The #1 Human Design Projector Success Secret

The #1 Projector Success Secret is WHO is in Your Life.

Projectors make successful partnerships. Whether that is with their own or other Auric Types. BUT the who has to come into their lives correctly – through their life strategy of Recognition, Invitation and honoring their Authority.


And yet, from the point of view of the value of Human Design and what needs to be shared on the surface, it remains entirely focused here on Type and Strategy. It really is the whole story. And it’s the whole story in the sense that it is the synthesis of all the mechanical information that lies underneath. Everything about Type and Strategy is that it points us towards the only viable solution in terms of the being able to liberate the human spirit from the drudgery of the homogenized life and the dilemma of what it is to be not-self.

We are not equipped to simply be motivated by propaganda to transform our perception of life. It’s not enough for us to be moved, whether spirituality, religiously, mystically. The fact of the matter is that the mind is something that is helpless in being able to transform the life. And the only thing that truly aligns the life is the ability to be able to know where to find the essence of personal truth. I guess that’s really one of the most difficult places for a human being to go to. That is, to deny the possibility that the other has your truth. It takes a great deal of courage to be able to not only embrace your own Authority, but to live it. It is quite a thing to live your own Authority.

Ra Uru Hu

The video above is an excerpt of a recent live training I did. Here is the full transcript for the #1 Projector Success Secret!

LAVEENA: Welcome, I’m so excited that you’re here and that we’re having some fun now with looking at the Projector! This training is geared specifically for people who have taken LYD, ABC and are in Cartography, so there may be some qualities about what I’m saying, the ideas that I’m putting across it you may not be really familiar with if you haven’t already taken those classes or you’re not already in cartography.

So I’ve got my students here who are in Cartography right now and I’m going to ask you guys for your input after this presentation because this is going to be the first time I’m presenting the information that I’ve got prepared for you and I’m also gonna ask for your input. If you would like to share your chart and you don’t mind being seen by other students.

I’m going to share this training with my Patreon community which is saved on youtube and then I put them in there. They’re private and then I put them over to Patreon and then that way future students and people who are subscribers can also learn from the knowledge. So that’s available to you guys. And we’ll go do some chart work after I present to the information that I want to share with you. Does that sound good? Yeah? Okay, cool.


So, I want to show you what I’ve got prepared for you right now. We’re looking at some Projector success secrets. I’m so excited because you’re going to think that this is like super simple, but if you, if you don’t know any of human design, it’s kind of complex and you’re like all over the place and you’re lost.

If you’re having challenges with succeeding and having challenges with enough energy, having challenges with your relationships, you’re having challenges with making enough money. These are the secrets that are going to help you overcome that. You guys want to know what they are? There’s only five, just five. I’m just so excited. Okay. Very first one who, who you are here to serve. So all of those projectors are designed to serve certain people and that is going to come through. We know this, our recognition and invitation, but let’s redefine what recognition and invitation is because recognition and I don’t want to say redefined, but just really established the boundary of what it is or the foundation of what it is. So that we’re very, very clear on what recognition is and I want to invite you guys to go ahead and share with me too, if you have any inspirations, do you want to unmute and join the conversation?

This is not a lecture only piece. This is a communication of all of us, all of our wisdom, all of our knowledge, because you’re in my classes, you’ve recognized me. Recognition comes with an energy exchange. It goes both ways. We have to have a recognition of an other in order to see how they can be made successful. Other people need to recognize our value to help them become successful. So it’s a two way street.

Now invitation is another thing. One of the things I remember coming across human design in the very beginning and people going like, “Oh, I invite you to go do this or I invite you to go do that,” but they’re not giving any kind of energy exchange to help support that invitation. So invitation comes with some kind of energy exchange. There’s a give that comes from the other side that is going to help fuel your ability to succeed because we know as, as projectors, we don’t have a constant connection with the sacral so we don’t have a consistent ability to generate, we don’t have consistent energy to manifest because we’re not Manifestors (energy to the throat, consistent energy to make things happen).

So in order for us to fulfill our purpose, for us to serve, we have to have first the recognition-two way street. Then the invitation that comes with some kind of energy exchange. Is that clear for everybody and what do you have to add to that particular piece? If there is anything that you would like to share, an example that comes to mind, something that really, helped you recognize how this works for, for you now, if you’ve been in my classes, you’ve heard me talk about this before, you’ve heard me talk about who you are here to serve, which we know through recognition invitation, that’s how we are invited into energy, experiences, communion with other people. So…

KENNETH: Our Aura focused and absorbing, and penetrating the core of a person. So, if it’s not invited, we can become bitter and it can be too much for people to handle. Honestly. A lot of people don’t want to go that deep and they don’t want to get that honest and they don’t want to face that or to be seen in that way. So if it’s not invited it, it’ll just have you know, an opposite effect of what we’re trying to intend. to.

LAVEENA: Yeah, it can drive people away. Great add to that, because we know that for us, the way that we can penetrate into the core of a person, it’s not just their identity center, it’s actually the entire auric field of a being. We get in there and we go deep, like we really are curious, insatiably, curious. That’s what drives all of those projected channels that we have. All of those channels that are projected in the design are curious about the other person can help the other person succeed. So that energy is focused, penetrating, absorbing, bringing in the conditioning, which allows us to recognize. Very specific conditioning that allows us to recognize. So everything for us has to be about discernment of the right other. The biggest projector success secret is the right other and all of this is giving you how to discern which is the right other. Now this is just the beginning. This is the foundation of fundamentals. There’s more stuff we’ll talk about beyond that as far as how you discern, but that’s the first step. Our success depends on who we have in our lives. Anyone else have anything that they want to share before we move onto this next piece?

JULIE: I just wanted to say that I get asked a lot, the question about -and so I thank you for bringing it up- the question about the projector and a lot of people have a misconception that it only goes into the G of the other person, so, and it’s a whole auric field exchange and that’s one of the differences between the open g and then the Projector because the open g goes, it’s the reading of the G, it goes into the GE, but projectors go into the whole aura.

LAVEENA: Yeah, that is such a good point to make. And to reinforce, Julie, thank you for saying that because what we are as beings are not designed to operate independently and I think that’s one of the key pieces that once you recognize you are not an island, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

You’re not here to be all about you. It’s about the collaboration with the other person. Of course, in alignment with what your design is here to do.

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