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Sun in Gate 41

Today is January 22, 2019 and the Sun (Core Essence) has moved into Hexagram 41, Contraction, the Gate of Decrease. This Gate is in the Realm of Sirius, and is in the first half of Aquarius, which straddles the end of the Quarter of Mutation (and the beginning of the Quarter of Mind). Being in the Quarter of Mutation means the Life Fulfillment theme for this Gate is “Purpose fulfilled through Transformation.” The Mystical Theme here is Accepting Death.

When the Sun enters Gate 41, we have the imprint of that moment color the thematics for the upcoming year. This is a year of profound Transformation, marked by the Rave New Year Chart. Here’s a significant reason why: take a look at this image you see here using Maia Mechanics Imaging Advanced software courtesy of JovianArchive.com. Our whole planet has been pressurized with an energy for Mutation thanks to Ketu (South Node/Past Perspective) in Gate 60 for the past couple months, along with Uranus (Unusualness).

Can I share with you my personal perspective of some of the aspects of this Rave New Year’s transit? Let’s take a look together at some of the thematics I have been personally been feeling.

Not only have we had that Channel 3-60 – an Individual Mutation channel as well as large group organizing channel that causes the Strength of Innovation in our societies – for several months due to Ketu, the South Node of the Moon (past direction) and Uranus (unusualness), last week we had the Sun (core essence) in 60 and today Mercury (communication) moved into 60 as well. This is the Gate of Limitation; the Rave I-Ching teaches us that the first step in transcending our limitations is accepting them. 

These energetic imprints of where the planets are shows why the build-up of pressure we may feel, the source of the Pulse of energy that formats all of our individual processes to overcome limitations, bringing potential frustration, feeling stressed, stuck, or even experiencing low-back problems. Have you been moody or energized, “wired but tired” perhaps struggling to get over a limitation and/or feeling melancholy about nothing new happening? Be wary of ignoring your own limitations and paying the price for it!

On this Rave New Year we have 60.1 twice. In our Rave I-Ching, line one says “Restless energy when confronted with external limitations. The drive for diversity, that when limited can become restless and agitated.” 

Gate 3.3 in Uranus (unusualness) is bringing out of chaos,  ordering to transcend confusion and establish order. “The ability to recognize and distinguish between fertile and sterile in their various manifestations.” This happens to be transiting my natal Chiron, a transit I can feel that has been helping me break free from old limitations that kept me from being unapologetically myself


“It isn’t the transits that rule the world. Program, in that sense, doesn’t rule us. It isn’t meant to be either this or that. It’s simply there. It’s simply something that we live with. It is our environment. It is our weather.

And everything about how you deal with that and how you handle that environment comes with maturity. We long ago moved out of caves into, at least many of us, into much more comfortable, much more controlled, much more protected environments. Then we don’t feel the curse of the elements on the outside.

Like everything having to do with Human Design, information is abundant. Strategy is singular. Follow your strategy and you’re not going to be a victim of transits. Not following your strategy, not be who you are, live out the life of the not-self and then the transits are going to rule your life.

The same thing is true with being yourself. Living in the environment of the neutrino program, to be yourself is to be the most sophisticated you can be in terms of your consciousness. And in that sophistication to be able to have built in you is that protection against the negative aspects of the elements.

Whatever the transit field is going to be, whatever the cycle is going to be, any concern you might have is for the not-self out there who’s going to be trapped by it. But if you’re honoring your type, if you’re living out your strategy you will see quite clearly that regardless of what cycle you move through, the cycle is for you. Have a good new rave year.” Ra Uru Hu


My Moon was the highest degree of all planets in the sky when I was born. As my conscious driving force, I’m no stranger to studying the Mysteries (I began reading occult books my mother had around the house when I was a young child). I can FEEL the additional pressure to want to know the big “WHY in the SKY” as I like to call it.

Remember it is an illusion that any Truth exists outside of yourself, everything is within. We all have our own, unique, brilliant individual Truth. So with this conscious, driving force in 61.3 Interdependence, I recognize the value of collaborating in relationships and am learning how “It is exceedingly difficult for truth to stand alone.” Our Truth, Transformation and Psychology this year is imprinted by Pluto in this Gate of Inner Truth.

Last year when Pluto (Truth & Transformation) entered into 61 Inner Truth for the first time, was when I noticed a huge influx of new people interested in Human Design and the demand for new classes increase. Line one of Gate 61 is Occult Knowledge – “The pressure to know the mysteries through esoteric. A natural psychic awareness that empowers principles of universalization.”

This drive to know is part of what pressures our direction this year. Ra being a Messenger of the Foundations of Inner Truth through Occult Knowledge—with his Design Sun (core essence) in 61.1—I predict we will again see ever increasing waves of newcomers coming into our community this year, eclipsing the tremendous growth I’ve seen on the social media platforms I nurture. For example, when I began as a professional invited to write for Jovian in 2014, we had around 2K facebook fans and a little over 7 million charts run on our platform. Right now, we have over 10K fans on Facebook and there are 26,919,567 Rave Calculations.

Ra Uru Hu’s Unconscious Design Sun, part of his Life’s Work —Image via  MyBodyGraph.com

Ra Uru Hu’s Unconscious Design Sun, part of his Life’s Work —Image via MyBodyGraph.com

Another thing I find personally relevant to my experience that I’m excited to share with you is that both Venus (Values) and Jupiter (Personal Law) were conjunct in the same gate/line at the start of this new year in line 5,  transiting exactly over my conscious natal Neptune (illusion, art, spirituality) in Gate 5 Fixed Patterns. This is the business skill of Culture, for me feeling personally like the energy of Peace and Joy, with all mentioned in this line 5 (and my unconscious Neptune in line 2, Peace). Gate 5 reads—Waiting as an aspect of enlightenment. Both Venus and Jupiter exalted; “The power to be calm and to find one’s place in the flow. To remain calm as the ultimate aesthetic and thus recognize the inner meaning of being.”

My daily personal spiritual practices have brought depths of bliss and realizations I have never experienced in this same feeling-sense before (my cognition is Feeling). I can see it reflected in my life through the synchronicities and joys of the simple movement of Being Consciousness in form and in the simple magic of breathing.


I feel hope that in the movement 
of Consciousness through you, 
in simply Being, as Yourself, 
you discover how love of yourself 
through any struggle, strife, crisis, conflict or chaos 
means honoring the authenticity of your form 
which arises from Consciousness
(as Divinity witnessing itself) 
this Unity with all that is,
through your unique differentiation.

Any lack of love, or loneliness you may feel, 
is only a simple shift in perspective to change 
to let go of the mis-identification with your shadows
to live out the truth of who you truly are 
And through honoring your nature, 
you step into the flow of YOUR authentic expression 
of Consciousness and Being, 
and in that, no matter what it is, 
you Shine as Yourself.  

In honor of the enlightening in my being and the peacefulness and joy I feel, I offer this blog post as my inspiration to share on this Human Design Experiment journey with immense gratitude for your presence and support in my life. Without you, I would not be able to fulfill my dharma, doing what I love to guide and teach those who resonate with me. THANK YOU, BELOVED ONE.


Have you been feeling empowered? Or perhaps Melancholic?
Have you noticed the mutation in the air? 

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