The Art of Being A Projector

There are four different kinds of human auras on this planet. Manifestor (Innovator Career Type), Generator (Builder Career Type), Projector (Advisor Career Type) , and Reflector (Evaluator Career Type).

These names were given by Ra to describe the essence of the Aura Types and the way these four different types of humans operate.

“The Aura IS you.” Ra Uru Hu

How you function in the world is based upon this one essential quality that you cannot control, and that is, the way your Aura operates. Learning how to be yourself as a Projector requires you to shed the pressure of eons of generational behavior and 80% of the populations’ conditioning to behave in a way that is deeply unhealthy for us. Are you ready to breakthrough your mind’s addiction to being seen for who you are not, and start living the sweet success that you were really born for?

There is a way for each Type to function correctly – that is, in alignment, with reduced resistance, in harmony with life.

Human Design Manifestor Auras have an Initiating frequency and practice the art of Informing – considering the impact of their decisions and informing those others who are impacted so that peace is experienced in their world.

Human Design Generator Auras have an availability frequency and practice the art of Responding – waiting for that unmistakable response of their sacral center that knows what it can commit to and when to find satisfaction in doing.

Human Design Reflector Auras have a teflon quality and practice the art of Evaluating – patiently waiting while sampling different people and environments throughout the moon’s cycle to make a decision, and experiencing the surprise in life.

Projectors have a Dilemma

“The dilemma for the Projector is that because the Projector is new on this plane as a form type, they have a lot to learn. Having a lot to learn is a big story. It’s a very big story.

This is the whole pressure now that is on Projectors that if they’re not prepared, if they don’t have the knowledge that is necessary for them, that they get steamrolled. They get rolled over by the energy forces that they’ve emerged out of. It’s sort of a nice bookend with the Reflector up there and the Projector down there, it really is. It’s this full movement, and in this full movement getting ready to complete this process.

So the better that Projectors are equipped to be able to articulate what they see in the other, what they see in a system, the system, any system is enormously important for the completion of this process.

Manifestors aren’t interested, Generators are looking in on themselves, and if they’re not-self, they don’t see anything. So, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on the Projector as a force to guide beings.

When I say that, I don’t mean that personally. It’s an energy that’s in the world. It is a conditioning force in the world. So, the presence of Projector has already changed the way in which we look at things. That is, if you take a look at the way in which intellectually we’ve developed since 1781 that we’ve gone in two directions deeper and deeper and deeper inward and deeper outward. This is the result of the Projector.

The emergence of the Projector is also the emergence of the scientific revolution. It is the emergence of the modern world, not personal, if you want to pat yourself on the back you can.” Ra Uru Hu

In this article, I hope to engage you with some education on the art of being a Projector.

That art is the Art of Recognizing.

Like all of the Arts, the key to perfecting is to practice. And in Human Design, we all have in common something to practice.

Do you know what that something is? Yup, you guessed it. Following our Strategy and Authority.

For adult Projectors, this is one of the most difficult things for us to do.

Because we are designed to be conditioned, and our waiting is primarily about the big things in life, it takes a focused determination and dedication to live our designs. As much as we’ve worked on ourselves and studied every system on the planet, it really takes seven years of deconditioning to begin to live life as ourselves. Cellular renewal takes time.

Hey, if you’re new to design and burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, take heart. I remember being right where you are 7 years ago and my body, health, relationships, life was a DISASTER. I know you can get through this. Stick with the Human Design program and experiment. Don’t give up. You can do this.

Projectors are the Most Complex Auric Type

Projectors are very complex beings, with so many different arrangements of possible definitions that can combine to make us who we are in the world. Being the “youngest” or “newest” of the Types, as we only started appearing on this planet in 1781, we are here for a very particular purpose.

We are here to Guide. Recognizing what guidance and when by waiting for the invitation and checking with our Authority first, protects us from the deep bitterness that we experience when we act prematurely and are failed to be properly recognized for our gifts.

A Projector’s Aura is the only one that penetrates into the core of the other, and in this way regularly exposes itself to the deepest kind of conditioning. Within this functioning lies the source of our Projector gift – to recognize how energy should be used.

Projector Recognition is a Two-Way Street

This gift of Recognition moves in two directions. Not only are Projectors gifted with the ability to recognize, we are given attributes that are designed to be recognized. We are magnetic beings, designed to attract attention. It is the frequency of our Aura that draws someone who sees and recognizes us for the particular qualities we carry and thereby invite our guidance into their lives.In fulfilling that recognition, we find our signature of success.

When we are operating correctly, we’ll be recognized  correctly and find that success. How do you know when you are operating correctly?

The key for a Projector to find success in life is to have a mastery of a system. In Human Design, it is important for you to recognize the “signposts” or clues that you are either on or off your path to fulfillment.

Are you consistently feeling bitterness or success?

Bitterness is like the bumps on the side of the road that tell you you’re off your path.

Do you know what your motivation is or the signs of transference?

“Um, what?” you say?

If you’ve been experimenting with Strategy and Authority, getting the hang of it, how about diving deeper into how you’re here to see your own Psychology at work. It’s not rocket science, and it is a key to a Projector Seeing. If you know your motivation/transference, are you watching for these signposts of your mind’s control over your decision-making process?

These are tools the Human Design System makes available to us that are invaluable for informing our Projector process of Awakening to our true nature.

The trouble with most adult Projectors is, we have been deeply homogenized and conditioned from birth. Highly susceptible to the pressures to act like the Manifestors or Generators that our parents wanted us to be, we don’t know how to let go of all that and allow ourselves to just be Projectors.

So how do you “be” a Projector? Many of us are deeply enmeshed in a life we are not well suited for, on the edge of exhaustion and burnout, bitter about the jobs, mortgages and commitments that drain us. How do we live our designs?

It all comes back to Strategy and Authority. Only you can take this journey, when you are ready, and you take it alone. This doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. When we Projectors interact with and guide each other, we can be brilliant mirrors for each other in any kind of partnership – Parent/Child, Student/Teacher, Friends, Lovers, Business, etc.

As Projectors, we need to learn to wait for the recognition that we are designed for. Remember you can invite each other as a Projector use your Authority!

No matter WTF the excuse is
that your mind inside your head is telling you,
or why you should decide ANYTHING.

Projectors have the gift of being able to master systems, and are perfectly equipped to Guide in accordance with the particular characteristics unique to their chart. So it follows that Human Design would be an excellent system to master for those Projectors who are invited and follow their authority to study it.

As a Projector, right after I had my second reading, I downsized my lifestyle and let go of everything extraneous to study Human Design. No car. No cell phone. No eating out, no new clothes. Went completely minimal. Just studied and took classes for years (and still studying to this day).

Why? Because I was invited to. Then I recognized Human Design as an accurate, powerful and practical system that  helps people to realize their unique potential. Life did not smooth out immediately, and I know sometimes I studied for not-self reasons, we all do.

“If you are really a Projector, everybody, who ever gets to know you, at some level or another will resent the fact that you are good at it. Because if you really are a good projector, boy do you slide. Things just come your way. They are just there. Everybody else is struggling for this and that, and you are just, its just there. And you see, you don’t get that until you are 100% ready to see if it’s there.

It’s the most difficult thing about being a projector because you are so deeply conditioned, that’s its just so difficult to just let go and start from scratch. Because you got all this stuff that you are hooked on. And all of this stuff that you think, because you are very connected to the way in which life on the planet is organized. In other words you are designed to have a specific relationship to the other, to groups, all of those things. But of course you can never develop that as long as you are like them. As long as you are not what you are. Only when you are really ready to be a projector I mean really ready to be a projector will you see, that it is all there for you.

Otherwise you don’t get to slide, you don’t. You really don’t, and that’s what your life is about. You are not tied down by generating and manifesting. They have rule and their rules are heavy rules. They have their own trip. Its not who you are, you are here to recognize. If you look at the energy on the planet and the way the energy is used by the planet, everybody knows even a simpleton, there is something wrong. You don’t have to be a political scientist to understand that there is something wrong in the way that all of this is working.

…any idiot can figure that out. But the reality is that the only way energy will be organized is if it is organized by Projectors. That’s what projectors are for. The dilemma is that they are not like me. They are not Manifestors that say “pay attention or fuck off.” Because you can’t do that as a projector, you can’t, they will beat you up, they will hurt you. So don’t ever do that let Manifestors do that.

So the dilemma is that you actually have to wait for them. Think about it, because when you think about it, it’s really wild. You have to wait for them to ask you to beat them up. You know what I mean? You have to wait for them to invite you to be in charge. You have to wait for them to ask you to do this and that so that they can get their energy trip together. See that’s the difference.

I tried to give you a sense of how profound your aura is, how powerful your aura is but you have to see something about aura. Your aura communicates. It does, it communicates. It communicates essential things. It is communicating your design to the other being. So let’s say you are a projector that has some tribal activation and obviously there is a part of you that can guide the way energy works in those environments. It’s in your aura. Its not like you have to put your hand up in the air and say I have got the 40-37 and I am a Projector. Do not do that, it is there. And if they don’t pick it up. So what? They are never going to be for you. Remember again you can’t get into “I missed it,” business.” Ra Uru Hu

At this point of being in my 7th year, I know I’ve got a handle on the basics of design, because I’ve been learning to live as I teach them for years now. I’ve not only seen but FELT what this experiment can do to myself and to others. Good lord, I know so many people who are so relieved even just going through the first baby steps of design, it’s enormous what a difference living this knowledge makes over time!

I hope to continue to develop a deeper mastery of Human Design because I’ve tested it and found it to be correct for me. It supports a lifestyle that allows me to be a Projector – a specialist Advisor for short periods of time. I know it to be rewarding, revitalizing and renewing.  I see the hope it’s brought to myself and the people I know who’ve experimented with it, and I love empowering and sharing that hope with the world!

Get my Human Design Projector Discount on Jovian Archive

Get my Human Design Projector Discount on Jovian Archive

The Importance of Projector Education

As Projectors, we are recognized, of all the Types, to need to study more than anyone else. That’s why Jovian Archive offers an endowment for Projectors to get a discount on products that we feel give you the benefit of information you most need to know.

The Projector Needs Support

“The dilemma for the Projector is that in order for them to master anything they need support. They’re not an energy type. They’re not. The Generator works itself through college; the Projector needs a scholarship. I know that sounds lousy if you’re a Generator. But it’s just about simply understanding mechanics. It’s just mechanics.

And of course, what happens to Projectors is they don’t necessarily have that. So you end up with a Projector and Generator who are siblings in a family, the Generator goes out and does that work and goes to school. The Projector has to do exactly the same thing. The problem is the Projector gets ill; the Projector has problems in school. Eventually, the Projector drops out because they just can’t hack it. They just can’t, because they need the support.

It’s all about understanding just the very basic mechanisms. And you look at them and you see what you can do for somebody. And of course, one of the things about the Projector is that when they are correct, they attract those benefactors. This is something that is very important.” Ra Uru Hu

BG5 Student Manual #3 page 161

My free career training for Projectors:

Projector, you are Needed!

There is no one more needed to be awake and aware than the Projector, as the guides of our energy.

Projector or not, I invite you all to begin or continue your study of Human Design in earnest, to share this knowledge with those who are ready to live out their true nature.

Everyone deserves a chance to live out their uniqueness. Regardless of Type, Human Design shows us the way home, to perfect “The Art of Being” ourselves.

*The above article minus the Ra quotes was originally published on Jovian Archive in 2015, home of the human design system. Updated and republished with permission.

Real-Life Human Design Projector Question:

“How do I get people to pay me for advising them?”

My Human Design Projector Advice:

Please consider that we as Projectors are all about guiding through asking the right laser focused questions.

Has anyone ever asked you a question that cut straight to the core of the issue? Have you ever done the same for someone else? Seen the BIG PICTURE view and narrowed down to the absolute essential nature of what needs to be addressed to get to the heart of the matter and bring things to light?

This is a brilliant example of how Projectors advise.

Question asking is the most powerful thing you can master as a Projector. Yet it must come naturally, you need to see the relevance and how to help Others see what you see, big picture down to small relevant detail.

Now, can you look at the question asked above “How do I get people to pay me for advising them?” and see, that what you are asking is framed from the perspective of “What can I get from someone else?” or “How can I get someone else to do what I want them to do?”

This framework of seeing the other as someone who can do something for you, rather than, what can I do for Others is one of the biggest lessons I learned in my early 20’s from a mentor who was the head of a huge national commercial real estate company.

On his home desk in his Hawaii location, he had a placard. It had one word in bold letters.

Here in the states, when you go into businesses, you will often see inspirational posters with words like “SUCCESS” and “ACHIEVEMENT” and “COMMITMENT” and “DEDICATION.” Yet there is one word that is more powerful than all those words because it encompasses why we (Projectors) are here to do what we do.

As a Projector, that word is what we focus on naturally, with no effort. It is our Wu Wei (Wu wei refers to the cultivation of a state of being in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the ebb and flow of the elemental cycles of the natural world). Simply being in a room with another person, we focus on them.

The secret to my mentors’ success was one word that he focused on daily.

That word was “OTHERS”

“Projectors need more than any other Type to understand the power of their aura. The Projector’s aura is very specific. It is a bio-energetic field that can be felt across a room, and it is coded to a certain very distinct frequency. Anyone who is not attuned to that specific frequency will never really notice the Projector, and anyone who is attuned to their frequency cannot help but pick them out across a crowded room.

“he Projector’s aura is magical. Not only does it ensure that they will get exactly the right recognition and draw it towards them, but also it serves to protect them.

Anyone who is not naturally drawn into the Projector’s aura is not going to be healthy for them.

All the Projector really has to do is sit back and wait to see who comes forward and who does not.” Ra Uru Hu

Now, how can we reframe the question “How do I get people to pay me for advising them?”

Can you see how the energy shifts within you as you contemplate this when we rephrase the question to:

“How can I fulfill my Projector purpose of Advising Others for Success?”


Now, I’d like to invite you to take a deep breath and see how that feels settling into your Projector body, your precious vehicle with no consistent access to either Generation or Manifestation.

We are designed to be wise about these things, all of us Projectors here, in our own unique way. There is no shortage of people on our fractal simply waiting for us to appear in their lives for us to mutually Recognize. Vibrationally, we need to be in a state where our Aura is “seen” by them first. When the student is ready (US) the teacher appears (THEM). As a totally open Ajna and a Right Brain/Mind, I know nothing without my students and life experience asking of me.

We can guide particular people, in right timing, once we have a system of study we have Mastered. You won’t need to get anyone to do anything, because in truth, you cannot. That is why the way you framed the question may have felt disempowering and frustrating.

It is the most natural thing in the world for us Projectors to have deep penetrating conversations with Others that serves to Advise and Guide them. The Success of Others is how we gain meaningful personal Success.

I would not have the Success I enjoy without the guidance and support of my Projector partner, or the Generators who have invited me over the years to guide them in thier work.


You can only help Others to see what they themselves know needs to be done, and the how is our gift.

Now, in the Guidance aspect, as an Advisor who has studied HD deeply, including BG5, OC16 and Rave Psychology, I know what I have seen work in my own life and in the lives of those I Serve. I would like to share that below in a moment.

Back to the question: “How can I fulfill my Projector purpose of Advising Others?”

My suggestion is to look at your own life now and recognize: where are you already Advising others? What do Others ask of you?

Begin with what you know. This is the most Practical piece of Advice I can give you. In the beginning of my experiment, after being invited in, and feeling it out for a few months, I quit my miserable job at the time, sold everything I had of any value, studied until I ran out of money and began a coaching practice with what I already knew.

I wish someone would have told me what I am about to tell you…. I know it can help you learn how to move to a greater level of personal fulfillment more quickly than my years of intense study and trial-and-error.

I would like to outline 5 steps to Advisor Success when facing your question above:

1) Get clear on WHO YOU ARE HERE FOR: Wait for Recognition and Invitation!

Knowing WHO you are here to Serve and WHAT they’re CHALLENGED BY:

To help my OTHERS recognize their OTHERS, I describe their Nodes for them, particularly where and how they themselves are designed to see because this is where they can fulfill their purpose. I integrate the current Life Cycle Nodal themes as applicable.

2) Know WHY you’re here on Earth:

To do this with my clients, I consult with them to synthesize their life experience up to this point, their Incarnation cross, profile, Type and current Life Cycle they are in, then we give it over to their Authority to decide.

3) Know HOW you are here to Profit (Receive Money) from your eventual Wisdom through helping OTHERS:

To help my clients see where they have the most Profit potential, I look at their undefined Centers and synthesize what I know about the design and cycles, them and their life up to this point, and then ask questions to help them see the relative goldmine of wisdom that they already have access to. This can be seen in the dormant gate potentials and their material application.

*Now that we know WHO you are here to Serve, WHY you are here, WHAT challenges your OTHERS are facing and HOW you are here to help advise them, all that remains is addressing your fears that are holding you back and attracting their attention to what you have to offer.*

4) Take what you already know, applied through the framework above, and educate your Others about what you know, WHEN you are invited, from the perspective of how you are designed to be Motivated in alignment with how it can solve their biggest challenges and reasons why they are asking for Guidance.

All Projectors have their own unique way of teaching, leading and guiding that is unique to their design. I am a creative role model of this. I weave what I’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t throughout my work along with my Personal Perspective of my life experience, which is what I’ve seen work for me. Most of my clients find me on YouTube. I publish videos of me teaching what I know, in hopes of inspiring others through times of growth and change. It works.

5) Help OTHERS to SUCCESS, only the ones who have asked you, who recognize and invite you, in alignment with your own Authority

When I feel emotional clarity that I can make a knowing, creative contribution from my recognition of feelings, my personal perspective and I feel hopeful about what I share, I do. This is what has been correct for me as a 3/5 Cross of Contagion with my design.

The more you actually Help Others, creating your value through recognizing their value, supporting thier process as correct for you both, the more they recognize you for how you can help THEM. And that, my Projector kin, is what has worked to support the growth of my personal practice. I have a business that gives me the freedom to live anywhere in the world and do what brings me JOY as I advise and help others be successful. It all begins with Living YOUR Design.

It is my hope that this sharing has helped not only you, my friends, I hope it has also empowered anyone else who is looking for guidance on how to fulfill their purpose and feels lost about what to do.

Just BE.

Be you.

Live your Design.

In joy,


For the basics on the Projector design success in career, here is a free webinar, hope you enjoy:

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Laveena Brianne Archers

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