Projector Success Secrets: the Advisor Career Type

Human Design Projectors are BG5 Advisor Career Types

Human Design Projectors are BG5 Advisor Career Types

Projector Question: What are the consequences of not working according to your true nature?

Answer: Feeling bitterly unsuccessful and sacrificing your quality of life, relationships, and health in an attempt to make money and keep up with the world. If you are not working in alignment with the success secrets of your Advisor career type, there are severe consequences to your health and overall well-being.

For example, you may experience adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroid problems, exhaustion, and burnout. If we are not working correctly for our type, we are not living in alignment and can feel sour about the lack of success in our lives in addition to being exhausted.

If that sounds familiar to you, there’s hope!

It’s essential to your well-being and work-life balance to operate in alignment with your unique capabilities. Would you like to know about your unique Advisor career type to facilitate success in business?

In this article, I aim to support and empower fellow Advisors to reach their fullest potential. Advisor career types are called Projectors in the Human Design System. Advisors are needed to lead and guide the processes of Builders (Generators) and Innovators (Manifestors). If you’re new to this system, welcome! I hope you embark on a personal journey that is deeply profound and transformative. Comprehending and integrating your career type is the first step in owning your unique individuality. 

Ready to set yourself up for success? Read on!

Access Your BG5 Advisor Career Super Powers

Access Your BG5 Advisor Career Super Powers

How Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisors Can Access Power to Achieve Career Success 

This BG5 article is a continuation of a Career Type series written for the BG5 Business Institute that can help you comprehend your unique career type. We recommend you read the complete set to improve your communications with colleagues, clients, co-workers, and bosses. Empowering your inter-relational skills — by adjusting to the way each person is designed by his or her nature — yields optimum results in the workplace.

We are going to focus on the Advisor, the second most common of the four basic career types, and how we interact successfully with the other career types. Being an Advisor means advising others in their work. We need to get paid for the value we bring as specialists, teachers, mentors, and guides regarding a process or system we’ve mastered.

Knowing your career type gives you a straightforward tool for decision making. Career type shows you how to make choices you trust and use your precious energy in the right way, aligned with your natural strengths, talents, and gifts.

How to Avoid Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisor Career Type Pitfalls

Projectors Guide the Process

Projectors Guide the Process

For all Advisers, the key thing to remember is that you do not have a consistent energy resource to generate worker-bee energy. You are not designed to go, go, go, go, go all the time. You have to pay attention to your body’s need for breaks and rest. You are not designed to do all the doing yourself, but your mind may think that’s the solution. Unfortunately, believing your mind’s “I have to do this all by myself” thinking leads to burnout fast. The lesson here is learning that there is nothing wrong with your need to delegate or do things according to your timing.

Your success depends on having energetically healthy people around you who acknowledge your skills and offer you their energy resources to work with and to guide. When recognized, you excel at organizing and leading individuals, groups, and systems. You’re here to see and connect with those who invite you to share what you know. It’s hard to guide the process when you’re caught up in thinking you have to do everything all by yourself. When others recognize your gifts and invite your advice on how you’re here to make things more efficient and effective, and you only accept the roles that are correct for you, you’re on the right track.

As a specialist working for short periods of time, through seeing the big picture and leading or guiding the process, you’ll taste the sweetness of success.

70% of the human population are Builders, so you may often find yourself trying to fit in or prove yourself to keep up with their go, go, go energy. The conditioning of being around so many Builders can lead you to push yourself into unhealthy states of exhaustion where your system can break down. If you’re around people who are not healthy for you, you amplify the energy that can drain or weaken you. This situation can spiral downwards into all kinds of health issues.

If you’re an adviser, your success depends on having energetically healthy people around you and leading and guiding the process when you’re recognized and then invited. You have the brilliant ability to bring people together and to maximize energy and resources. Remember that it’s vitally important to take time to rest when needed in order to remain healthy. The most important thing for you to learn is extreme self-care.

Because so much of the world are Builders, you can often find yourself trying to live in their reality, trying to keep up with their energy. The myth of having to keep up can lead you to become a kind of super slave and cause you deep resentment. Pushing yourself can lead you into unhealthy states of exhaustion, where your system can start to break down. 

If you’re so focused on being seen for something you think you know, it can keep you from not allowing others to recognize you naturally. Sometimes you might find that you’re struggling so hard to be appreciated that you may begin to be known for something out of integrity with your design’s natural gifts. For example, you might want a promotion and the only way you think you can get it is to be a super hard worker, wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself. When you feel sour at being passed up for a promotion and you think, “Why don’t they see how hard I work?” oh boy, are you way off track! Bitterness is how you know that you’re that trying too hard at something that is not your correct job. 

Give advice only when you’re recognized and invited in order to guide others to do the doing in the most efficient, effective way possible. Learn to delegate! That’s one of the most important solutions for you to remain healthy.

How to Recognize the Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisor Career Type

You can usually spot the Advisor by their intense gaze, intent focus, or penetrating stare. They’re usually studying something, and have an impressive global awareness. Some Advisors know a lot about many things, but once they find their passion they can be like Aspergians — super-focused on a particular area of interest.

Advisors are the most diverse of the career Types. There are many different decision-making strategies within these three sub-types of Advisor: Mental, Classic, and Energy Advisors. (We’ll go more into how to discover which kind you are in our free webinar training, stay tuned!).

All Projectors / Advisors have this in common: the Energy Resource (Sacral) is not defined, and there is no definition of any of the energy functions to the Communication and Action Function (Throat).


Most Advisors delight in being asked for what we see in terms of the big picture, how things fit together, and how things can be made for efficient or effective. We love being valued and appreciated for our perspective.

For Advisors, recognition is a two-way street. As an Advisor, you need to learn to trust the mechanics of your focused and absorbing presence. Relax into the knowing that you are designed to be seen and recognized.

You are also intended to see and acknowledge others. You work best when you can focus in on one person at a time, where you can focus on who they are and share what you see.

Just as you’re designed to see and recognize others, so are you created to be seen and appreciated by others naturally. When you trust the subtle mechanics of your design, you open yourself up to truly hear the recognition and notice the invitations of others; that’s where the magic happens for you.

Be your shining Self. There is nothing you need to “do” because who you naturally are as a guide for the other is enough.

How Human Design Projectors / Advisors Best Communicate for Maximum Efficiency

How to Communicate as a Human Design Projector

How to Communicate as a Human Design Projector

Next time you are about to be in interaction with others, give this a try. Let go of expectations, open up your awareness, listen quietly and wait for that recognition and invitation. You may feel your whole body light up with recognition in return through what you see and know. You may be amazed at what others sense and what they recognize in you because we Advisors have a hard time seeing ourselves accurately.

As clear communication is key to the achievement of success in guiding others, here are some helpful tips on communicating with the other career types. These are simple strategies that can help you elevate your ability to communicate effectively. Using these little tips to communicate correctly with each of the different career types can create better results both personally and professionally.

Manifestors – the Innovators

Innovators need to be kept informed of their impact. Generally, the thing that really interests them is, “How can I make my mark in the world?” What they really want is to operate in peace and get things moving into action. So keep the Innovators in your life informed of things that impact their ability to do their job, and if they are your boss, co-worker or partner, keep them informed of things they are responsible for that impact your ability to do your job. Experiment with what it feels like to wait for them to initiate you into conversation or action unless you have a relationship where they’ve given you an open invitation to approach them.

Generators – the Builders

Builders are designed to respond. When you ask Builders simple questions that are not multiple-choice, but a direct yes or no, you’re going to get the most authentic answer from their guttural response. You might hear “Ah huh,” for a yes or “Uhn ahh,” for a no, or “Hmmm.” If it’s a, “Hmmm,” it’s either no for right now, or you may need to ask the question again in a slightly different way. Manifesting Generators /Express Builders are more articulate and tend to skip steps. Pure Generators/Classic Builders need a step by step process of activity. Reading the response of a Builder is the way to know if they have the energy to complete the task or not. See what it feels like to wait for them to approach you first, and be sure to ask them back to confirm they have a response towards what direction or action they want to take.

Projectors – the Advisors

With fellow Advisers, it’s all about recognition and invitation. When you authentically recognize the skills, talents, and abilities of an Adviser, and invite them to share what they see, this is where they truly shine. You can gain profound insight and see things that you may have otherwise overlooked simply by recognizing and inviting the Advisers to share.

Reflectors – the Evaluators

For the Evaluator, initiate them by including them according to how you see them fitting into the big picture. Keep them apprised of what you see their role being because often they can lose track of what their role should be. Evaluators like to belong, be involved and included, and they are wonderful for displaying how things are going when they are at the center of the business.

Human Design Projector with Generator via

Human Design Projector with Generator via

How to Taste the Sweetness of the Human Design Projector’s / Advisor’s birthright, “Success”

As an Adviser, the signpost of being on track is the sweetness of success. That feeling of success happens most often in the simple act of by being recognized and invited. Nothing feels better to an Adviser than being recognized for our gifts, talents, ways of seeing things.

Being asked to share, lead, or guide within the system that we have mastered is one of the most wonderful sensations for us. Being recognized and invited is what truly allows an Adviser to shine. We are naturally designed to be seen and to encourage others.

When we can get out of our own way and not try to push or force things, we are typically highly visible and designed to be valued for our mastery of systems.

Career Type – Advisors from BG5 Business Institute on Vimeo.

What does the Human Design Projector’s / Advisor’s strategy of “Wait for Recognition and Invitation” feel like?

Here are some answers from Advisors in their own words:

“Recognition and invitation feels like relaxing into a space of deeply trusting… Trusting that when I have patience, when I show up in my light, the correct opportunities truly come to me. It’s taking time to shift into operating this way but it’s certainly much calmer and more gratifying.” Colleen Arneil, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

“It feels like being a kid on the playground, doing your own thing, then getting picked by someone you like to join their team in a game. ” Shaadi Oreyzi, Energy Advisor, Wait for Clarity

“When it’s working, it feels like home. Like I am centered, sturdy and purposeful.” Simone Outteridge, Classic Advisor, Instinctive Knowing

“It feels solid and powerful yet at the same time very natural and unforced, simple and clear.” Richard Seidman, Energy Advisor, Wait for Clarity

“I’m learning more and more about being in the right place. Invitations happen naturally then. Whenever I feel the energy shift, the invitations start flowing.” Julie Lynn, Energy Advisor, Wait for Clarity

”Strategy and Authority works because it make me feel seen, my voice is heard, I begin to flow at ease and effortlessly.” Rose Osman, Energy Advisor, Instinctive Knowing

”You can feel when the exchange is able to flow. Either a direct invitation to offer advice or a more subtle karmic energy flow.” Lisa Maree Akhurst, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others


Two Helpful Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisor Keys for Maximum Success

All of us broadcast our energy in unique ways. Each one of us has a simple signpost that will immediately let us know if we are delivering static, or producing clear communication. 

How do you know if you’re on the right track or not? How do you know if you’re off track? When it comes to using your energy correctly, owning your uniqueness, communication and what you’re broadcasting, an essential guidepost for each Career Type helps us know when we’re on track and when something’s off.

Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisor On-track: Success 

How do you know if you’re transmitting static or clear communication? The simple answer is if you’re feeling seen and understood, you’re on track. Each Career Type has a signpost of how that consistently shows up. For us Advisors, we call this “Success.”

What does Success feel like? From the Advisor’s perspective:

“For a long time I used to think of success in terms of awards, money, accolades. But I’ve learnt that having those doesn’t necessarily mean feeling deeply fulfilled. For me there is truly nothing sweeter than seeing others have major breakthrough moments because of perspective I have offered in their journey and feeling their deep appreciation for it.” Colleen Arneil, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

“To me, it is when other people benefit from my insights and appreciate the skills that I bring to the table. Success becomes an internal reward and sense of accomplishment for helping others.” Shaadi Oreyzi, Energy Advisor, Wait for Clarity

“When someone benefits from what I like to do most. And also when I feel seen, that others are sincerely interested in what I have to say or do. I can also feel success when I’m just having fun all by myself or when I find a simple solution to one of my ‘problems.’” Saskia Baardman, Energy Advisor, Wait for Clarity

“Success to me is achieving the things I have set out to do while learning, testing, measuring and implementing changes rather than getting stuck on what’s not working.” Simone Outteridge, Classic Advisor, Instinctive Knowing

“Being recognized gives me instant gratification and an overwhelming happiness. A free-flowing conversation that allows me to unfold and speak with my outer authority with ease and precision. To me, this is success. ” Lisa Maree Akhurst, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

“Success is when my voice is heard. It gives me a joyful stimulation and lightness that my presence and guidance is appreciated and matters.” Rose Osman, Energy Advisor, Instinctive Knowing

“Success is effortlessly having a positive, significant, recognizable effect on people and getting a reward for that, getting something of that back.” Tobias Inti Obermayr, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

Human Design Projector/ BG5 Advisor Off-track: Bitterness

If you sense you’re not being clearly heard or understood, that your words are falling on deaf ears or no one is seeing or appreciating your advice, you’re off-track. One of the gifts of knowing your Career Type is owning the signpost of being off-track. Bitterness is a signpost that you’re attempting to guide without a go-ahead from the other person or your decision-making strategy. 

Advisors don’t necessarily recognize that bitterness right away. When Advisors are deeply conditioned, they’re lost in the land of frustration, trying to get all the doing done and burning themselves out. When we don’t get recognized and acknowledged for our perspective, for what we know and how to make things better, we feel unseen, unvalued, unappreciated. When we are overlooked or left out, it leaves a bitter taste that’s hard to swallow. 

What does Bitterness show up like and when? From the Advisor’s perspective:

“Bitterness tends to show up as griping, complaining, negativity, and downright bitchiness. Sometimes it takes several days or even weeks for me to realize that I’m being a negative nelly about something and that’s when I realize that there isn’t a correct recognition in what I’m griping about and will take a look at what needs to change or if I just need to exit stage left and leave the situation all together.” Nathalie Marie-Collins, 2/4 Energy Advisor

“Bitterness at its most extreme feels like a bubbling cauldron full of resentment, annoyance and agitation that I’m not recognized or appreciated for what I have to offer. It also has a loneliness flavor to it … that I’m not seen or understood for the genuine support I have to give.” Colleen Arneil, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

“Bitterness feels like a brick wall. Choked up and unable to speak. Loneliness, an internal reclusiveness, sadness and frustration.” Lisa Maree Akhurst, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

“Bitterness for me is when I am not living by my true essence. When I do things my soul doesn’t recognize as my purpose.” Petya Petrova, Classic Advisor, Instinctive Knowing

“Bitterness feels like I don’t matter, that I’m not seen, that my contribution is ignored and doesn’t count.” Simone Outteridge, Classic Advisor, Instinctive Knowing

“Bitterness is feeling like getting the short end of the stick. Win/lose instead of win/win.” Tobias Inti Obermayr, Mental Advisor, Listen to What You Say with Others

“Bitterness to me has two different forms. The first was before I knew I was a Projector. I had no idea that bitterness was a direct result of not being invited. I would help others and often I would feel as if I was a vampire attempting to cross a threshold uninvited. I would be energetically repelled. Complaints, sadness and/or resentment were how my bitterness would present. Now that I am aware of what to look for, bitterness has a more off-putting, gut-wrenching feeling for me that is accompanied by full body nervous tension energy. When I recognize my mistake, the feeling eases up but still sticks around for a bit.” Sami Johnson, Energy Advisor, Wait for Clarity

Questions to Contemplate: Projector/Advisor Career Success

  1. Who are the kinds of people you feel most successful with and attract as clients/customers?

  2. What is the most common topic you advise others about?

  3. What are the systems of study that engage your fascination?

  4. If money were no object, where would you increase your intensity of focus?

  5. Can you imagine becoming a master of that system, getting paid for the value that you bring, and not the hours that you work?

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