How to Make Correct Decisions: Human Design System Splenic Authority

Human Design System Splenic Center Authority

Human Design System Splenic Center Authority

How to Make Correct Decisions:
Human Design System Splenic Authority

In this installment of our Authority article series, “How to Make Correct Decisions Using Your Human Design,” we delve into the realms of Splenic Authority.

Approximately 10% of the people on this planet have the Splenic Center as their Authority in life. If you are someone who has a brown triangle colored in on the left side of the bodygraph, but not the triangle on the right or red square in the middle, then this article is especially for you (and the people who want to support your awakening).

In the first of this Human Design Authority article series we introduced the origins of Type and Strategy, why Mind is not your Authority and then we covered the Solar Plexus/Emotional Center as an Authority. If you are emotional, would you like to read that first?

Next we covered the nuances of the three kinds of Sacral Authority. If you are a Generator, would you like to read that article first?

With Splenic Authority, intuition is the guiding force in your life. You likely often find yourself (especially after being involved in some mishap or accident) saying things like, “I just knew that was going to happen!” This is because part of what makes you so very unique is that you have consistent activation of the Splenic Center with its intuitive sense designed to protect you and keep you alive.

With the Splenic Center consistently defined, you can trust your primal instinct for survival and in fact, it is the one thing you naturally can rely upon to navigate through life safely. Every decision you make has the potential to bring you closer to well-being.

When you feel good, your defined Splenic Center imparts a sense of well-being and security to others. You may notice that you attract people into your life who have this center undefined or open.

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of the Human Design System

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of the Human Design System

Splenic Authority automatically denotes that the being in question is either a non-emotional Projector or a non-emotional Manifestor. Ra Uru Hu, founder of the Human Design System, was the latter, and speaks from first-hand experience about what it is like to follow Splenic Authority, here in this video.

The Splenic Center is about Survival


An ancient awareness, the Splenic Center intimately connects us with our primitive mammalian heritage. This center is where we have our deep body-sense concerned with pattern recognition and the awareness of potential dangers.

Can you visualize the heightened awareness of a wild animal, whether predator or prey? Wild animals are completely focused in the now, alert in the moment. Inherent in their nature is the ability to process changes in the environment with lightning speed, relying on reflexes so finely attuned that they act and react to keep themselves alive.

The Splenic Center is so completely different from the mind that it can be difficult to understand what it’s telling you and why. There is no way to figure it out because this survival mechanism awareness filters tremendous amounts of data—layers of information that your conscious mind cannot comprehend on a conscious level.

Because the Splenic Center is not a motor, its voice is quiet… that still, small voice of intuition that protects you. The chatter of the Ajna is twice as loud, with the Solar Plexus’ emotions being twice as loud as that; these can overwhelm the warnings of your Splenic voice. Because you have an undefined Sacral and Solar Plexus, being around others who have those energies present can cause you to take in and amplify those energies. Without awareness of the dynamics of your unique energy system, your mind can get caught up in thoughts that drown out the instinctual voice of your Splenic Center, conditioning you away from the power you have within you to survive.

Your Splenic Awareness means that your decision-making process is spontaneous but not permanent. Your finely tuned immune system awareness can shift with the changing conditions of your environment and clue you in on what choices are most likely to keep you alive and well. Navigating moment by moment, your Splenic Center helps you avoid dangerous situations. Every single decision you make in your life is a health-related decision—it’s all about being guided towards well-being and away from anything that can harm you.

With the Splenic Center as your Authority, you have an innate ability to emanate well-being and are designed to be entirely existential—that is, to live completely in the moment.

As a Splenic Center being, you can depend on your immune system to keep you healthy. However, if you don’t pay attention to your intuition about your health, an inherent sense of consistent well-being can be taken for granted. If you ignore your intuition continually you may end up very ill. If this is your Authority, we recommend you make sure that you allow your system to completely recover before resuming your normal level of activity.

Kinds of Splenic Center Authority in Human Design

The Splenic Center can be the Authority in only two basic Types of beings.

Splenic Manifestors

Splenic Manifestors are people who have the Ego or Root motors defined to the Throat along with or through the Splenic Center, without the Sacral or Solar Plexus defined.

If you can trace your finger from any of those two motor Centers along a colored-in Channel up to the Throat (for example, going through the Splenic Center from the Root or Heart or G Center along the way) then you are looking at the bodygraph of a Splenic Manifestor. These people have consistent energy for Manifestation, along with the deep instinctive intuition to keep themselves alive.

When your Splenic Center is defined to your throat as well as connected to either your Root or Ego (or both), your authority is manifested Splenic Authority. You are designed to pay attention to your intuition, your instincts and pattern recognition awareness of what can give you well-being and keep you healthy.

Example Human Design chart of Manifested Splenic Authority: Vladamir Putin

Example Human Design chart of Manifested Splenic Authority: Vladamir Putin

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Splenic Projectors

Splenic Projectors are people who have the Splenic Center defined without the Sacral or Solar Plexus defined, and without any motors connected to the Throat.

You are designed to be attuned to recognition in the moment, and your intuition, instinct and pattern recognition ability can be trusted to guide you to accept the correct invitations leading you towards well-being.

Sometimes, Projectors can be over eager to accept any invitation—without trusting their Spleen. Be very careful to listen to your hunches and don’t allow your mind to override your Splenic Center, as it can speak repeatedly and much louder than your Authority.

Any time a Projector initiates, they run the risk of making choices that lead to bitterness. If you find yourself in a situation that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, instead of experiencing success, ask yourself—did you wait to be recognized and invited, and did you trust your intuition?

Practice trusting your intuition without over-analyzing or rationalizing using your mind. Let go of the mind’s machinations and trust your body. Your body is your life; honoring your personal Authority leads you to live a healthy life.

Example Human Design Chart of Projected Splenic Authority: Brad Pitt

Example Human Design Chart of Projected Splenic Authority: Brad Pitt

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Trust Your Splenic Knowing, Intuition, Instincts, Pattern Recognition

As a Splenic being, you are here to be deeply present in the now. Remember the purpose of Human Design is to help you to be yourself by taking away authority from your conditioned mind and putting it where it belongs.

In your case, you are a perfectly designed, purely existential being, and can trust your powerful instincts above anything your mind or emotions tell you—no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise. Experiment and see for yourself.

In Human Design, we give you techniques to tap into your personal Authority to navigate correctly and live out your true nature, but it takes dedication and commitment to follow your Strategy of either informing or waiting to be recognized and invited, and honoring your Splenic Authority to make decisions.

Are you ready to discover the authentic fulfillment life has to offer you?

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