Your Life’s Work – Playing the Starring Role in Your “Movie”


Do you like movies?

I do. Love ‘em. I’m one of those people who can be so totally absorbed in watching, that in my body, when I watch it feels as if what I’m seeing is actually happening to me. This is thanks in part to the Channel 41-30, focused recognition of feelings, the strength of Imagination.

Naturally for my design with its sensitivity to sound, I avoid certain kinds of movies. Like horror! I remember watching a horror movie with my sister’s family and screaming at the bloody murder in front of me! This is thanks to the Channel 1-8, being the demonstrative voice of the group. I never lived it down.

Everyone you see in this life has a very special part to play in their own life movie. Everyone deserves a starring role in their own life movie.

So how do you discover your role?

There are three vital and critical aspects to know about how you are here to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Would you like to know yours?

In the Human Design System:

  1. Your Character is your Profile.

  1. Your Role is your Cross.

  1. Your Characteristics are your Design.

In BG5 (the career and business application of the Human Design System) we call this your “Life Work.”



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Let’s hear Ra tell the story:

“It’s the movie. I’m a great believer in the movies. I love the movie – life. And in that analogy of the movie is the parts in the play. It’s something to understand about being a human being…. 

You have Character, and you have Role, and you have Characteristics.

I’m an Ego-Manifestor. That’s my Characteristic. I’m a 5/1, I’m a Heretic Investigator. That’s my Character. And I came in on the Cross of the Clarion. That’s my role.

So I’m a Heretical Investigator, that tells everybody the news and I do it by being a very powerful manifesting ego-being. That’s my place in the movie.

Now think about what that’s like when you come into the movie and you’re coming into the auditions and they give you characteristics but they don’t give you a Character and a Role. 

We call them Extras.” Ra Uru Hu

I remember being an extra on the tv shows Baywatch and Wind Over Water as an actress in my late teens in Hawaii. 

Being an extra back then paid $100 a day. There’s no spoken parts when you are an extra, you’re a part of the scene. You are expendable, replaceable, almost unnoticeable to the audience and totally ignored by the stars. In the movies, as an extra, you’re a background part of what’s happening. Even though I took Bo Derek on a scuba diving trip… in the filming, she ignored me. Because I was an extra. 

Ra continues…

“‘Okay we’re gonna have an Emotional Generator in the back of this scene.’ 

“Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz” imitates Ra of the Sacral being’s energy. “They don’t even get on the credits at the end of the movie, eh? No billing, nothing, they’re not even Johnny at the end of the second…” yes it’s true. You won’t find me in the credits of Baywatch.

Ra jokingly calls that being “Furniture.” Why?

He tells a story about how he’d been a Magazine Publisher in his early adult days in Canada and had hired a photographer to do a shoot for him. And the Photographer, very agitated, barked at his assistant, “Get me some furniture!” Ra, thinking she was going to bring back sofas and chairs, was stunned to see the assistant bring back three girls to place in the background of the shot.

“You give me a full stadium, I’ll give you a furniture showroom.” He joked after teaching Human Design for over a decade. 

“The furniture is everywhere – it’s everywhere. This is the ‘not-self’. Characteristics without any Character and Role, ‘cause you don’t get to live out your Cross and you don’t get to live out your Profile until you’re living out your nature. You don’t.

“The not-self doesn’t get you there, the not-self is an extra in the movie homogenized in the background. Get a life. There’s no life in that. None whatsoever. None. You’re not living out your design, you’re just furniture. That’s the way it is, I mean, we live in a furniture world. 

We live in a world of extras.”

Don’t be an extra. You have so much more human depth and divinity than being background furniture.

If you would like to know more about Your Life’s Work, in the BG5 Foundations Package, I am offering a one-on-one session and a hand-written report about your purpose as one of the bonuses! Watch the first class free and sign up here.

Love Yourself,



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