How to Work Best as a Manifesting Generator (BG5 Career Type: Express Builder)


How To Access Your Natural Power as an Express Builder

This BG5 article is the first in a Career Type series written by invitation for the BG5 Business Institute. My intention is to help you comprehend your unique career type. I recommend you subcribe to notifications so you don’t miss the complete series designed to improve your communication with colleagues, clients, co-workers and bosses. Empowering your inter-relational skills—by adjusting to the way each person needs to be interacted with according to his or her nature—yields optimum results in the workplace.

In this article, we are focusing on the Express Builder, a sub-type of Builder, one of the most vital and abundant of the four basic career types. Not sure what type you are? Click here to get a free BG5 sample report and discover yours now!

Knowing your career type gives you a straightforward tool for decision-making. Career type is a core component of how to make choices you trust and use your precious energy in the right way, aligned with your natural strengths, talents, and gifts.

It’s vital to your well-being and overall work-life balance to operate in alignment with your physical capabilities. There are two types of Builders: Express Builders and Classic Builders.

Below we’ll hear from Express Builders with different optimal ways of making decisions so you can get various perspectives on what it’s like to be an Express Builder.

How to Avoid Express Builder Career Type Pitfalls

Constant frustration leads to career dissatisfaction and reduced efficiency at work and in business 

Constant frustration leads to career dissatisfaction and reduced efficiency at work and in business 

If you’re an Express Builder, do you end up wasting your time and energy “spinning your wheels” and feeling stuck despite working hard? Are you feeling like you are running fast but getting nowhere. Are you profoundly frustrated, even angry or unsatisfied with how you spend your days?

The reason for this discomfort and dissatisfaction comes down to using your energy resources incorrectly. Your BG5 career type gives you a decision-making strategy that tells you how to utilize your energy most healthfully. As an Express Builder, you use your power most effectively when you provide the strength to move things along quickly, to build and create in response to what your life asks you to do.

You can only “go, go, go!” speedily and healthfully if you’re doing something that feels meaningful and satisfying to you personally. What you do helps you discover who you are – for yourself. So if you do things for others that is not in response, for whatever reason, you are eventually going to end up with challenges. Saying yes to everything a particular person asks for because of whatever role they play in your life, and subjugating your own needs for the sake of external validation (their approval) is just one example of how you can be led off track.

Are you following your Gut Responses?

Are you following your Gut Responses?

Ignoring your body’s responses and slaving away at something you don’t enjoy can quickly burn out your generative energy, and even if you do manifest something, it won’t feel deeply rewarding or satisfying. You could force yourself to “go, go, go” in unhealthy ways by doing things that you don’t enjoy. Do you find that your career isn’t entirely satisfying or as materially successful as it could be? If you’re doing things that you’re not designed to do, saying yes because of outside forces and having a hard time saying no, or you’re preoccupied with doing a lot of “busy work” that is not personally rewarding, likely it’s because you’re not following your gut responses. If you have the additional strategy of Wait for Clarity, you need to feel out your responses over a period of time.

Can you recognize that your satisfaction depends on doing the work you love and loving the work that you do? Your life’s work is vitally important to your overall health and your overall well-being. If you are not doing what you like to do and loving what you do, your health eventually will suffer.

How to Know the BG5 Express Builder Career Type

Express Builders are designed to express pure, consistent power, a generative vitality in answer to what life asks of them. Their response can be a guttural sound or a sensation that emanates from the core of their being, and if their Energy Resource Function is connected to the Communication and Action Function, then articulation and response can be lightning-fast! Express Builders can “skip steps” in response, providing significant energy to quickly move projects along to successful completion.

If you’re an Express Builder, you are built to enjoy an effective process of getting things done that you enjoy doing, things your body responds to with speed and energy. You find meaning and reward in using your life-force in alignment with your passions.

As an Express Builder, you’re part of 35% of a group of people (Builders) gifted with a natural built-in generative vitality that knows through response what it has the energy to do quickly. Your career type allows you to “go, go, go” —like an Energizer bunny sped up in fast forward!

Your outlet is your passion, your creative life-force in response, the work that you enjoy doing or the activities in which you can “lose yourself” in order to discover who you are for yourself. Following your passions in response is a source of powerful regenerative energy for you.

Plugging into this outlet daily until it’s time to wind down for bed is healthy for you. Then get into a comfortable relaxed position with your feet up and continue to work on whatever it is you enjoy until you “run out of juice.” This helps you to sleep soundly and revitalizes you for another day of satisfyingly expending your energy in alignment with your purpose.

Avoid Career Burnout - Do Only What You Love!

Avoid Career Burnout – Do Only What You Love!

No matter what Career Type you are, there are grave consequences in not using your energy correctly. Not using your energy successfully leads to issues like chronic overwhelm, depression, stress-related ailments, exhaustion, burnout and overall unhappiness.


How Express Builders Best Use Energy for Maximum Results

Unfortunately, we face a grave problem in our workplaces. Many people slave away at jobs they hate – trapped in their own minds’ justifications for why they “have to” do the work they do and why they are unable to choose to do what they love to do. Read this article for how BG5 solves the issue of Employee Engagement.

How can you as an Express Builder use your power correctly?

The QUALITY of how you use your energy is important. Your gut tells you, moment to moment, what it has the energy to do. If you have the Emotional Intelligence Function defined then you need to Respond with your gut in right timing. Observe yourself in “the flow” and watch correct actions arise and move through you.

Key to Manifesting Generator Decision-Making: Wait to Respond to Life As it Comes to You

Key to Manifesting Generator Decision-Making: Wait to Respond to Life As it Comes to You

As an Express Builder, that natural source of generative energy is designed to be entirely used up by the end of every day with activities you enjoy. You are intended to be able to “go, go, go” only in response to what life asks of you (as it moves towards you first) – not what your mind thinks you “have to do,” “should do,” or “are supposed to do.”

The energy with which you commit yourself to a project or endeavor flavors the entire experience. If you’re following your gut response to use your power in a practical, productive way, in a way that brings you an internal feeling of satisfaction, then you can build a meaningful life.

How to Comprehend an Express Builder’s “Response-ability”

Each Express Builder has a unique purpose he or she is here to fulfill. Their strength can be tapped into for their personal satisfaction through following their gut response in action from moment, to moment, no matter what fears or reasons their mind might use to persuade them to not follow their body’s innate intelligence.

What does the Express Builder’s response feel like? Here are some answers from Express Builders in their own words:

“For me, I get a pull towards the things that are a yes response or a push away from the things that are a no. I do also hear an inner ‘uh huh’ for yesses. For ‘no’ I hear nothing. I find that when something is very correct for me, I just can’t take my attention off of it – much like my experience in learning and applying BG5.” Rob Thomas, Express Builder, Follow Your Gut decision-making authority


“I have a two part process because my decision-making strategy includes waiting for emotional clarity. So although I may sense something is correct for me by the excitement around it, the clarity is not there immediately. I will continue to receive inner nudges that inspire me to reassess or take action once the timing is right. Trusting the process is key for me since it occurs over time.” Melissa Jean, Express Builder with Wait for Clarity decision-making authority


“What I have witnessed is my response is quick. There is not always a gutteral noise but there is a movement towards something or not. It is fast. It happens without thought for sure…. Of course, while in conversation, I hear the sacral noises, I nod or shake my head and the sacral also loves to giggle…however, when it comes to decisions, for me, it is usually a body movement.” Leann Wolff, Express Builder, Follow Your Gut decision-making authority


“I totally align with the description of my Energy Resource response being a ‘feeling of being drawn and pulled toward something’ – as in ‘I am compelled and could do no other’. My energy force takes over…. My choice point is, do I move forward in the zone feeling present, engaged and satisfied? Or do I unconsciously ride my so-not-present emotional wave, totally barricaded in my intellect, feeling absolutely frustrated – as are the people around me. ” Tuck Self, Express Builder, Wait For Clarity decision-making authority

Two Helpful Express Builder Keys for Maximum Satisfaction

All of us broadcast our energy in unique ways. Each one of us has a simple signpost that will immediately let us know if we are delivering static, or producing clear communication.

How do you know if you’re on the right track or not? How do you know if you’re off track? When it comes to using your energy correctly, owning your uniqueness, communication and what you’re broadcasting, an essential guidepost for each Career Type helps us know when we’re on-track and when something’s off.

Express Builder On-track: Satisfaction

What Does Career Satisfaction Feel like to you?

What Does Career Satisfaction Feel like to you?

How do you know if you’re transmitting static or clear communication? The simple answer is if it feels right, you’re on-track. Each Career Type has a signpost of how that consistently shows up. For you as an Express Builder, we call this Satisfaction.

From the Express Builder’s perspective:

“I would describe it as being ‘in flow.’ You know what I mean? We have all felt this in one way or another. Things just ‘seem’ to go right and you hope and wish it never ends. I find what brings me satisfaction is getting things done. Moving things forward. Ever felt the satisfaction of marking the line through the ‘to-do’ item? Yes! Feels great right?” Rob Thomas, Express Builder, Follow Your Gut decision-making strategy

“For me it is a very upbeat energy that leads me to singing or humming while I am engaged with the activities. It is like a natural flow that I am enjoying, moving from one thing to the next with ease. Shining the light on others and supporting them definitely elicits satisfaction from within me.” Melissa Jean, Express Builder, Wait for Clarity decision-making strategy

“Satisfaction feels like a big sigh of relief…It just feels yummy. My energy is working and happy. There is zero tension in the muscular, fascia, or organs. There is just a relaxed state.” Leann Wolff, Express Builder, Follow Your Gut decision-making strategy

“I end up in what feels like ‘the zone.’ I am present, relaxed, focused and indeed, SATISFIED. Satisfaction also brings a sense of completion with the person, experience or circumstance. In this completion, I trust the lesson received from the response, and ‘throw’ the experience away.” Tuck Self, Express Builder, Wait for Clarity decision-making strategy

Express Builder Off-track: Frustration

Are you Frustrated in your Career or at Work?

Are you Frustrated in your Career or at Work?

If it feels terrible; you get frustrated to the point of anger where you want to just give up and quit (or another example: imagine the sensation of trying to move through hip-deep mud – and you hate being dirty!), you’re off-track. One of the gifts of knowing your Career Type is owning the signpost of being off-track. Frustration is like the bumps in the middle or the sides of a road that warn you it’s time to course-correct. If not, your career and, eventually, your health is in jeopardy!

From the Express Builder’s perspective:

“Unfortunately I really identify with this one as a result of not having this information for the first 44 years of my life. Most of my life I have been going out ‘to make it happen.’ This NEVER worked for me. I have attached myself to every outcome which has caused me frustration almost every time because no-thing shows up in the way or on the timeline that my mind wants it to. Being in sales we are ordered to go out and make it happen – no wonder the planet despises salespeople!” Rob Thomas, Express Builder

“Frustration is very familiar to me, it is definitely the red flag that grabs my attention. I have come to recognize this as the reminder to let go, breathe and relax. Whatever was pushing me to act a certain way no longer has a hold and I allow peace to wash over me. I care more about feeling good than whatever I was attempting to do. Once I am aligned, other possibilities open up.” Melissa Jean, Express Builder

“Frustration is so not fun!! If I am doing something I did not respond ‘yes’ to…the not-self mind just jumps right on it and really gets me stirred up. I hate everything and everyone and it is not a pretty sight. It is mentally exhausting. My body, however, is only exhausted when I am in Satisfaction…which is healthy because I know I have used my body to build correctly.” Leann Wolff, Express Builder

“Frustration shows up in my Energy Resource response as a gut tension. Literally my gut tightens. From this point, I’ll either retreat into my head, barricading myself in my intellect. Or, I’ll unconsciously react from my Emotional (Un)intelligence and lose myself as I’m carried off on my emotional wave. What transpires in my inner and outer world at this point reflects chaos, confusion, ‘pisstivity’ and frustration!” Tuck Self, Express Builder


Questions to Contemplate:
Express Builder Career Satisfaction

Manifesting Generator/Express Builder Self-Discovery

Manifesting Generator/Express Builder Self-Discovery

Do you have a few minutes for a Self-Discovery exercise? Get your phone and put it on a 10 minute timer. If you have difficulty alone, doing this exercise with a friend or co-worker who knows you may help. Ask them to ask you the questions below, and modify the questions to what they know of you to ask you yes/no questions about your interests and your life. If you have Wait for Clarity as a decision-making strategy, try doing this again but spaced out over a week or two to see how your responses change.

1) What are you most passionate about doing?

2) What is it that you could do all day without feeling frustrated/angry?

3) What are the activities where you felt so satisfied that you would get right back up the next day with joy to do it some more?

4) Can you imagine living your life in this way?

Did you discover anything new about yourself? Would you like to share with us what you found most meaningful below?

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