cJHx  SS Introduction to Holistic Analysis
Introduction to Holistic Analysis

A look into the basics of Holistic Analysis with Alokanand Diaz.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


Holistic Analysis is unlike anything else in Human Design. As an analytical tool, Human Design reveals the mechanics of the form principle as they operate on the surface, where ignorance and unawareness have taken hold of everything that is considered to be ‘normal’ in the homogenized world that we live in.

From this perspective, the only thing one can do is enter the journey of de-conditioning yourself through the anchorage in your vehicle, provided by Strategy and inner Authority when making any kind of decision.

Mechanics are about making correct decisions or succumbing to the forces that condition your mind, but Holistic Analysis is about the possibility of enjoying the delights of a differentiated journey as passenger of the form, and it is only possible when the decision making process is entirely out of your mind. All you need to do is watch yourself happening to yourself, emerging holistically out of the realm of colour in resonance with the world around you.

In Holistic Analysis, the focus is always on specific activations, either of the personality or the design, and they are placed into a perspective that RESONATES with the inherent perfection of the unique design.

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