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Emotional Authority

If you see the inward pointing triangle on the lower right-hand side of your bodygraph colored in, you know that you are an Emotionally defined being because of your consistently defined (energized) Solar Plexus.

In the video below is an excerpt of a class on Solar Plexus as the Authority in the Human Design System chart.

Imagine you are a body of water – a tranquil lake.

Small decisions are like small pebbles thrown into you; it doesn’t take long for your waters to grow still again so that you can see clearly and make a decision from that place of clarity.

Now imagine someone is backing up a huge dump truck to roll a boulder toward you, the lake. Boom! The boulder crashes into the lake, throwing out huge waves and shaking the earth. This time it takes a much longer time for the waters to become clear, with ripples bouncing back from the shore and mud being stirred up. Large decisions (like romantic relationships or big career moves) can take far more time to get clear on.

However, your emotional waters are never completely still – because your chemistry creates waves on its own. As an emotionally defined being, you are more like an ocean, with varying kinds of waves depending on what kind of definition you have. Because of the motor function of the Solar Plexus, you can never get a completely clear picture of decisions. When you’re feeling good, everything looks better. When you’re feeling bad, everything looks worse. You can only reach a sense of clarity over time as the waters – your emotional waves – keep on moving.

The Most Important thing to Know if Your Solar Plexus is Defined!

If you have the Solar Plexus defined, the most important thing for you to learn is patience, to avoid premature action that your mind or others condition you to take. The capacity to accept what is, to endure nervousness and upsets or elation without acting from the high point of either emotional extreme is of the utmost importance for you to learn.

Patience allows you to experience the “wave” or swing of moods and emotions generated by the Solar Plexus, and practice allows you to make your decisions from a place of clear waters – a place of calm.

Types of Emotional Authority

Did you know there are three kinds of Emotional Authority (different wave frequencies of emotions) caused by the Source wave that generates them? They are the Tribal Racheting, Individual Spike and Collective Crash Waves. Also, there are three Types of Emotional Authority – Manifested, Generated and Projected. Here are some Emotional Authority chart examples below.

Manifested Emotional Authority, Frida Kahlo example chart

Manifested Emotional Authority, Frida Kahlo example chart

FRIDA KHALO (Click link to add to your free Human Design chart Library!)

Frida Kahlo was an Emotional Manifestor with the Individual Spike wave (39-55 Projected and 22-12 Manifested).

Pure Emotional Generator, Richard Branson example chart

Pure Emotional Generator, Richard Branson example chart

RICHARD BRANSON (Click link to add to your free Human Design chart Library)

Richard Branson is a Pure Emotional Generator with the 59-6 Source Wave, which is stable and stalls.


BARACK OBAMA (Click link to add to your free Human Design chart Library!)

Barack Obama is an Emotional Projector with the Abstract Crash wave, which builds with expectations and then crashes.

The Benefits of Patience in Decision-Making

Regardless of the kind of Emotional Authority you have, (Manifested, Generated or Projected) you need time to experience emotional clarity throughout the depth and breadth of your emotional wave. Wait for zero emotional turbulence on decisions before you move forward on anything, as there is no absolute truth in the now for you.

As an emotional being, you are here to know things deeply, experience a full range of emotional experiences. You are here to move forward when you are clear about your impact (Manifestor), response (Generator) or recognitions after having been invited (Projector).

Truth reveals itself as a sense of clarity over time as you experience the myriad of perspectives from riding your emotional wave.

You might also enjoy this article on the Solar Plexus if you’re new to Human Design! Excerpt:

Defined Solar Plexus – Emotional Authority

“If your Solar Plexus is defined, the emotional frequencies of your defined gates above are hardwired into how you consistently experience your life.

Remember to wait out your waves of emotions for decision-making as you have your unique time-frequency. It is not about explaining or controlling your emotions. Release your emotions when and how it feels correct for you; otherwise chaos ensues.

When you repress or stuff your emotions (as many of us are trained to do when raised by unemotional parents) they can cause all kinds of physical problems. Remember to BREATHE and allow the emotion to be felt. In this simple act, you honor who you are as an emotional being, and allow your connection to spirit to be open.

There is “no truth in the now” for you as an emotional being – you are designed to explore and feel things more than others, taking in experiences deeply over time. You simply cannot be in a hurry to make decisions, as you are here to come to profound decisions.

A good rule is to always at least “sleep on it.” Be hard to get when it comes to committing your energy to experiences. Correct decisions come from a sense of emotional (not mental) clarity over time.

What matters is your awareness and cultivation of what it feels like to operate correctly. Learning the lessons and experiencing what patience brings allows you to revel in the rewards of being emotional.

What are the rewards? A depth of perception over time which gives a richness and a complexity to life that brings pleasure to us as physical creatures and makes us wonderfully HUMAN.” Laveena Lovick

Here is a private video documenting an emotional crisis I was having earlier this year (2018) in which I was experiencing another “shattering” of my mind’s conditioned reality. One of my esteemed mentor of Human Design is Alokanand Diaz Del Rio, a highly experienced Analyst and Teacher, 1/3 Emotional Manifestor on the Cross of Consciousness. If you’re having a difficult time, I hope it helps you as much as his words helped me.

In our next Authority Article, we will continue with the topic of Sacral Authority.

A portion of this article was written for Jovian Archive, home of the Human Design System, under the birthname Andrea Abay-Abay in 2015, text and images reused with permission.

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