How to Make Correct Decisions: Human Design System Sacral Center Authority


How to Make Correct Decisions
Using Your Human Design Sacral Authority

In part two of our Authority article series, “How to Make Correct Decisions Using Your Human Design,” we will discuss the nuances of Generators and the three kinds of Sacral Authority.

In case you missed part one of this Human Design Authority article series: We covered a bit of a background on the origins of Type and Strategy, why Mind is not your Authority and the Solar Plexus/Emotional Center as an Authority.

The Sacral Center Defines a Generator


If you have a red square in the bodygraph, your energy is incredibly powerful in response. Your aura is like a pulsing vortex that draws situations to you so that you can react to them. As the Sacral is the only Center that defines an Auric Type, this means you are a Generator.

Approximately 67% of the people on this planet have a Generator Type of Aura – open, enveloping and available to respond. All Generators (Manifesting Generators included) who do not have the Solar Plexus defined (approximately half) have Sacral Authority, with the accompanying decision-making strategy of waiting to respond.

“Waiting?”  you may exclaim, “What do you mean, I have to wait? Who wants to wait? Why should I wait? I can’t just sit around waiting. If I wait, I’m going to miss out! Who’s going to make things happen for me if I don’t?”

Let’s get clear on what waiting is and the reasons Generators of all kinds, emotional or not, are advised to experiment with waiting to respond, rather than initiating action. As you can see there are issues this strategy initially creates on the mental plane. Then we’ll discuss the three kinds of Sacral Authority.

The term “waiting” brings to mind boredom, long lines at the post office or bank. Waiting in our Human Design System context means an active state of being, a sustained quality of being present to the current conditions, absorbed in the living of your life, attending to what needs to be given your full attention right now, and available to respond.

Let’s contrast that active state of Being Present to… obsessing about how or when what you think you want to happen will happen, or trying to make things happen from the realm of your mind, or thinking about how to manipulate the future or rewrite the past. Active, present waiting allows you to see clearly, and be ready to respond to what life brings your way – which is a whole lot, as the world is filled with things for you to respond to!

Ra Uru Hu - Human Design System Type

Ra Uru Hu – Human Design System Type

The Two Kinds of Human Design Generators

Pure Generators are people who have the Sacral Center defined without a motor (Solar Plexus, Ego, Root or Sacral) connected to the Throat.


If you can trace your finger from any of the motor Centers along a colored in Channel up to the Throat (perhaps going through the Splenic Center or G Center along the way) then you are looking at the bodygraph of a Generator with Manifesting potential, aka in general as Manifesting Generators. These people are able to verbalize the sounds of their Sacral if it’s connected to the Throat and have the gift of being able to get things done very quickly, but are likely to skip steps.

The 34-20 is a channel that you’ll often see in Generators as it is one of the three oppositions in the Rave Mandala that creates a channel. When you see this channel defined, regardless of any other definition present, you see the bodygraph of a pure Manifesting Generator. These kinds of Manifesting Generators can be lighting fast at getting things done but are even more prone to skipping steps. Nevertheless, they have tremendous power in the Now.


Because of the powerful fuel of the motors connected to the Throat, the bodygraph configuration of the Manifesting Generators can often lead them to engage in activities they may not have the engagement or agreement of their Sacral on, and so they end up getting stuck, feeling frustrated and quitting.

As any kind of Generator, you are designed to follow the response and yield to the authority of your Sacral motor (waiting to be clear emotionally if the Solar Plexus is defined). Your Sacral motor is a biological function, a physical mechanism that only you (of all the four Aura Types) have consistent access to. Because the Sacral Center is a mechanism that powers the creation and nurturing of life, you are designed to be the builders of the world. In fact, this is what we call your Career Type – Classic Builder (Pure Generator) or Express Builder (Manifesting Generators).

Your Sacral Center has a magnetic capacity, generating an aura with an expansive, open quality to it, inclusively drawing in what it can respond to. Years of conditioning to initiate action from your mind (“Just do it! Go out and get ’em! Make it happen!”) can atrophy your use of the response of your Sacral and your ability to sense its truth.

Image via

Image via

As a Generator, you are designed to respond in the specific way that energy flows consistently through your defined channels. Your life force emanates fields which draw in data your Sacral knows it can engage in to generate the frequency of satisfaction or not. The satisfied vibration of your energy field (or frustrated if the activity, timing, place, people or situation is not correct for you) colors the frequency of your reality.

The serendipity of what it is to be a Generator is that the Sacral is the only Authority center that makes sounds. Spontaneous and uncontrived, sacral sounds are your inner Authority, whether they are verbalized or not. These responsive sounds that come naturally when your Sacral is faced with a choice or engaged in an activity are how you are designed to navigate your world.

This energy source of your being can be relied upon to know whether you have the energy to participate satisfactorily in the task at hand at present. Grunts and groans, moans and sighs, “uh-huh” and “uh-uh”, or “mmh” when undecided, are all sacral sounds that are great tools for recognizing energetic response before,  during or after an activity, and most come naturally to Generators. That is unless they have been conditioned to suppress or ignore them by well-meaning parents who told them to “use your words” in the name of politeness. Listening for sounds or tuning into the gut feeling in your body is imperative for you to rely on, giving you the ability to find satisfaction in how you expend your energy, rather than frustration.

With so much power, you are designed to be a busy person and may not be comfortable sitting still long, especially as a Manifesting Generator. You may have noticed that you are a bit like an energizer bunny that likes to keep on going and going until you become exhausted and need to rest. So when we advise you to “wait to respond” your mind may balk or draw a blank at what that means since you are wired to experience busyness as a natural state of being.


Trust the Response of Your Sacral

The magic of responding is something a Generator naturally experiences by feeling energy (or not) for something you see needing to be done. Your body wants to be busy with the tasks it enjoys, so let it do its thing. Honor your energy, follow your body. Living requires time, and there’s a correct time and place for activities. Your Sacral is informed by the Channel and Centers it’s defined to), and therefore your body knows in the now if it wants to do something, or not.

The biggest signpost of a Generator not  listening to their own Authority is frustration or feeling stuck. Doing something that your Sacral says “uh-uh” or “no” to causes a sense of difficulty or impediment that arises when you try to force yourself to do something your body just doesn’t want to do. Frustration offers insight into your Sacral availability to perform an activity.

Watch for any thoughts like “I have to…” or “I should do…” and a resulting feeling of dread or being immobilized that facing the contemplated direction or decision can bring. Should your mind win the battle to initiate action, and you do what it thinks you should do while ignoring your sacral response, notice whether or not the experience was worth the struggle, effort or discomfort. When frustration arises because you can’t make something work, stop what you’re doing, take a breath and a reassess the situation. Perhaps now is not the correct timing for the activity?

With practice and experiences of testing the waters and your response, you’ll eventually get to the place where an “uh-uh” brooks no argument from you, or others who know you. You’ll learn that sometimes it’s just not the right activity, question or the correct timing. Gently teaching others by living the example of you honoring your sacral authority and that rationalizations or excuses just won’t work to change your decision takes time. Patiently set an example of someone who trusts their body to make the right choices for themselves.

Your Sacral knows what energy it has available for IN RESPONSE! So what task specifically to do? Watch for when life gives you something to respond to – the right question at the right time can be very helpful to uncover your truth. Making a list can be helpful when you are faced with choices, then getting a non-partial other to ask you questions to assist you in discovering what the correct thing to do is. Allow your use of precious life-force energy to be guided by your Sacral response so that you can perform appropriately and efficiently in life, being your own Authority.

Kinds of Sacral Authority

The Sacral Center energizes from one or more of 11 different Channels – connecting to five other Centers – that can define this powerful source of life energy. Keep in mind that if the Solar Plexus Center is defined, that the Sacral no longer is the overriding authority as this person must honor their emotional clarity that is gained over time.

Manifested Sacral Authority


HILLARY CLINTON example Chart (Click link to add to your free chart Library) 

When your Sacral Center is defined to your Throat, either directly as in the case of a Pure Manifesting Generator or otherwise, you are able to speak your response in the now, colored by the awareness and energy of the Channels defined.

Generated Sacral Authority

Robert-Downey-Jr-Generated Sacral Authority.png

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. example Chart (Click link to add to your free chart Library) 

When your Sacral Center is defined without the Splenic or Solar Plexus, your  response in the now is fueled by the adrenaline of the Root Center (if defined) or powers your sense of love and direction in the G Center (if defined).

Splenic Generated Sacral Authority


MADONNA example chart (Click link to add to your free chart Library)
When your Splenic Center is defined in addition to your Sacral, then the authority is Splenic Generated Sacral Authority. You are designed to generate a response in the now, with the awareness of what can give you well-being and keep you healthy.

Generator, You are Designed Perfectly for You

Remember the purpose of Human Design is to help you to be yourself by taking away authority from your conditioned mind and putting it where it belongs. You discover who you are by finding personal satisfaction in the activities that you enjoy. In the case of a non-emotional Generator, your true authority is deeply rooted in your body and designed to respond in the now when asked. The fact is that your body can be depended on to be a reliable source of knowing,

Often people will ask if it is a good thing to have this or that Definition. There is no such thing as a good or bad in Human Design. Subtleties within your bodygraph are neither positive nor negative. Yes, there can be challenges that may prove difficult to overcome from a place of ignorance, but the understanding and facing the challenges inherent in your design can be enormously rewarding. You are designed perfectly for your life, which is why it is so important for you to navigate correctly and live out your true nature.

Experiment with following your Strategy of waiting to respond, and honoring your inner sacral authority to make decisions. Then watch as the magic of feeling satisfied with the activities you do grows and flowers while frustration and feeling stuck lessens.


I hope you enjoyed this basic introduction to Human Design Authorities. Please share and comment with any questions.

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