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Stepping Out: Leaving the Homogenized World

Who we think we are is not who we really are.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.


Who we think we are is not who we really are.  Our chart shows us the imprint of a perfectly unique human being.  But from the moment we are born, this perfection becomes distorted. We become conditioned and mostly through our open centers.  Generators initiating and doing way too much – depleting their life force. Manifestors trying to be open and available and never finding real peace. Reflectors trying to hold on to anything that can give them a sense of identity. Projectors trying to be like the energy types and paying the price from working too hard and becoming more and more exhausted.

This is the insanity of the world we live in. And this is what each of us step out of when we begin to live our Human Design experiment.  It is this madness that we have lived in and this is the homogenization that we have been conditioned by.  To go against this is not easy. The open centers are deep grooves of conditioned behavior that we cannot easily climb out of.  This is why Strategy is the key.

MP3 file and Powerpoint slides.

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