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Institute:BG5 Business Institute
BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program - Semester 2

Online Course
Starting May 12, 2020 with Karen Sherwood
Tuesday's at 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 17:00 GMT


The goal and emphasis of the BG5™ Consultant Certification training is on analysis, synthesis, and presentation. We’ll combine the foundation material from the BG5™ Foundation Course with the actual methodologies you’ll use with your clients, as well as explore the interactions and dynamics of Unified Group Analysis. Upon completion of the BG5™ Consultant Certification Course, you’ll have the knowledge, tools, resources, and experience needed, to work effectively with your clients to guide and support them in their individual careers and businesses.

The BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program is 3 Semesters.

Semester 2

In Semester 2 you will learn how to empower and support your clients with a Full BG5 Career Design Analysis and Partnership Analysis. You will gain knowledge and experience in delivering all 16 BG5 Success Codes in a Full BG5 Career Design Analysis. You will also uncover the hidden chemistry present when two people work together in a Partnership Analysis.

In this Course we will…

  • Explore the deeper nuances of each of the 12 Business Skills.
  • Learn how to introduce a client to their consistent natural Strengths.
  • Help a client recognize when their shadows throw them off track.
  • Discover how to determine someone’s Public Role and Life Work.
  • Uncover the themes and qualities that support an individual in fulfilling their Life Purpose.
  • Get a deeper sense of larger group dynamics and how they affect us on an individual level.
  • Learn how to identify the strengths, potential hot spots and pitfalls of a business partnership.
  • And Much More….

NOTE: By the end of this semester you can begin delivering a BG5 Career Design Analysis and Partnership Analysis to clients as long as you inform them that you are still a student and not yet certified as a BG5 Career & Business Consultant. We encourage you to practice delivering Analyses to increase your skill and proficiency.

A one-time BG5 Career and Business Software and License fee of $1500.00 is due by the end of the second semester.

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