B768  OC16 sem3
Institute:BG5 Business Institute
OC16 Large Business Consultant Certification - Semester 3

Online Course
Starting Sep 21, 2021 with Karen Sherwood


OC16 Large Business Certification Semester 3
Line of Communication & The Alpha Playbook in Large Group Dynamics

The final semester ties everything together and gives you the structure to deliver the Alpha Playbook to the owner, leader or manager of any large group and provide ongoing coaching, consulting and support.

The key is understanding the Alpha and how they are designed to lead, communicate and find allies within an OC16 structure.  Semester 3 will cover…
•    Building a relationship with Alpha to fully understand their hope, dreams and challenges
•    The 6 Lines of communication and their relationship to the Alpha
•    How the Alpha is designed to communicate in the most effective and efficient way.
•    Helping the Alpha find committed allies to communicate their message
•    Creating specialized teams focused on specific communication.
•    Creating the Alpha’s Playbook of Success

The Semester 3 Final Project requires working with a team, group, organization leader or business owner in creating an Alpha Playbook based on the lines of communication and gapping. Once your Final Project is Approved you will be officially certified as a OC16 Large Organization Business Consultant.

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