Feelings Recognized “Frustration” An Emotional Energy Projector Q & A

Today's question is an excerpt from a Right Angle Cross of Maya Emotional Projector in a Facebook group posting I felt invited to share on. With my nodes on the 32/42 axis, I get a lot of these people in my Human Design Life Coaching practice   

Today’s question is an excerpt from a Right Angle Cross of Maya Emotional Projector in a Facebook group posting I felt invited to share on. With my nodes on the 32/42 axis, I get a lot of these people in my Human Design Life Coaching practice


Why Am I Frustrated?

Everyone, regardless of Type, is subject to experiencing frustration in life, despite the fact that Frustration is the keynote of a Generator Aura/Builder Career Type who is out of alignment with their highest purpose and off-track. This is because all of us have a Sacral Center, even if it is not consistently designed to respond. 

If you find yourself frustrated more often than not, you’re likely attempting to “push the river” and do too much without letting life ask for what it wants from you.

In other words, attempting to:

Initiate new directions, new courses of action, new relationships and create any kind of new endeavor, form new community structures or businesses, and do everything yourself, instead of learning how to work interdependently with others correctly and ask for help, is a recipe for deep frustration. Sacral defined or not!

Undefined Sacral Center (Energy Resource Function)

Emotional Projector Example Chart - Not-Self Frustration

Emotional Projector Example Chart – Not-Self Frustration

Frustration is a keynote of the Sacral Center’s life force energy out of alignment with it’s purpose for being.

“No manifestation! I think that my frustration lies here.”

Likely you are frustrated because your fear of missing out due to these not-self behaviors:

  • Consciously driven by a tendency to say yes before you’ve been asked or waited for emotional clarity (Hexagram 29 “The Abyss” the Gate of Perseverance, Commitment)
  • Obeying your need to be friendly/friends with someone you like to bond with them, yet in the not-self behavior you do this without them inviting you into an intimate connection or you jump into it too soon (Hexagram 59 “Dispersion” the Gate of Sexuality)
  • Unconsciously needing to be realistic in your capacities to care and nurture, and perhaps resenting that you may sap the resources of others because you have a non-self need to able to consistently generate/manifest all on your own (Hexagram 27 “Nourishment” the Gate of Caring)

How to Make Better Choices:

Where you are designed to be successful and operate from is that Emotional Authority, rather than attempting to Generate (go-go-go) or Manifest (initiate to make things happen). 

When you are clearly recognized and invited for your: 

  • Transmission of what the tribe needs to be sold on in order for everyone to have what they need to survive and keep their promises (Channel 44-26 “Surrender,” the design of a Transmitter)
  • Negotiation abilities to facilitate win/win bargains that build the communal structures our tribes are built upon (Channel 37-40 “Community,” the design of a Part Seeking a Whole) 


Once you have had time to feel through your recognition of what the needs of your tribe are and sensing the emotions of what it is to be YOU.

YOU, the supportive guide of your tribe who is here to be wise about how to break down barriers to achieve unity within your network, guiding their progress with your provocative heresy you unconsciously value and passionately emote when needed.

Human Design Projector on Frustration.png

YOU, here to be called out and of value for your network of friends (2/4 Profile).

So only use your energy where/when your peeps need your support so that all needs are fairly met. In alignment with your emotions over time.

Avoid frustration by relaxing into your chameleon-like self and allow the feelings to rise and fall, waiting for that beautiful synchronistic moment when you feel the settled-ness, the space between the emotional movement where there is no fear.

Only clarity that these are the people, YOUR people, who value you for you, who honor and respect your time, energy and advice, who give YOU what you need in return for the value you bring to them.

Now it’s Your Turn, Human Designers:

Why Do Projectors Get Frustrated?

From the Facebook Human Design System Group

From the Facebook Human Design System Group

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