Journey through the Centers of the Human Design BodyGraph – The Sacral Center

Let’s continue our Journey through the Centers of the Human Design Bodygraph with your Sacral Center, the engine of life. When defined, the red square in the lower middle of your bodygraph automatically establishes your Aura as that of a Generator; responsible for setting the life-force frequency on Earth. As the only center that defines a Type, differentiates us sexually into male and female, and expresses itself in primal sounds creating a frequency; the Sacral is highly complex, impactful and mysterious.

Your Sacral Center is the motor that empowers your survival (and our species) through reproduction and caring for your young, perpetuating humankind. Generating our life-force, the vital energy for work, sex, and fertility; persistence, availability, and respond-ability are significant themes of your Sacral. Generating the potential of life within a fixed cycle, generation and degeneration of power/energy/life centers here. Your Sacral Center’s associated biology is your reproductive organs (ovaries/testes) and its generating capacity peaks around age 18 for men and early thirties for women.

Generators: the key to an authentic life is surrendering in the moment to the response of your Sacral’s guidance (or if you are emotional, allow its responses to refine your emotional clarity over time). Definition of this life-generating center means you have a very special, unique ability. You can learn to tune into what your Sacral says you have the energy to do. Listen to the expressive sounds it produces (or words and even movement towards or away from something if defined to your throat) in response to being asked yes/no questions. Following your Sacral’s response by waiting to respond to life allows you to move forward when your innate intelligence knows it can get fulfillment (satisfaction) from doing; reducing frustration or feeling “stuck”.

In order to grasp the immense significance of a defined Sacral, knowing about how the Generator Aura functions can be quite helpful. 

As you read about the gates below, have your Human Design Chart handy to take special note of the ones you have consistently defined. If your Sacral is defined, those gates you have activated are the very specific ways you are designed to respond to life. If your Sacral is undefined, the gates waiting to be activated are the themes of the Sacral that you are programmed to be receptive to learning about the powerful life force that generates our world.


Sacral Center Gates

There are nine different ways your Sacral is designed to generate and respond to life. What combination, if any, of the gates below, do you have consistently (if a Generator) or irregularly (if not a Generator) activated?

Sacral to Throat/Spleen/G
The Gate of Power

Generating an intense field of enormous power to fuel life itself, Gate 34 “The Power of the Great” empowers your ability to keep yourself alive.


As the most complex of all Sacral Gates, it reaches out to connect with three different Centers and is the only one to connect directly to the Throat Center, fueling existentialism. The power to individuate (Gate 10), to enhance individual survival (Gate 57) and to be present in the now (Gate 20) are all generated by the Sacral. If you have this gate activated, never underestimate the great power it displays and the powerful force that it can be used for, to serve the common good.

Sacral to Root Gates – Establishing the Format

You may remember from when we covered the Root Center, the term “Format energies.” Here are the gates that establish the patterns, pulses and cycles generated by the Sacral Center that are fueled by the Root.


The Gate of Energy for Detail

The determined power to maintain focus and concentrate, establishing and perfecting a pattern by focusing on the details is generated by Gate 9, “The Taming Power of the Small.” If you have this Gate activated, repetition of the logical processes one step at a time while focusing on the details generates the development of skills and cultivates talent, patterns that can be shared with the collective.


The Gate of Ordering

Profoundly empowering mutation and establishing order, Gate 3, “Difficulty at the Beginning,” generates direct mutation through reproduction and example. This gate carries your ancestral information and determines what genetic material you inherit, as well as your gender. If you have this gate defined, this melancholic frequency is also responsible for generating your individual creative pulse that through expression, empowers mutation in others by being an example.


The Gate of Growth

The power to maximize the development of your full potential by expanding beginnings through completion of a cycle, Gate 42, “Increase” produces endings. The generated frequency of experiential processes conditions all of us to the cyclical nature of life and brings about eventual death. If you have this gate defined, the power to mature through the completion of cycles is your growth potential to share with the collective.



Genetic Role Gates – Supporting the Tribe

Generating the power to create and nurture humanity, these two gates pointing at the Solar Plexus and Splenic Centers are part of the Defense Circuit. Defining your genetic role and providing essential energy for supporting your Tribe by ensuring humanity’s future, these are two of six Role Gates that we have in the Human Design Bodygraph. Role Gates provide major “keynotes” (descriptive words) that clue us in to how we are designed to operate in life. For an in-depth look at this phenomenon, please see “The 36 Roles” by Ra Uru Hu.


Sacral to Solar Plexus
The Gate of Sexuality

Defining your genetic role in intimacy with others, Gate 59, “Dispersion” generates the dynamic sexual power locking you into the mating dance with fertility as its main function. If you have this gate defined, you have a fixed way of breaking down barriers in order to attract the right mate and obtain union. It can have a different meaning when connecting with people who are not lovers; projects and careers can also benefit from the power of this deep need for connection and support of the Tribe.


Line 1 – Preemptive strikeLine 4 – Brotherhood / Sisterhood

Line 2 – ShynessLine 5 – Casanova / Femme Fatale

Line 3 – OpennessLine 6 – One night stand


Sacral to Splenic
The Gate of Caring

Defining your genetic role in interactions, Gate 27 “Nourishment” generates the power to care for, nurture and protect others, ensuring survival. As the gate of Compassion, this gate generates the power to nourish, and the drive to seek to be cared for. If you have this gate defined, you have a fixed way of caring for others and can be impressively altruistic (or not) in supporting your Tribe.


Line 1 – SelfishnessLine 4 – Generosity

Line 2 – Self-sufficiencyLine 5 – Executor

Line 3 – GreedLine 6 – Wariness



Sacral to G

Creating the physical energy to empower the Self, these gates produce immense vitality that is ready to respond to life in alignment with their formats’ thematics of energy flow. The powerhouse of the Collective and Individual circuits, these gates generate life-force for the “Tantric” channels here between your Sacral and G Center, powering the entire power column that runs from Sacral to Throat Center.


The Gate of Fixed Rhythms

Generating the energy to attune to your flow comes from Gate 5, “Waiting” which binds all life together in a daily rhythm. If you have this gate, it is important for you to harmonize with your logical patterns of activity by making a habit out of the ones that work for you, thereby ensuring your energy flows correctly.


The Gate of Power Skills

Generating the energy to empower your individual direction, Gate 14, “Possession in Great Measure” is a most powerful, fertile Sacral gate. If you have this gate defined, this mutative energy is a force that pulses with knowing when and how to accumulate and retain the power fueling your individuality and life’s direction. Mutation comes as a spark of energy that fuels your direction in life.


The Gate of Saying Yes (Perseverance)

Generating the energy to commit to an experience entirely for pure discovery potential, Gate 29, “The Abysmal” empowers the determination of the Self with the fuel to persevere despite circumstances. If you have this gate defined, its imperative that you say yes in alignment with your Strategy and Authority. Waiting and watching through the cycles of life for the moment when moving forward is truly correct for you allows you to commit to a process of discovery that you can complete.


If your Sacral is defined, you have a need to exhaust your energy every day by doing only those things responded to by this center – things you love to do – which brings you physical satisfaction. When you force yourself to do things your sacral hasn’t responded to, degeneration of your life-force can be the result. And unless you drop off to sleep exhausted (Manifesting Generators can get in bed early keep up activities until tired) your body won’t get the deep rest needed for your powerful life-generating motor to rejuvenate.


Your Sacral motor generates an Aura frequency that emits “enveloping” energy which pulls people into its field and embraces life through response or not. When you initiate action without waiting for a Sacral response, frustration from attempting to reverse your Sacral’s normal flow of energy can be the result. Remember to wait to respond – wait for the mechanism of your Sacral to guide you to do the correct things in life using your generative energy.



The Undefined or Open Sacral Center

If your Sacral is undefined, your gates above describe life-force thematics that activate when encountering transits or other people. You can tend to amplify the Sacral energy of others and not know when enough is enough, falling prey to work and sex addictions. You are designed to work in spurts, cultivating wisdom about life-force energy and how best to utilize it.


If you have a completely open Sacral (no dormant gate potentials), you have a flexibility in magnifying the intense buzz of energy, which brings possible confusion about what to use your life-force for. You may scatter your energy by doing many unsuitable and unnecessarily prolonged activities until you drop from pure exhaustion, which is detrimental to your health.


Though you may not have consistent access to humanity’s powerful generative strength, your Strategy and Authority can guide you to cultivate wisdom here in expressing your potential gift of wisely spending the energy you do have.


Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors, your sensitivity to amplification of the intense Sacral conditioning field can help you learn to cultivate vital wisdom. This enlightenment has to do with who is correct to have present in your life; how to balance activities with rest; and discerning when and on what activities precious life-force energy is truly worth spending. It is paramount that you establish healthy boundaries around work and sex and spend alone time before bed to clear your sacral of the generative frequency. Get into a horizontal position to rest before you are tired and ease yourself into sleep. Experiment with sleeping alone (outside of aura contact with another human or mammal) especially if you are often exhausted or have trouble sleeping, as you can amplify other’s fatigue as well and Sacral buzz.



Questions for Inquiry: Have you noticed you can be vulnerable to amplifying the sacral energy of others and the conditioning response (not knowing when to rest, when “enough is enough”) that brings you? What examples of the thoughts below, which may come up on behalf of your deeply conditioned mind, do you recognize in you?


I need to keep working. I should get this done before I take a break.
If I don’t say yes I might miss out. Someone has to do it.
I should keep going – where’s my coffee/chocolate?
There’s too much to do; I can’t take a nap/lie down now; I have to this first.
I can take care of you; let me do that for you.
I need to have sex; who can I have sex with? What do you mean, what boundaries?
It’s not enough; it’s never enough.


Generator or not, you are an integral part of the whole of humanity. Born with an incredible potential to differentiate into the unique being that only you can be, you are a holographic fractal piece of the vast puzzle comprising the totality. You “fit in” without needing to try. Experiment wit your Strategy and Authority to uncover the phenomenal YOU that only you can be. Learning how to use your energy best to contribute wisely to the Maia transforms your awareness and our world.


Human Design helps you to see the illusion we live in and wake up to a deeper and deeper realization of your true nature. Would you like to share any of your Sacral Center epiphanies or feedback with the Human Design Community? You’re invited to ask questions as well.

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