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The Most Common Mistake You Can Make in Human Design

Many people nowadays are looking for truth, find human design, maybe take a weekend course and start reading charts. While we certainly appreciate how simple tools like Type, Strategy, and Authority can be powerful and easy to talk about, applying the information is a different story across the billions alive today. Check out this video for the most common mistake newcomers to Human Design make.

Attempted Suicide: How NOT to Hold Onto An Unhealthy Relationship


I am confident now that I don’t have to use guilt to be able to hold onto a relationship that doesn’t serve me.

I can instead use my personal authority to break the bond with what doesn’t work.

My prior inability to hold boundaries, to say No and mean it got me into a lot of trouble in my life. I have many more stories beyond this one.

Things only shifted dramatically in the past 5 years since living this Human Design experiment. By discovering who I really am and choosing accordingly, correctly, based on my genetic imprinting has helped me to hold strong boundaries.

Since working with Human Design/BG5 combined with Bodytalk I have felt a lot more energy and ability to help others discover their life purpose. I feel joyful to be able to embrace my past and share what I learned – of what NOT to do.



Discovering Human Design – A Projector’s Experience

Discovering Human Design – A Projector’s Experience Flashback: my first published Human Design article in the Jovian Archive Newsletter! Andrea in 2012 This article was originally posted on my blog in summer of 2014. It was republished on right before they put an ad out for a social media content creator, and one of my instructors …

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