Who was Human Design System founder, Ra Uru Hu?

My latest keynoting of Ra Uru Hu.

Photo via Ra’s official site: JovianArchive.com

Will Instinctively Innovate and practically market the details of an empowering, competitive, creative new system 

to initiate others into perfecting their form 

using a penetrating awareness of higher principals

unconsciously impacting with genius efficiency

through the path of individuality

the authoritative details of what he thinks 

as an Independent Clarion 

whose purpose is fulfilled through his mind’s message 

that has the power to shock the world into a new direction 

using the energy potential to manifest inspiration without limitation

His unusual monkish behavior led to transformation through retreat 

that promised deliverance with a resoluteness of leadership 

to be first in awakening by establishing answers and solutions as an authority on memory

to bring about Peace.

Creator of the Human Design System

Creator of the Human Design System

Ra’s BG5 Profit Potential:

As an Instinctive Innovator 

and Practical Marketer, 

Ra was a detailed authority who proved a system 

that helped you to quit doing things for the money, 

just quit being disempowered with that old stuff to join the new!

He also promised and sold Inspiration 

through establishing relationships that are interdependent, 

his core essence being an investigator of occult knowledge 

to become an authority on the wisdom of Inner Truth.

Unconsciously Ra was driven to sell the collective a dream of efficiency 

through enlightened selfishness 

while communicating the acceptance of limitation 

that brings about Freedom from pressure and stress.

Valuing Principals which organize others 

through potential sensitivity to the needs of his tribe, 

he unconsciously sold pleasure through the wisdom of popular discontent.

One of my favorite quotes of Ra.

One of my favorite quotes of Ra.

The brilliance of this man was truly incredible. The deeper I dive into Human Design, including the Rave Psychology, BG5 and OC16 systems he developed, the more in awe I am of my life and my place in it.

Thank you, Ra!

Laveena Brianne Archers

Laveena Brianne Archers

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