that there is nothing the mind can do and you can only be who you are. That people can only role model their own uniqueness for others, so they too can come to find their own. 

Embodying the wisdom to move beyond your mind, what might you discover? 

When you let go of any preconditions in interaction, and difficulties do not need to be fixed, what truth might you find? And who might you impact with it?

Katya, your process of acquiring wisdom is characterized by the inconsistent energy to bring closure to a cycle at the right time, after having moved through its beginning, middle and end as an influential mediator, not succumbing to just any pressure for growth. 

Your process is also characterized by an inconsistent energy for paying close attention to details, and to the step by step progression of patterns as they move logically into the future, which requires the fuel to be still in order to concentrate.

However, it also requires that you watch your mind and no longer let it push you around through pressure or craving. The mind may think that you should rush to get things over with more quickly, that you should find the right dream to focus on in order to get out of a perceived contraction, or that you should start a new experience NOW. With this depth of emotions that you carry, Katya, there is no truth in the now. It takes time, patience and self-love to access your emotional intelligence in order to make a correct decision.

The mind may worry about generating wealth and who can invest in your creative potential and direction. It may worry about intimacy and needing to be more available in order to find the right partner. It may be concerned about your personal power or sense of disempowerment to energize your correct behaviour. It can lead you to overdo things in order to access more power, or to attract more wealth or intimacy while completely disregarding your emotional nature and clarity.

It may run a story that if you don’t act spontaneously now you won’t have the freedom or space that you need to be yourself, or that you might miss out on something you desire. It may use an amplified fear of authorities and fear of dying before your purpose has been realized, it may worry that there might not be a tomorrow for you. Therefore, it may be wiser not to believe everything you think. The mind cannot mentally rationalize what your truth is, it cannot answer the ‘mystery of your life’ and what you should do with it. When it can pressure you to make rash mental decisions, you may find yourself destroying something out of anger that you come to regret – or other people unleashing their anger on you.

It could be very tempting to make hasty decisions on your emotional highs or lows, Katya, when there is nothing but the excitement of hope or nothing but the pain of despair. Such decisions would be dangerous and are unlikely to bring you to a more peaceful place. For there to be awareness, it is necessary for these waves to pass while your body processes and digests this life. This means you would have to wait patiently for neutral clarity to settle in before you can know if the right time has come to make a move.

It may be beneficial for you to move through public spaces where you can be exposed to other auras as they simply move through yours. You do not need to interact socially, but the simple auric contact and exchange of information may help you connect the different parts of you into greater synchrony, which eventually fosters clarity to come. To maximize the ease and grace with which you make your impact, you may find that informing those who will be impacted by your decision in advance tends to bring about greater cooperation – or at the very least less resistance.

When you know the peace of your Manifestor nature by aligning with what is the correct timing for you, the resistance of anger will subside and your mind can be unburdened from decision-making. It can finally unlock the wisdom potential that is there in you.

Katya, you have the potential to be wise about whom you can actually start something new with, and with whom it is time to break the bond. You can be wise about whom it is correct for you to sit still with in order to concentrate on details. You can be wise about who has the correct resources to empower your creative direction.

When it comes to pressure you can have the wisdom to know that not all dreams must be manifested. That pressure does not need to compel a decision. You can know that you have your own timing, you can be patient with yourself and relax regardless of what other people’s expectations might be.

In the transmission of your awareness, Katya, you are a force of creative destruction. So it may take death and resurrection to find the truth of who you are. It may take a revolution! Know that peace and a transformed world is what awaits you on the other side of returning to the uniqueness of your true nature.

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